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Genomic deoxyribonucleic acid is chromosomal DNA, in contrast to extra-chromosomal DNAs like plasmids. It is also then abbreviated as gDNA. Most organisms have the same genomic DNA in every cell; however, only certain genes are active in each cell to allow for cell function and differentiation within the body.

Induced malignant stem cells

InactiveUS20140137274A1High and low degree of methylationSugar derivativesPeptide/protein ingredientsMicrosatelliteSomatic cell
There are provided induced malignant stem cells capable of in vitro proliferation that are useful in cancer research and drug discovery for cancer therapy, as well as processes for production thereof, cancer cells derived from these cells, and applications of these cells.
An induced malignant stem cell capable of in vitro proliferation are characterized by satisfying the following two requirements:
  • (1) having at least one aberration selected from among (a) an aberration of methylation (high or low degree of methylation) in a tumor suppressor gene or a cancer-related genetic region in endogenous genomic DNA, (b) a somatic mutation of a tumor suppressor gene or a somatic mutation of an endogenous cancer-related gene in endogenous genomic DNA, (c) abnormal expression (increased or reduced/lost expression) of an endogenous oncogene or an endogenous tumor suppressor gene, (d) abnormal expression (increased or reduced/lost expression) of a noncoding RNA such as an endogenous cancer-related microRNA, (e) abnormal expression of an endogenous cancer-related protein, (f) an aberration of endogenous cancer-related metabolism (hypermetabolism or hypometabolism), (g) an aberration of endogenous cancer-related sugar chain, (h) an aberration of copy number variations in endogenous genomic DNA, and (i) instability of microsatellites in endogenous genomic DNA in an induced malignant stem cell; and
  • (2) expressing genes including POU5F1 gene, NANOG gene, SOX2 gene, and ZFP42 gene.
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