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Double membrane tissue patching material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a double-layer membranous tissue repair material and a preparation method thereof, wherein, a cell-free membranous biological derivative material is used as a surface layer, and a fibroblast is compounded in the interior of a biological support material to form a substrate, and then the surface layer and the substrate are combined in a chimeric way to form the double-layer membranous tissue repair material; a compact surface layer structure can effectively reduce the loss of water, electrolytes and protein from surface of wound, avoid the invading and the reproduction of bacteria to the impaired surface of wound as well as prevent the infection of the surface of wound, thus being beneficial to epitheliosis and epithelial growth; the substrate can directly repair the surface of wound, promote the ingrowth of cells around the surface of wound and the angiogenesis, induce the differentiation from stem cells to skin cells and quicken wound healing; compared with the existing products, the tissue repair material has the advantages of being capable of promoting the regeneration of skin, improving the elasticity, the flexibility and the mechanical abrasion resistance of skin after the surface of wound is healed, reducing hyperplasia of scar tissues, controlling the contracture, having excellent biocompatibility, increasing the success rate of transplant and improving the quality of healing; the invention has wide material resources and simple production method; the double-layer membranous tissue repair material prepared is applicable to the clinical treatment of skin defect caused by inflammation, ulcer, thermal burns, iatrogenicity and the like.

Method for preparing high-purity vanadium from heteropolyacid impurity in amine extraction mode

The invention relates to a method for preparing high-purity vanadium from heteropolyacid impurities in an amine extraction mode. Generally an ordinary vanadium solution is doped with impurities such as chromium, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, molybdenum and arsenic, if acid is added into the solution, heteropolyacids such as phosphorus tungsten, phosphorus vanadium tungsten, silicon tungsten, phosphorus molybdenum tungsten, silicon molybdenum tungsten, molybdenum vanadium arsenic and tungsten arsenic can be formed, the impurities in the solution are removed by carrying out compounding synergic extraction on the heteropolyacids in the ordinary vanadium solution by using amines and a synergist so as to obtain a purified vanadium-containing raffinate, subsequently the vanadium-containing raffinate is evaporated and concentrated to be the concentration that each liter of the solution contains 40g vanadium, ammonium salt is further added into the concentrated liquid to obtain ammonium metavanadate solid, vanadium pentoxide with the purity greater than 99.9% is obtained through washing in pure water, drying and calcining in an oxygen atmosphere, the organic phase after the heteropolyacid is extracted is subjected to reverse extraction by using an alkali solution so as to form a heteropolyacid water phase, and the organic phase is recycled and circulated. The method has low requirement on equipment, and is simple to operate, key extraction agents are good in thermal stability and not sensitive in acid and alkali, and a recycling and circulating method is simple and easy to be industrialized.

Nitrogen purging-assisted organic exhaust gas recycling method through pressure swing adsorption of adsorbent resin

The invention discloses a nitrogen purging-assisted organic exhaust gas recycling method through the pressure swing adsorption of adsorbent resin. The organic exhaust gas recycling method comprises the following steps: (1) adsorption, namely performing adsorption when exhaust gas including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) enters an adsorber filled with the macroporous adsorption resin by a gas collection system; (2) desorption, namely vacuumizing the adsorbent resin in the adsorber and purging the adsorbent resin by using nitrogen in an auxiliary manner to desorb the adsorbed VOCs from the adsorbent resin to obtain the desorbed gas; and (3) recycling, namely condensing or absorbing the desorbed gas to recycle the VOCs. The adsorbent adopted by the method disclosed by the invention is the macroporous adsorption resin, the surface of the macroporous adsorption resin has no catalytic performance and has the characteristics of being easy to regenerate, high in mechanical strength, great in volumetric adsorption capacity and the like. A adsorption technique assisted by nitrogen purging in vacuum at normal temperature is high in adsorption efficiency and has the very excellent recycling effect on VOCs gas which can be easily oxidized and hydrolyzed or is high in solubility.

Health-care food for beautifying and brightening hair of dog

The invention provides health-care food for beautifying and brightening hair of a dog, belonging to the field of animal health-care products. The health-care food formula comprises the following components by weight based on 1kg: 10-30g of deep sea fish oil, 10-30g of linseed oil, 5-20g of poppyseed oil, 10-30g of perilla oil, 10-30g of grape seed oil, 10-30g of lecithin, 5-20g of chelate iron, 1-10g of chelate manganese, 5-20g of chelate zinc, 1-5g of chelate copper, 0.05-0.2g of yeast selenium, 150-250g of methionine, 50-150g of lysine, 1-4g of vitamin E, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin D, 0.5-2g of vitamin A, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin B1, 0.1-0.4g of vitamin B2, 0.05-0.2g of vitamin B6, 0.05-0.4g of vitamin B12, 0.05-0.2g of biotin, 0.1-0.4g of nicotinic acid, 1-5g of bacillus, 1-5g of yeast, 120-180gof chicken liver powder, 50-80g of Rosmarinus officinalis and the balance of yeast powder. The components are made into a tablet with the specification of 0.7-0.9g according to a regular tabletting process, and the water content is less than 10%. The health-care food provided by the invention has the advantages of high titer and strong stability and is capable of improving the fur health of the dog, protecting hair follicles and hair shafts against damage, enabling the hair to be smooth and soft, reducing hair slip, promoting regeneration of furs, improving immunity comprehensively and ensuring the dog in a healthy and vital state.
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