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Polyurethane composite thermal insulation board, manufacturing method and application of the same

The invention provides a polyurethane compound heated board and a manufacturing method and application, which relates to a heated board and supplies a polyurethane compound heated board that has good heat-insulating effect, high fire-fighting and flame-retardant performance, convenient using performance and high constructing efficiency and the manufacturing method and the application. The invention includes a polyurethane rigid foam insulating layer, a bonding layer and an inorganic material composite board; the bonding layer is arranged between the polyurethane rigid foam insulating layer and the inorganic material composite board; the thickness of the polyurethane rigid foam insulating layer is 20-80mm and the thickness of the inorganic material composite plate is 3-10mm. The inorganic material composite board can be continuously produced for further use; an adhesive treatment agent is coated on the inorganic material composite board; polyhydric alcohol combination material and isocyanate combination material are added into the continuous production line for mixed foaming and curing to obtain the polyurethane compound heated board; the mass ratio of the polyhydric alcohol combination material and the isocyanate is 100:95-160.

True-joint anchoring systems for cavity walls

InactiveUS6851239B1Improve evenlyReadily maintained verticalityStrutsConstruction materialMetal alloySingle plate
A high-span anchoring system is described for a cavity wall incorporating a wall reinforcement combined with a wall tie which together serve a wall construct having a larger-than-normal cavity. Further the various embodiments combine wire formatives which are compressively reduced in height by the cold-working thereof. Among the embodiments is a veneer anchoring system with a low-profile wall tie for use in a heavily insulated wall. The compressively reduced in height wall anchors protrude into the cavity through the seams, between insulation strips, which seams seal thereabout and maintain the integrity of the insulation by minimizing air leakage. Further, the eye wires extend across the insulation into the cavity between the wythes, and each accommodates the threading thereinto of a wire facing anchor or wall tie with either a pintle inserted through the eye or the open end of the veneer tie. The veneer tie is then positioned so that the insertion end is embedded in the facing wall. The close control of overall heights permits the mortar of the bed joints to flow over and about the wall reinforcement and wall tie combination inserted in the inner wythe and insertion end of the wall in the outer wythe. Because the wire formatives hereof employ extra strong material and benefit from the cold-working of the metal alloys, the high-span anchoring system meets the unusual requirements demanded thereof.

Externally reinforced concrete irrigated and heat preservation wall structure embedded energy-saving system and its construction method

The invention relates to an energy-saving system for a reinforced concrete outer-casting built-in heat insulation wall body structure and a construction method thereof, which can effectively solve the problems of external wall heat insulation of a high-rise building with high heat insulation requirement and cracking and falling of a heat insulation layer. The system is produced by a wall body and reinforcing steel bars in the wall body which are cast by concrete. The method comprises the following steps that: a reinforcing steel bar frame of the wall body is produced and arranged, namely parallel vertical reinforcing steel bars and indoor floor-connecting board tie bars perpendicular to the parallel vertical reinforcing steel bars are bound together, a grid board is hoisted and externally suspended outside the vertical reinforcing steel bars of the wall body, and is bound with the vertical reinforcing steel bars of the wall body by hooked bars and binding steel bars as well as framework positioning bearing bars, then a framework is arranged on the framework positioning bearing bars and is firmly bound with reinforcing steel bars of beams and boards of a floor, lapping bars are reserved, a heat insulation grid board is firstly arranged, then reinforcing steel bars of corbel brackets of a balcony and an air conditioning board external wall are bound, finally the concrete is cast, the curing is performed, and the framework is removed to repair the structure. The system has good heat insulation effect, energy conservation, environmental protection, simple method, and huge economic benefit and social benefit.

Building wall insulation composite board and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a building wall insulation composite board and a preparation method of the building wall insulation composite board, and belongs to the technical field of building energy-saving insulation materials and preparation methods. A wall insulation hard foam polyurethane composite board comprises inner cores, protective layers coated on the peripheries of the inner cores and interface layers coated on the upper surfaces and the lower surfaces of the protective layers in an attached mode. The inner cores are vacuum insulation boards. The preparation method of the wall insulation hard foam polyurethane composite board comprises preparation of interface coiled materials: coating prepared flame-retarded polymer mucilage on base materials to produce the interface coiled materials, and manufacturing of the protective layers and the wall insulation hard foam polyurethane composite board. The insulation composite board has good thermal insulation performance, waterproof performance and heat insulation performance, can satisfy 65% requirements of building energy efficiency very well, is high in bonding strength and convenient to construct and operate, greatly increases overall fireproof performance of the whole wall heat-insulation system after being arranged on a wall, and can be widely applied to the inner portions of walls, outer walls, and roof covering thermal insulation systems, heat insulation systems and waterproof systems.
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