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Efficient Handover of Media Communications in Heterogeneous IP Networks using LAN Profiles and Network Handover Rules

Methods and systems are provided for efficient handover of a media session between heterogeneous IP networks. A mobile device with Internet access can operate a software program to communicate with a corresponding node. The corresponding node may access the Internet through either a NAT router or a firewall. The mobile device establishes a media session with a corresponding node via the transmission of a first media stream and receipt of a second media stream, and a media control channel can optionally be implemented. The mobile device can acquire Internet access through a second IP address, and packets routed between the second IP address and the Internet may traverse a NAT router. The mobile device can evaluate the type of NAT at the second IP address from a stored LAN profile. A software routine can determine that handover of the media session from the first IP address to the second IP address is preferred. A software routine can determine efficient handover procedures according to Network handover rules. The mobile device may begin transmitting a third media stream to the corresponding node and the corresponding node can transmit a fourth media stream to the second IP address. A media control channel is optionally supported.

Broadband power combining device using antipodal finline structure

A broadband power combining device includes an input port, an input waveguide section, a center waveguide section formed by stacked wedge-shaped trays, an output waveguide section, and an output port. Each tray is formed of a wedge-shaped metal carrier, an input antipodal finline structure, one or more active elements, an output antipodal finline structure, and attendant biasing circuitry. The wedge-shaped metal carriers have a predetermined wedge angle and predetermined cavities. The inside and outside surfaces of the metal carriers and surfaces of the cavity all have cylindrical curvatures. When the trays are assembled together, a cylinder is formed defining a coaxial waveguide opening inside. The antipodal finline structures form input and output arrays. An incident EM wave is passed through the input port and the input waveguide section, distributed by the input antipodal finline array to the active elements, combined again by the output antipodal finlines array, then passed to the output waveguide section and output port. A hermetic sealing scheme, a scheme for improving the power combining efficiency and thermal management scheme are also disclosed. The broadband power combining device operates with multi-octave bandwidth and is easy to manufacture, well-managed thermally, and highly efficient in power combining.
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