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As the name "pressure-sensitive" indicates, the degree of bond is influenced by the amount of pressure which is used to apply the adhesive to the surface. Surface factors such as smoothness, surface energy, removal of contaminants, etc. are also important to proper bonding.

Electrosurgical jaw structure for controlled energy delivery

A working end of a surgical instrument that carries first and second jaws for delivering energy to tissue. In a preferred embodiment, at least one jaw of the working end defines a tissue-engagement plane that contacts the targeted tissue. The cross-section of the engagement plane reveals that it defines a surface conductive portion that overlies a variably resistive matrix of a temperature-sensitive resistive material or a pressure-sensitive resistive material. An interior of the jaw carries a conductive material or electrode that is coupled to an Rf source and controller. In an exemplary embodiment, the variably resistive matrix can comprise a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) material, such as a ceramic, that is engineered to exhibit a dramatically increasing resistance (i.e., several orders of magnitude) above a specific temperature of the material. In use, the engagement plane will apply active Rf energy to captured tissue until the point in time that the variably resistive matrix is heated to its selected switching range. Thereafter, current flow from the conductive electrode through the engagement surface will be terminated due to the exponential increase in the resistance of variably resistive matrix to provide instant and automatic reduction of Rf energy application. Further, the variably resistive matrix can effectively function as a resistive electrode to thereafter conduct thermal energy to the engaged tissue volume. Thus, the jaw structure can automatically modulate the application of energy to tissue between active Rf heating and passive conductive heating of captured tissue to maintain a target temperature level.

Computer mouse with enhance control button (s)

A desktop operated computer control mouse including a housing, electronic circuitry within the housing, a user manipulable rotatable ball for pointing control, a plurality of finger depressible buttons exposed on the housing and interfacing with sensors electrically connected with the circuitry. At least some of the finger depressible buttons are for user selection of signals to be sent to the computer for window or screen scroll control, and are associated with sensor(s) which are pressure-sensitive analog sensors structured for varying electrical conductance through at least three readable states or values. The readable states are dependant upon depressive pressure applied to the sensor(s) through the finger depressible button(s). The circuitry is structured to read the at least three readable states of the pressure-sensitive analog sensor(s) and to produce signals representing the state or value of the sensor(s). In one embodiment, the analog sensor(s) are elastomeric dome-cap sensor(s) including pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material positioned over proximal circuit elements of the circuitry. In another embodiment the sensors are packaged sensors including button depressible concavo-convexed conductive disks positioned to compress pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material forming at least a portion of an electrical flow path through the packaged sensor. The analog sensors are associated with window or screen scroll control, and provide user determinable scroll rates dependant upon pressure applied by the user through ergonomically correct finger depressible buttons. Methods of use and manufacture are also disclosed.
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