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Content-control software. Content-control software, commonly referred to as an internet filter, is software that restricts or controls the content an Internet user is capable to access, especially when utilised to restrict material delivered over the Internet via the Web, e-mail, or other means.

Network manager for cable television system headends

A novel network manager for use with a cable television system headend capable of monitoring and managing headend components and set top terminals in a television delivery system is described. The invention relates to methods and apparatus that manage and coordinate the reception of various programming and control signals at a headend. The invention manages and coordinates the storage of such signals for intelligent selection and distribution to set top terminals. The invention makes use of a receiver or set of receivers, a work station, a program control information processing component, a network management CPU, databases, control software and an instruction memory. The invention uses these components to manage and monitor certain headend components, such as signal reception equipment, an authorization component, a file server, MPEG decoders, a digital buffer with frame repeat and channel modulators. The invention is particularly useful in processing and responding to upstream information and subscriber communications received from set top terminals. In so doing, the invention accommodates various system services, including (1) near video on demand (NVOD), (2) virtual video on demand (VVOD), (3) video on demand (VOD), (4) interactive program services, (5) program suggestion features, (6) advertisement targeting, (7) generation of standard and custom menus, and (8) data spooling and text overlaying.

Compact serial-to-ethernet conversion port

The present invention relates to a serial-to-ethernet modular converter jack and a method of fabricating of the same. The serial-to-ethernet converter electronic components, including the control software stored in on-board memory, are miniaturized and housed entirely in an RJ-45 jack. The present invention is constructed of a shielded housing that defines an open front portion for a connector port. The housing of the present invention also includes a segregated interior chamber, which encases all of the electrical components necessary to complete a serial-to-ethernet conversion of data. Lead pins electrically connected to the circuitry within the interior chamber, protrude from the based of the connector jack providing for a means to mate the jack to a circuit board. First, second and third circuit boards collectively incorporate the serial-to-ethernet circuitry components. Both the first circuit board incorporating magnetic circuitry and the second circuit board incorporating control circuitry are positioned in generally horizontal parallel relation within the interior chamber. The second circuit board which defines opposed sides includes electronic components disposed upon the upper and lower of both sides of said second circuit board. The third circuit board, incorporating connections to the LEDs, is positioned generally perpendicular in relation to the first and second circuit boards and is structurally connected to said first and second circuit boards, additionally providing an electrical connection between the first and second boards. Alternative embodiments of the invention are disclosed and include various arrangement of the serial-to-ethernet circuitry within the interior chamber of the housing.

Use of an application controller to monitor and control software file and application environments

In embodiments of the present invention, a framework for an extensible, file-based security system is described for determining an appropriate application, application environment, and/or access or security control measure based at least in part on a file's reputation. In response to the selection of a file, an application controller may be used to select a software application from two or more software applications to open the selected file, based at least in part on the selected file's reputation. If launched, a software application may be configured to open the file in an environment, such as a virtual machine, quarantined environment, and the like, that is appropriate for the file based at least in part on the reputation information. A software application may be a secure software application configured to manage secure files, or an insecure software application configured to manage insecure files. The selected file, and communications relating to the selected software application, may be managed according to the selected software application's secure or insecure configuration. Further, the selected software application may associate reputation information with all files that are modified and/or created by the selected software application, including at least in part, reputation information matching that of the selected file.
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