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Support structure and display device

The invention relates to the technical field of display, in particular to a support structure and a display device. The support structure is arranged at one side of a flexible display panel, and at least comprises a first bendable region; a bending axial line corresponding to the first bendable region extends in the first direction; the first bendable region is provided with a plurality of first main bending regions and a plurality of first deformation compensation regions; the first main bending regions and the first deformation compensation regions are alternately distributed in the first direction; each first main bending region comprises a plurality of first main strip-shaped holes in array distribution; the first main strip-shaped holes extend in the first direction; each first deformation compensation region comprises a plurality of groups of first hollow patterns in array distribution; each group of first hollow patterns are formed by combining a plurality of hollow holes; and at least two hollow holes in the plurality of hollow holes have different shapes or different extending directions. Through such a design, the structure stability of the support structure is ensured; and the anti-impact and bending-resistant performance of the flexible display panel is enhanced.

Preparation method of impact-resistant artificial leather

The invention discloses a preparation method of an impact-resistant artificial leather, comprising the following steps of: stirring 100 parts of polrvinyl chloride resin, 30-100 parts of plasticizer, 10-80 parts of filler, 0.5-1 part of lubricant, 2-5 parts of heat-resistant stabilizer, 3-5 parts of pigment, 1-10 parts of regulating agent and 3-15 parts of processing agent for 100-200 seconds at the temperature of 120-130DEG C through a high-speed dispersing mixer; charging the mixture obtained in the former step into an internal mixer to mix for 200-300 seconds at the temperature of 130-150DEG C; and charging the product obtained in the former step into a rubber fining mixer for plastication for 10-20 minutes at the temperature of 120-130 DEG C; calendaring into a sheet material with 0.3-0.5mm by a calendar at the temperature of 150-170 DEG C, and fitting the sheet material and a calendaring base material, wherein a fitting pressure is larger than or equal to 1T; and charging into a foaming machine and heating to 190-205 DEG C, foaming, embossing and shaping in a cooling way. The surface of the impact-resistant artificial leather prepared by the method is good in an impact-resistant effect, so that the application range of the impact-resistant artificial leather prepared by the preparation method in the shoemaking and the ball products can be effectively expanded.

Manufacturing method of ultrasonic transducer

The invention provides a manufacturing method of an ultrasonic transducer so as to achieve the purpose, which is characterized by comprising the following steps: (1) cutting piezoelectric ceramics into array elements, and bending the piezoelectric ceramics into a concave shape; (2)respectively bonding two circuit boards on the right side and the reverse side of an aluminium block, and aligning one end of a circuit board circular arc to a central circular arc line of the concave of the piezoelectric ceramics, with both centers of circles superposed and both curvature radii differing by about 5 mm; (3) welding one end of an electrode wire on a welding pad at one end of the circuit board circular arc, and welding the other end of the electrode wire on a welding spot of an array element signal electrode surface of the piezoelectric ceramics; and (4) filling the concave space of the piezoelectric ceramics and the welded part of the electrode wire with an elastic polymer material mixture by a casting method, namely carrying out backing casting. The manufacturing method can greatly improve the fastness and the reliability of the welding spot and the shock resistance of the transducer, and has a very obvious effect on resisting expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold.
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