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Zero-voltage switch flyback-type DC-DC power supply conversion device

The invention relates to a DC-DC power supply conversion device, in particular to a zero-voltage switch (ZVS) flyback-type DC-DC power supply conversion device with efficient conversion, efficient light-load conversion and low standby power consumption. An auxiliary switch and an absorption capacitor are additionally arranged on the flyback circuit; the auxiliary switch and the absorption capacitor are connected in series so as to form an auxiliary branch circuit; the auxiliary branch circuit can be connected in parallel to the two ends of the primary winding of a transformer or alternatively connected in parallel to the two ends of a primary-side switch; and the auxiliary switch is conductive for a determined period of time before the primary-side switch is conductive. Compared with the prior art, the energy of the circuit leakage inductor can be absorbed and transferred to the output terminal and a soft switch for realizing the primary-side switch, so that the invention can greatly improve the circuit efficiency; the parasitic oscillation caused by the leakage inductor can be suppressed, so that the EMI (electromagnetic interference) characteristics of the circuit can be improved; and the circuit can be controlled more easily, thereby improving the light-load circuit efficiency and reducing the idle-load energy loss.
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