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Modular LED lighting systems and flexible or rigid strip lighting devices

The present invention relates to lighting strips and more particularly to modular lighting systems comprising lighting devices, for example, lighting strips, physically and electrically connectable with one another by way of a plug and socket integrally formed at opposing ends of the lighting strips. The lighting strip devices can be made of flexible material to allow for applying the lighting devices along flat as well as contoured surfaces. The lighting strips can also be rigid. More particularly, embodiments of the invention include modular lighting strips comprising: a non-conductive substrate strip comprising an electrical circuit; a plurality of light sources operably connected to the electrical circuit; a plug integrally formed at an end of the substrate strip; and a socket integrally formed at an opposing end of the substrate strip; wherein the plug and socket provide for removable, friction-fit, latch or latchless, and electrical interconnection of two or more circuits. Also included in the invention are connector assemblies comprising the inventive socket and plugs integral to PCBs for use in the field of electronics. One or more lighting strip can be combined to form lighting systems, which are useful in many functional and decorative lighting applications. The lighting systems are useful for any residential or commercial application where modular, discrete, low-profile, and/or flexible lighting is desired. The lighting strips of the invention can be used in particular for back lighting, accent lighting, aisle or path lighting, contour lighting, elegant interior decoration, holiday decorations, or landscape lighting.
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Etching apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices

An etching apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices which reduces contamination of the processing surface of a wafer by transporting a plurality of wafers stacked in a cassette with their processing surfaces facing down from the cassette supply chamber to one or more process chambers where the etching operation is performed on each wafer, one at a time. The apparatus has a load lock chamber for transferring the wafers stacked in the cassette from the cassette supply chamber, which is maintained under atmospheric conditions, to the process chamber, which is maintained under a strong vacuum. The process chamber has a cathode to which a wafer is clamped by a wafer holder with its processing surface facing down; the process chamber may also have a removable lower cover for easy repair and cleaning. The apparatus may also have a wafer aligning chamber installed between the cassette supply chamber and the load lock chamber for simultaneously aligning all of the wafers n the cassette before they are transported to the load lock chamber. The wafer aligning chamber also has a cassette transport mechanism for transferring the cassette from a cassette supply table in the cassette supply chamber to an elevator installed in the load lock chamber.

Light-weight six-shaft universal robot

The invention relates to a light-weight six-shaft universal robot. A shaft seat is fixedly arranged on an arm shaft, a shaft seat protecting box is fixedly arranged on the shaft seat, a third-shaft driving motor, a fourth-shaft driving motor, a fifth-shaft driving motor and a sixth-shaft driving motor are arranged in the shaft seat protecting box, a small-arm rod casing and a small-arm lengthening rod casing are respectively and fixedly arranged at the front part and the back part of a small-arm speed reducer, a sixth shaft is inserted and sheathed in a fifth shaft, the fifth shaft is inserted and sheathed in a fourth shaft, the fourth shaft is inserted and sheathed into the small-arm rod casing, the small-arm speed reducer and the small-arm lengthening rod casing, a fourth-shaft driven gear, a fifth-shaft driven gear and a sixth-shaft driven gear are respectively and fixedly arranged on the fourth shaft, the fifth shaft and the sixth shaft, and the length of the small-arm rod casing is smaller than 100mm. The light-weight six-shaft universal robot has the advantages that the torque load required by the self weight is effectively reduced, the traditional balance cylinder device is not needed, the balance of a swinging arm during the work can also be met, and the machine structure is simplified. The effective protection effect on a motor is also realized through a tight protecting cover.
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