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Oriented polymer implantable device and process for making same

InactiveUS20100191292A1Reduce cross sectionHigh strengthSuture equipmentsLigamentsFastenerBone screws
A device is formed by a discontinuous process into a bone screw, plate, or fastener, wherein the device has a degree of polymer alignment and strength, and upon reheating above glass transition temperature of the polymer, the device remains dimensionally stable, as it maintains its dimensions, strength, and degree of polymer orientation. In practice of the present invention, the polymer slug is pressed into the die cavity by the actuation of ram press, causing the slug to conform to the die cavity.

Arc-shaped cutting anastomat

The invention relates to an arc-shaped cutting anastomat comprising an anastomosis nail shaping mechanism, a nail pushing assembly, a trigger handle, a nail supporting seat, a base of the nail supporting seat, a knife cushioning ring and two splints, wherein the nail pushing assembly comprises a cutting knife, a nail pushing sheet, a nail bin and a guide post; the end of the nail pushing sheet and both sides of the cutting knife are respectively provided with a plurality of inner nail pushing dental sheets which are near the cutting knife and a plurality of outer nail pushing dental sheets which are far away from the cutting knife; the cutting knife and the nail pushing sheet are injected and molded at a time to be fixed together; the outer side of the each outer nail pushing dental sheeton the nail pushing sheet is provided with a reinforcing rib; the inner side of each nail pushing dental sheet on the nail pushing sheet is provided with a reinforcing rib; both ends of the first guide surfaces of the nail pushing dental sheets are respectively connected with the first contact surfaces and the second contact surfaces of the nail pushing dental sheets through concave arc-shaped connecting surfaces, and both ends of the second guide surfaces thereof are respectively connected with the first contact surfaces and the second contact surfaces through the concave arc-shaped connecting surfaces; and the first contact surfaces and the second contact surfaces are respectively in contact with the inner walls of the nail pushing dental sheet holes of the nail bin. The invention has the advantages of good trigger anastomosis shaping effect and high safety.

Thermoplastic starch compositions incorporating a particulate filler component

Thermoplastic starch compositions that include a particulate filler, e.g. an inorganic filler component, and optional fibrous component The compositions include a thermoplastic phase comprising a thermoplastic starch melt that contains, at a minimum, starch blended with an appropriate plasticizing agent under conditions in order for the starch to form a thermoplastic melt. The thermoplastic phase may also include one or more additional thermoplastic polymers and other optional reactants, liquids or cross-linking agents to improve the water-resistance, strength, and/or other mechanical properties of the thermoplastic melt, particularly upon solidification. The inorganic filler component may affect the mechanical properties but will mainly be added to reduce the cost of the thermoplastic starch compositions by displacing a significant portion of the more expensive starch or starch/polymer melt. Fibers may optionally be included in order to improve the mechanical properties of the thermoplastic starch compositions. The thermoplastic starch compositions may be shaped into a wide variety of useful articles, such as sheets, films, containers, and packaging materials. Because the thermoplastic starch compositions will typically include a thermoplastic phase that is biodegradable, and because the other components will either constitute a naturally occurring mineral and optionally a natural fiber, the overall composition will typically be more environmentally friendly compared to conventional thermoplastic materials.
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