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A coating with pores and pinhole defects creates ways for corrosive fluids or aggressive chemicals to attack the substrate material and leads to structure failure. A porous surface may also be known as a porous substrate.

High-performance two-dimensional layered Ti3C2-MXene membrane, preparation method thereof and application of membrane in water treatment

The invention belongs to the technical field of membrane preparation and water purification and discloses a high-performance two-dimensional layered Ti3C2-MXene membrane, a preparation method thereof and an application of the Ti3C2-MXene membrane in water treatment. The method comprises steps as follows: (1), Ti3AlC2 powder and an HF solution are mixed, stirred for a reaction, centrifugally washed and dried, and Ti3C2 powder is obtained; (2), the Ti3C2 powder and a solvent are mixed, stirred for the reaction, washed and dried, and treated powder is obtained; (3), the treated powder is dissolved in the solvent and subjected to ultrasonic treatment and centrifugation, a liquid supernatant is taken and dried, and a two-dimensional nanosheet is obtained; (4), a solution is prepared from the two-dimensional nanosheet and deposited on a porous substrate with a nano self-assembly technology, and the high-performance two-dimensional layered Ti3C2-MXene membrane is obtained. The membrane has ultrahigh water flux, higher selectivity and good mechanical property and stability; the method is simple, low in energy consumption and cost, good in repeatability and wide in applicability.
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