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Device for producing space dye yarn

The invention relates to a device for producing space dye yarn, comprising at least one group of padders. A dye liquor slot for holding space dye liquor is arranged below each group of padders; the inside of the dye liquor slot is connected with a corresponding space dye liquor preparation bucket through a feed delivery pipe; each group of padders comprises a stand, a bottom roll and a top roll; at least part of outer wall surface of the bottom roll is soaked in the space dye liquor of the dye liquor slot; when the top roll is upwards lifted, the top roll and the bottom roll are separated, and the yarn passes through a gap between the top roll and the bottom roll; when the top roll is pressed downwards, the outer wall surface of the top roll and the outer wall surface of the bottom roll are appressed, the bottom roll drive the top roll to rotate to make the yarn pass through the rolling points of the top roll and the bottom roll, and the outer wall surface of the bottom roll adheres to the space dye liquor in the rotation to apply the space dye liquor to the yarn. By utilizing the device to carry out the space dye, the space dye liquor residual is little, and the space dye processing efficiency is high. The space dye process and a yarn grounding dye process can be also continuously finished at one time so that the space dye cost is reduced and the comprehensive benefit is good.

Atomizing nozzle structure of high-temperature high-voltage air flow dyeing machine and control method thereof

The invention discloses an atomizing nozzle structure of a high-temperature high-voltage air flow dyeing machine and control method thereof. The nozzle structure comprises a front nozzle cover, an inner main stream pipe, a rear nozzle head and a sleeve, wherein the sleeve is sleeved outside the inner main stream pipe, and two ends of the sleeve are respectively connected with the front nozzle cover and the rear nozzle head through a connecting piece; the sleeve is provided with an air inlet which is connected with a fan; and the sleeve and the inner main stream pipe form a circular outer chamber atomizing region; a nozzle head is arranged in the outer chamber atomizing region and is fixed on the outer wall of the inner main stream pipe, and the nozzle head is connected with a dye liquid pipeline; and the outer chamber atomizing region is provided with two outlets which are connected with a channel through which the cloth to be dyed passes in the inner main stream pipe. The invention also provides a control method based on the atomizing nozzle structure of the high-temperature high-voltage air flow dyeing machine. According to the types of the cloth to be dyed, the number of the nozzle heads started in the nozzle structure, the flow rate of the nozzle heads, the air flow of the fan and the temperature process curves adopted are defined. According to the invention, the levelling property is high, and the problem of cloth blocking can not happen.

Spray caddy and method of dispensing chemicals

A spray caddy (10) for storing and transporting chemicals and cleaning accessories and method of dispensing diluted liquid chemicals with improved efficiency. The spray caddy (10) comprises a container (11) and an elongate rigid tubular handle assembly (12) that extends through a first hole (32) and a second hole (34) in container (11). Hot (>180. degree. F.), pressurized water is received from a van or trailer mounted professional cleaning machine and enters the spray caddy (10) at a first end (38) of the tubular handle assembly (12) then proceeds through an integral venturi injector (58) which siphons a precisely predetermined amount of liquid concentrate from one of a plurality of predetermined liquid concentrate supply jars (76) housed safely within the interior (28) of container (11) and mixes the concentrate with the water passing through the handle assembly (12) forming a solution of precise dilution that exits a second end (70) of handle assembly (12) and is dispensed through a delivery hose (16) to a target surface (116) of the cleaning site (14).
A spray caddy (10) containing sufficient variety and capacity of chemicals to complete an entire days' worth of cleaning is transported in one trip from the work vehicle to the cleaning site (14). Chemicals are applied in efficient alternating sequence in accordance with proper cleaning procedures as set forth by carpet mills and acknowledged experts in the field of carpet and upholstery cleaning.
A spray caddy (10) is provided in a completely assembled form or in a kit form comprising an assemblage of any or all of its component parts.

Loose fibre dyeing machine

The invention discloses a loose fiber dyeing machine, which contains a cylinder. The cylinder is provided with a fiber cage and a central spray pipe from in to out. A heating coil is arranged below the cage bottom. The bottom of the cylinder is provided with a motor and an impeller and one side of the cylinder is provided with a preplasticator cylinder; the preplasticator cylinder is communicated with the inner cavity of the cylinder. The invention is characterized that the cylinder bottom is provided with a central hole, and a guide cylinder is arranged below the central hole. The upper end of the guide cylinder is communicated with the inner cavity of the cylinder; a guide flow cylinder is arranged in the guide cylinder; the side wall is provided with a through hole, and a transverse short cylinder is connected to the outside of the through hole. The opening of the transverse short cylinder is provided with a seal cover. The guide flow cylinder is a bend cylinder, with the upper end subsequently inserted into the cylinder and the central spray pipe, and the lower end arranged in the transverse short cylinder and some distance away from the seal cover, so as to communicate the guide cylinder and the guide flow cylinder. The impeller is positioned in a transverse section of the guide flow cylinder, with a wheel shaft extending out of the seal cover and connected with an output shaft of the motor. The loose fiber dyeing machine can reduce the manufacturing cost, extend the service life of the motor, and is applicable in dyeing of all loose fiber.

Hot wind pre-drying apparatus of continuous pigment dyeing pad dyer

The invention relates to a hot-air preliminary drying device of a continuous pigment dyeing padding machine. The device comprises a box body, a textile conveying device, a hot air system and an air discharging system. The textile conveying device comprises an upper twitch roller group and a lower twitch roller group which is arranged below the upper twitch roller group. The device also comprises a drive mechanism which is arranged on a left plate of the box body and connected with each upper twitch roller. The hot air system comprises an upper air channel and a lower air channel which is arranged below the upper air channel. The upper twitch roller group and the lower twitch roller group are vertically arranged between the upper air channel and the lower air channel. The air discharging system comprises an exhaust duct which is arranged at the rear side inside the box body and protrudes upwards out of the top plate of the box body. An air inlet is formed on the part of the exhaust duct, which is arranged inside the box body. When in use, the device has better preliminary drying effect, and can further improve efficiency and preliminary drying quality after related electric control gears are added to the device.

On-line detection device and on-line detection method of dye concentration in printing and dyeing process of connecting vat

The invention discloses an on-line detection device of a dye concentration in a printing and dyeing process of a connecting vat. The on-line detection device comprises a dye vat, an outlet valve, a cooler, a spectral analysis system and a return valve which are sequentially connected by pipelines and form a loop, wherein a cleaning pipeline is connected with the pipeline between an outlet of the outlet valve and an inlet of the cooler; an inlet of the cleaning pipeline is connected with a water tank; an angle valve is arranged at an outlet of the water tank; a three-way valve is arranged on the pipeline between an outlet of a constant flow pump and the return valve; and a connector at the bottom of the three-way valve is connected with a waste liquor discharge pipe. The detection device has the benefits that the detection device is applicable to printing and dyeing of the connecting vat, can effectively solve the problems that ingredients of dye liquor in each dye vat are unstable, aberration of the connecting vat is great and the color is unstable, can recycle detection dye, and can reduce the waste of the dye. The invention further discloses an on-line detection method of the dye concentration in the printing and dyeing process of the connecting vat. The method comprises the steps of 1, cleaning, 2, rinsing, and 3, data detection. The method is simple in step and easy to operate.
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