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Data access, replication or communication system comprising a distributed software application

The present invention envisages a data access, replication or communications system comprising a software application that is distributed across a terminal-side component running on a terminal and a server-side component; in which the terminal-side component and the server-side component (i) together constitute a client to a server and (ii) collaborate by sending messages using a message queuing system over a network Hence, we split (i.e. distribute) the functionality of an application that serves as the client in a client-server configuration into component parts that run on two or more physical devices that commuunicate with each other over a network connection using a message queuing system, such as message oriented middleware. The component parts collectively act as a client in a larger client-server arrangement, with the server being, for example, a mail server. We call this a ‘Distributed Client’ model. A core advantage of the Distributed Client model is that it allows a terminal, such as mobile device with limited processing capacity, power, and connectivity, to enjoy the functionality of full-featured client access to a server environment using minimum resources on the mobile device by distributing some of the functionality normally associated with the client onto the server side, which is not so resource constrained.

Novel aerogel multifunctional material and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a novel aerogel multifunctional material and a preparation method thereof. The multifunctional aerogel composite is prepared from gellan gum, hyaluronic acid as well as derivatives or mixture of the gellan gum and the hyaluronic acid, aerogel, a novel light-sensitive material, a novel solvent or novel ionic liquid or a novel mixed solvent formred by the above solvents or essential oil and the like by a high-energy photocuring method. The composite material has the characteristics of low density, low heat-conducting coefficient, high weather resistance, environmental friendliness and the like. A functional carrier or a functional material coated with the composite material has high heat-isolating, heat-insulating, cold-accumulating, moisturizing, moisture-proof, moisture-retaining and anti-haze characteristics, and the characteristics and the use range of the materials can be improved. The multifunctional material is extremely widely applied, and can be widely applied in the fields of haze prevention and control, disease diagnosis and treatment, medicine, military industry, chemical industry, spaceflight, navigation, aviation, high-speed train, paper making, printing, water treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry, a cold chain system, food and cosmetic safety.

Environment-friendly light heat-insulating material and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to an environment-friendly light heat-insulating material for fireproof doors and buildings, and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: pretreating plant hollow core bodies and/or flexible porous fillers by using a water glass adhesive; mixing with inorganic fire-resistant hollow particles; and performing mould pressing, shaping and drying to obtain the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material. The hollow core bodies and the flexible porous fillers are arranged multidirectionally; one layer of water glass adhesive is arranged at least on the surfaces of the hollow core bodies and the flexible porous fillers; and discontinuous holes are reserved between the hollow core bodies and/or the flexible porous fillers and the inorganic fire-resistant hollow particles. Preferably, the hollow core bodies are rice husks and straw sections; and the flexible porous fillers are foam and fibers. Renewable plant resources and recovered foam and fiber waste are adopted, so the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material is energy-saving and environment-friendly; and a large number of sealed holes are formed among the material particles through the penetration and coating of the modified water glass adhesive, and a heat-insulating hydrophobic corrosion-resistant multi-effect protective layer is provided, so the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material has good fireproof, heat-insulating and heat-preserving effects, high weather resistance, combined rigidity and toughness, low density and low cost.

Nanometer compound water-based heat insulation anticorrosion paint used for metal and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a nanometer compound water-based heat insulation anticorrosion paint used for metal and a preparation method thereof. The raw materials of the paint consists of the following components: tap water, watercraft acrylic resin, rustproofing pigment, reflection pigment and filler, hollow micro-beads, watercraft nanometer size, anti-settling agent, wetting and dispersing agent A,wetting and dispersing agent B, film-forming assistant, defoaming agent, flatting agent, anti-flash rustproofing agent and thickening agent. Watercraft polyacrylic emulsion is styrene-crylic acid copolymerization emulsion, pure crylic acid polymerization emulsion or organic silicon-crylic acid copolymerization emulsion. The wetting and dispersing agent A is block macromolecule copolymer, multivalence carboxylate polymer and / or synthetic macromolecule copolymer, and the wetting and dispersing agent B is anion wetting agent and / or nonionic wetting agnet. The product contains no organic solvent,heavy metal and other harmful substances, is extremely excellent in environmental conservation, integrates the functions of anticorrosion and heat insulation as a whole and is simple and convenient for construction, safe in storage and stable in performance.
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