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Fingerprint authentication method, fingerprint authentication apparatus, and terminal

The present invention provides a fingerprint authentication method, a fingerprint authentication apparatus, and a terminal. The fingerprint authentication method comprises: collecting multiple pieces of fingerprint information by using a fingerprint collecting apparatus; detecting whether the multiple pieces of fingerprint information, position information of the multiple pieces of fingerprint information, and a collecting sequence of the multiple pieces of fingerprint information all meet predetermined conditions; and when a detection result is yes, accepting fingerprint authentication, and otherwise, denying fingerprint authentication. According to the technical scheme of the present invention, only when the position information of the multiple pieces of fingerprint information is consistent with the predetermined position information, the collecting sequence is also consistent with the predetermined sequence, and the multiple pieces of fingerprint information are all consistent with the predetermined fingerprint information, the fingerprint authentication is accepted, thereby increasing the authentication conditions of fingerprint information and improving security of the fingerprint authentication.

Indoor positioning method and positioning system

InactiveCN106289257AIncrease diversityInhibit the accumulation of errorsNavigational calculation instrumentsNavigation by terrestrial meansParticle physicsParticle filter
The invention provides an indoor positioning method, which comprises the following steps of distributing a plurality of particles around a positioning object to form a first particle set; utilizing a particle filter and an indoor geomagnetic chart to confirm a first pose and a first normalization weight of each particle in the first particle set according to a displacement value, a direction value and a magnetic field value received by a monitoring sensor of the self-positioning object; confirming a mutation step-size of each particle according to the first normalization weight of each particle, and forming a second particle set comprising a plurality of mutation particles with second poses, wherein the mutation step-size is inversely proportional to the first normalization weight; confirming a second normalization weight of each mutation particle in the second particle set; selecting a plurality of particles from the first particle set and the second particle set to form a resampling particle set; confirming an estimated position of the positioning object according to the pose and the normalization weight of each particle in the resampling particle set. According to the method, the diversity of the particles after resampling is increased, the error accumulation is effectively restrained, and the positioning accuracy is remarkably improved.

Method for promoting recovery of marsh plants in wetland field blocks reverted from cultivated land in plain area

ActiveCN104604475AAccelerate Diversity RestorationIncrease diversityPlant cultivationCultivating equipmentsGerminationMarsh
The invention provides a method for promoting recovery of marsh plants in wetland field blocks reverted from cultivated land in a plain area, and relates to the method for promoting recovery of the marsh plants in the field blocks. The method aims to solve the problem that when a recovery process of reverting cultivated land to wetland is conducted on the cultivated land generated through moors in the edges of the wetland in the plain area in a reclamation mode, the plant diversity recovery effect is poor. The method includes the steps that 1, a wetland pant seed bank germination experiment is conducted on the soil of the wetland field blocks reverted from the cultivated land; 2, field block microtopography is built; 3, micro hydrology regulation is conducted on the field blocks; 4, vegetation recovery is conducted. According to the method, only the micro hydrological landscape within a small space scale is required to be improved, the work amount is small, manual interference is less, and the method is easy to implement; a local plant seed bank and plants are utilized, invasion of foreign species is avoided, and the rapid recovery ability of the plants is improved; the method is used for promoting diversified recovery of the marsh plants in the wetland field blocks reverted from cultivated land in the plain area.

Man-machine interaction system and man-machine interaction method

InactiveCN103034324AIncrease diversityImprove the realization of diversityInput/output for user-computer interactionGraph readingSignal processingBody sense
The invention relates to a man-machine interaction system and a man-machine interaction method. The system comprises a controlled device and at least one hand-wearing body sensing control device. The hand-wearing body sensing control device comprises a finger ring base material which is worn on a user finger, a first wireless interface module transmitting a wireless signal to the controlled device, a direction sensor such as an inertial sensor and/or a geomagnetic sensor which is used for collecting a direction monitoring signal, a control module which is used for receiving the direction monitoring signal and transmitting the direction monitoring signal to the controlled device through the first wireless interface module, and a power supply module. The controlled device comprises a second wireless interface module, a signal processing module and an execution module, wherein the second wireless interface module receives the wireless signal transmitted by the hand-wearing body sensing control device; the signal processing module is used for converting the wireless signal received by the second wireless interface module into a control order; and the execution module is used for executing the control order. Through the technical scheme, the realization diversity of the man-machine interaction technology can be improved, and the anticipation enthusiasm of the user can be effectively improved.
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