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Glass-magnesium plate

ActiveCN101871246AAvoid moisture absorption and return to halogenImprove performanceConstruction materialCovering/liningsFiberglass meshGlass fiber
The invention relates to architectural and decorative materials, in particular to a glass-magnesium plate comprising a forming agent, a reinforcement material, a light filler, a modifier and water, wherein the forming agent is magnesia, magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride, the reinforcement material is a glass fibre grid fabric or other reinforcement materials, and the modifier comprises a whitening agent, a stabilizing agent and a toner. Compared with the prior art, the invention achieves the aims of stabilizing chlorine ions and preventing the moisture absorption and the halogen return of the glass-magnesium plate by lowering the content of the magnesium chloride and combining the stabilizing agent, also enhances the comprehensive performance of the glass-magnesium plate greatly under the combined action of the forming agent, the reinforcement material, the light filler, the whitening agent, the stabilizing agent and the toner and enables the glass-magnesium plate to reach or exceed the national or industrial standard requirement simultaneously in the aspects of folding strength, impact strength, drying shrinkage, bulking factor, screw holding capability, incombustibility and the like, so that the invention enhances the application range of the glass-magnesium plate greatly and can be widely used for the basal plate of plate materials, such as a grouting plate, a fire-proof plate, a ceiling plate, a decorative plate, a sound-absorbing plate, a partition plate and the like.
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