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A car door is a type of door, typically hinged, but sometimes attached by other mechanisms such as tracks, in front of an opening which is used for entering and exiting a vehicle. A vehicle door can be opened to provide access to the opening, or closed to secure it. These doors can be opened manually, or powered electronically. Powered doors are usually found on minivans, high-end cars, or modified cars.

Reservation system and method for sharing automobile lease

InactiveCN101833729AEasy to make an appointmentEnjoy certaintyReservationsIndividual entry/exit registersGps navigationComputer terminal
The invention discloses a reservation system and a method for sharing automobile lease, relating to a reservation system and a method for carrying out the automobile lease conveniently and fast by using a GPS map of a mobile phone. The method comprises the following steps: an information center carries out real-time communication with a vehicle-mounted terminal and the mobile phone; the information center processes to-be-used positional information of a leased automobile and then loads the positional information to a GPS navigation map of the mobile phone of a user with an icon according to places; the user selects the icon of an automobile to be used at a specified place on the map; an internal program of the mobile phone transmits a selection action to the information center; the information center transmits user registration data to the vehicle-mounted terminal of the automatable to be used; the vehicle-mounted terminal assigns values on a door lock controller and an ignition controller; and simultaneously, the information center sends a short message to the mobile phone and the short message provides an automobile number of a reserved automobile to be used at the place as confirmation information. A user only needs to put a non-contact radio frequency card integrated with the mobile phone to be close to the vehicle door of the reserved automobile to be used, the vehicle door is automatically unlocked. The convenient and fast reservation operation of leasing the automobile is achieved.

Intelligent vehicle control system based on digital key

The invention discloses an intelligent vehicle control system based on a digital key. The intelligent vehicle control system comprises a vehicle-mounted intelligent module, an intelligent mobile terminal and a cloud server, wherein the vehicle-mounted intelligent module is mounted in a vehicle and stores a digital key for controlling a vehicle door-lock system, receives a digital key sent by the intelligent mobile terminal, performs verification, sends out a corresponding control command to the vehicle door-lock system according to the verification result , and starts/closes a vehicle door or sends out an alarm; the intelligent mobile terminal transmits the digital key to the vehicle-mounted intelligent module at local so as to control a vehicle; the cloud server distributes a digital key generated at a cloud terminal to the intelligent mobile terminal for vehicle control, or receives the digital key generated and sent by the intelligent mobile terminal at local for backup management. The intelligent vehicle control system realizes the remote intelligent control for the vehicle. The intelligent vehicle control system is suitable for an individual to realize vehicle keyless entry, vehicle theft prevention and remote alarm, suitable for vehicle use with a key shared by multiple persons, and also suitable for cloud management of vehicle leasing, and the like.

Electrically locked motor vehicle door lock

Motor vehicle door lock comprising: a latch (1); a pawl (3) which can adopt an "escapement" position; an operating member which, on the one hand, can adopt either an active position in which it acts, during its actuating movement, on the pawl to place it in the "escapement" position, or an inhibited position in which it has no effect on the pawl and, on the other hand, may experience an actuating movement in response to actuation of the door handle; and an electric device (15-24) which responds at least to an unlock signal by moving the operating member from its inhibited position as far as its active position, characterized in that the operating member consists of a set of two links (7, 11) articulated together by a hinge joint (10), of which one (11) of the links comprises a thrust surface (11a) which is positioned in such a way that, in the active position, the thrust surface comes up against and carries along a peg (25) on the pawl (3), during the actuating movement, until the said pawl has been placed in the "escapement" position, and that in the inhibited position, the thrust surface at most comes into contact with the said peg, during the actuating movement so that the operating member has no action on the pawl, and of which the other link (7) is articulated to an opening lever (5), the electric device comprising a lock/unlock lever (15) co-operating with the hinge joint (10) to make it pivot about the articulation (8).

Infrared vehicle interior environmental monitoring system based on controlled area network (CAN) / local interconnect network (LIN) bus

InactiveCN103129489AEnsure personal safetyNo chance of being left behind in a closed and locked carPedestrian/occupant safety arrangementSignalling/lighting devicesArea networkControl area
The invention relates to an infrared vehicle interior environmental monitoring system based on a controlled area network (CAN)/ local interconnect network (LIN) bus. The infrared vehicle interior environmental monitoring system based on the CAN / LIN bus comprises a senor, a signal processing module, an analog/ digital (A/ D) conversion circuit, an electronic control unit (ECU) system, a vehicle-mounted computer, a CAN/ LIN data bus, an alarming circuit, a liquid crystal display (LCD) module, a wireless communication module and a power source. Signals obtained by the sensor are processed through the signal processing module at first, and then are converted through the A/ D conversion circuit to be input to the ECU system to be processed. The ECU system carries out synthetic judgment by combining sensor information and vehicle state information obtained through the CAN/ LIN bus from the vehicle-mounted computer. When the ECU system finds that an environment is poor or a person / life is left and vehicle doors are locked inside a vehicle, the ECU system starts the alarming circuit to give an alarm, a message prompt is sent through the wireless communication module and an instruction is sent to the vehicle-mounted computer through the CAN/ LIN bus, and the vehicle-mounted computer adjusts vehicle windows or controls starting of an air conditioner and outer circulation of the air conditioner. The power source supplies power for parts. According to the infrared vehicle interior environmental monitoring system based on the CAN / LIN bus, a safety guarantee is provided for the person who does not want to stay in the vehicle, and accidents are avoided.
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