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Method and apparatus for launching a surfacewave onto a single conductor transmission line using a slohed flared cone

An apparatus for launching a surfacewave onto a single conductor transmission line provides a launch including a flared, continuously curving cone portion; a coaxial adapter portion; a wire adapter portion for contacting the wire conductor which allows for a multiplicity of wire dimensions for either insulated or uninsulated wire, or a tri-axial wire adapter device enabling non-contacting coupling to a wire; and a longitudinal slot added to the flared cone, wire adapter, and coaxial adapter portions of the launch to allow direct placement of the launch onto existing lines, without requiring cutting or threading of those lines for installation.

System and apparatus for transmitting a surface wave over a single conductor

A low attenuation surface wave transmission line system for launching surface waves on a bare and unconditioned conductor, such as are found in abundance in the power transmission lines of the existing power grids. The conductors within the power grid typically lack dielectric and special conditioning. Accordingly, the present invention includes a first launcher, preferably including a mode converter and an adapter, for receiving an incident wave of electromagnetic energy and propagating a surface wave longitudinally on the power lines. The system includes at least one other launcher, and more likely a number of other launchers, spaced apart from one another along the constellation of transmission lines. The system and associated electric fields along any given conductor are radially and longitudinally symmetrical.

Coax core insulator waveguide

A communication device consistent with certain implementations has a coaxial cable having length and first and second ends. The coaxial cable further has a central conductor, a dielectric insulator surrounding the central conductor, and an electric shield conductor surrounding the dielectric insulator. The dielectric insulator serves as a dielectric waveguide having a characteristic impedance Z at an operating frequency range. A termination for electrical energy coupled into or out of the dielectric insulator at approximately the characteristic impedance Z at the operating frequency range to utilize the dielectric insulator as a waveguide for transmission of signals along the length of the coaxial cable, and wherein the center conductor is further used to communicate an electrical signal between the first and second ends. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.
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Communication System and Communication Apparatus

A communication system includes the following elements: a transmitter including a transmission circuit unit configured to generate an RF signal for transmitting data and an electric-field-coupling antenna configured to transmit the RF signal as an electrostatic field; a receiver including an electric-field-coupling antenna and a reception circuit unit configured to receive and process the RF signal received by the electric-field-coupling antenna; and a surface-wave propagation medium configured to provide a surface-wave transmission line to transmit a surface wave emanating from the electric-field-coupling antenna of the transmitter with low propagation loss.

Broadband power combining device using antipodal finline structure

A broadband power combining device includes an input port, an input waveguide section, a center waveguide section formed by stacked wedge-shaped trays, an output waveguide section, and an output port. Each tray is formed of a wedge-shaped metal carrier, an input antipodal finline structure, one or more active elements, an output antipodal finline structure, and attendant biasing circuitry. The wedge-shaped metal carriers have a predetermined wedge angle and predetermined cavities. The inside and outside surfaces of the metal carriers and surfaces of the cavity all have cylindrical curvatures. When the trays are assembled together, a cylinder is formed defining a coaxial waveguide opening inside. The antipodal finline structures form input and output arrays. An incident EM wave is passed through the input port and the input waveguide section, distributed by the input antipodal finline array to the active elements, combined again by the output antipodal finlines array, then passed to the output waveguide section and output port. A hermetic sealing scheme, a scheme for improving the power combining efficiency and thermal management scheme are also disclosed. The broadband power combining device operates with multi-octave bandwidth and is easy to manufacture, well-managed thermally, and highly efficient in power combining.

Microcellular communications antenna and associated methods

A radio frequency (RF) communications system includes a local RF communications device and an RF antenna including a conical RF launch structure coupled to the local RF communications device, and an elongate electrical conductor having a proximal end coupled to the conical RF launch structure and a distal end spaced apart from the conical RF launch structure to define an elongate RF coverage pattern. The elongate conductor may be a coaxial cable. At least one remote RF communications device, within the elongate RF coverage pattern, wirelessly communicates with the local RF communications device.

High bandwidth passive integrated circuit tester probe card assembly

Described herein is a probe card assembly providing signal paths for conveying high frequency signals between bond pads of an integrated circuit (IC) and an IC tester. The frequency response of the probe card assembly is optimized by appropriately distributing, adjusting and impedance matching resistive, capacitive and inductive impedance values along the signal paths so that the interconnect system behaves as an appropriately tuned Butterworth or Chebyshev filter.

Transmitting power and data

Apparatus, systems and methods to transmit power and data are provided. A particular apparatus to transmit power and data includes a transmission medium. The transmission medium includes at least one first frequency selective surface (FSS) layer, at least one second FSS layer, and a dielectric layer separating the at least one first FSS layer and the at least one second FSS layer. In a particular embodiment, the apparatus also includes a first coupler coupled to the transmission medium to send a signal along the transmission medium and a second coupler coupled to the transmission medium. The second coupler may receive signals via the transmission medium, receive power via the transmission medium to power devices coupled to the second coupler, process and send data via the transmission medium, or any combination thereof.

Multiband waveguide reflector antenna feed

A multiband waveguide reflector antenna feed comprises waveguide feeds in a concentric architecture. A waveguide feed is located in the center and coaxial waveguide feeds are disposed around the center feed. The waveguide feeds may be all-metallic with the center feed operating in a TE11 mode and the coaxial feeds operating in a coaxial TE11 mode. The waveguide feeds may have electromagnetic band gap (EBG) surfaces on waveguide surfaces. The center waveguide feed may have an EBG outer conductor surface and operate in a circular waveguide TEM mode. The coaxial waveguide feeds may have EBG inner and outer conductors and operate in a circular waveguide TEM mode. The coaxial feeds may have EBG inner conductors and near perfect electrical conductor (PEC) outer conductors and operate in a circular waveguide-like TE11 mode or may comprise EBG outer conductors and PEC inner conductors and operate in a quasi-TEM waveguide mode.
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