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Cost performance index (CPI) A measure of the efficiency of expenses spent on a project. The formula that a business normally uses to assess the cost performance index (CPI) is the ratio of earned value (EV) over actual costs (AC); therefore, CPI is equal to EV divided by AC.

Backside protective sheet for solar battery module and solar battery module using the same

There is provided a backside protective sheet for a solar battery module that is excellent in strength as well as in various properties such as weathering resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, light resistance, wind pressure resistance, hailstorm resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, antifouling properties, light reflectivity, light diffusivity, and design, and is particularly excellent in the so-called “moisture resistance,” which is the ability to prevent the entry of moisture, oxygen and the like, and durability against performance degradation with time, particularly against hydrolytic degradation and the like, and is also excellent in protective capability. There is also provided a backside protective sheet for a solar battery module, which can facilitate inventory control by properly using the front side and back side of the protective sheet depending upon applications and is excellent in cost performance, and a solar battery module using the same. The backside protective sheet for a solar battery module comprises: a deposited assembly comprising a vapor-deposited film of an inorganic oxide provided on at least one side of a substrate; and a transparent or translucent heat-resistant polyolefin resin layer provided on both sides of the deposited assembly.

Distributed storage oriented cloud storage security architecture and data access method thereof

The invention discloses a distributed storage oriented cloud storage security architecture and a data access method thereof. The distributed cloud storage oriented security architecture comprises a cloud storage server, a distributed storage manager, a wafer breaker and storage devices, wherein the distributed storage manager and the cloud storage server are respectively connected with a client-side; the distributed storage manager and the cloud storage server are connected by a fiber channel (FC) or a routing switch; the wafer breaker is imbedded in the distributed storage manager; the distributed storage manager is connected with the storage devices by the FC or Iscsi; and the storage devices are connected by a network attached storage (NAS) or a storage area network (SAN). The storage devices are located at different places and are redundant mutually, thus improving the fault-tolerant ability of the devices and the optimal storage use ratio; the wafer breaker is used for carrying out fragment on stored data, so that the data are fragmented into data fragments which can not be identified by other authentication systems, and the fragmented data have relative confidentiality and security in the process of network transmission and data storage; and the storage devices and the server are the devices with higher cost performance, thus reducing the cost.

Damping ratio adjustable tuning quality damper

ActiveCN101457554AChange the damping ratioDamping Ratio OptimizationSpringsSolid based dampersDamping ratioEngineering
The invention specifically relates to a mass tuned vibration reducer used for regulating the subsidence ratio of the vibration of the related structures. The mass tuned vibration reducer comprises a mass block, a spring, a damper and a base, and is characterized in that the damper is an adhesion-type damper formed by a damping cylinder, adhesive damping fluid and a piston, wherein, the piston and the adhesive damping fluid are arranged in the damping cylinder, and at least part of the piston is immerged into the adhesive damping fluid. The mass tuned vibration reducer adopts the adhesion-type damper formed by the adhesive damping fluid and the piston and can provide three dimensional damping, so as to effectively prevent side tumbling and ensure the vibration reducer realizes smooth actions; vibration mass is not needed to be provided with a special guide device, so that the mass tuned vibration reducer has reliable work and higher cost performance, and basically needs no maintenance. Meanwhile, the mass tuned vibration reducer realizes the aim of regulating the natural frequency and the subsidence ratio at any time, thus better exerting the vibration absorption performance of the mass tuned vibration reducer, ensuring stableness and safety of the pedestrians and vehicles on the large-span bridge and the thin and high building, contributing to prolonging the service lives of the thin and high building and the bridge, and having remarkable economic and social benefits.
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Load balancing method and system facing mixed cloud application

The invention discloses a load balancing method and system facing mixed cloud application and a corresponding mixed cloud load balancing system. Aiming at the fact that a cloud tenant uses mixed clouds to calculate IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform deployment application, the invention solves the problem of load balancing of the application under a multi-cloud environment. The system and method use a layered load balancing mechanism, load state information and resource state information of private clouds and public clouds are dynamically collected by a heartbeat packet at an upper layer, and issuing priorities of tasks to respective clouds are adjusted; at a lower layer, and LBaaS (load balancing as a service) internally provided form the clouds is used to perform load balancing among virtual machines. During outbreak of the cloud application, the public cloud with the highest cost performance can be selected for resource extension according to price fluctuation of the public clouds and the requirement of the cloud tenant on the minimal cost budget. According to the invention, the cloud tenant can be helped to customize application requirements per se when using the mixed clouds, and automatically select a cloud resource use scheme with the highest cost performance.

Anti-rut asphalt modifier and preparation method thereof and modified asphalt and application thereof

The invention discloses a traffic anti-rut asphalt modifier and a preparation method thereof; the asphalt modifier is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 20 to 200 parts of thermoplastic elastomer, 5 to 450 parts of polyolefin, and 5 to 400 parts of rubber powder. Simultaneously, the invention also discloses modified asphalt which contains the asphalt modifier and application of the modified asphalt in asphalt mixture. The invention can significantly improve the high-temperature performance and the anti-rut capability of the asphalt mixture, improves anti-water damage and anti-low temperature cracking and other performance, and has high cost performance. Compared with asphalt modification, the invention does not need to add asphalt modification equipment, can significantly reduce energy consumption and loss in the production process, can realize long-termed inventory, prevents the problem of the poor storage stability of modified asphalt, does not affect the mixing proportion design, does not change the gradation of the asphalt mixture under any content, only finely adjusts the asphalt-aggregate ratio, has simple construction process, and realizes random adding through a direct feeding method.

Method and system for automatically identifying urban traffic accident

The invention belongs to the field of intelligent traffic video image monitoring and video image analysis, and in particular relates to a method and a system for automatically identifying an urban traffic accident. The method for automatically identifying the traffic accident comprises the following steps of: acquiring an urban road video image sequence; performing foreground vehicle separation based on a mixed Gaussian background model; performing a multi-target vehicle tracing algorithm based on a Camshift algorithm and a kalman filtering combination; extracting traffic accident determiningparameters such as speed variation, horizontal position variation, vertical position variation, moving direction variation and the like; and proposing a multi-featured weighted fusion automatic accident identification algorithm. Traffic accident information is transmitted to a traffic control center in time by a transmission unit and a display unit, so that the traffic accident can be quickly treated, an effective and flexible road traffic monitoring means with high cost performance is provided for traffic management, and new thought is provided for the development of a high-efficiency intelligent video traffic accident system.

High-precision laser photocuring 3D (three dimensional) printer

The invention relates to a high-precision laser photocuring 3D (three dimensional) printer. The high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer comprises a shell and a pedestal. The high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer has the beneficial effects that one end of a high-precision ball screw is connected with a servo motor, the control precision of the servo motor is guaranteed by a rotary encoder at the rear end of a motor shaft and is accurate, and the high-precision laser photocuring 3D printer utilizes the servo motor, so that the printer is stable, and the energy consumption is reduced; as the ball screw has the characteristics of high positioning precision, small friction force, high rigidity and strong load capacity, the molding precision of the printer is high; a circuit control module is connected with a touch screen and a power supply switch respectively through data wires to intelligently control the printer, so that the control precision and processing efficiency are increased; a digital projection device comprises a digital projector horizontally fixed on the upper side of the pedestal, and a plane mirror, so that the structure of the printer is compact; the digital projection device comprises an ultraviolet source and a focusing lens, and the focusing lens is arranged above the ultraviolet source, so that the realizing theory is simple, and the cost performance is high.

Multifunctional data acquisition module based on cpci bus

The invention relates to a multifunctional data acquisition module based on a compact peripheral component interconnect (CPCI) bus. The multifunctional data acquisition module comprises a hardware module and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) program. The hardware module comprises an impedance control circuit board, an electronic component, a small computer system interface (SCSI100) signal connection socket, a standard CPCI bus connector, and a standard 3UEurocard front panel. The impedance control circuit board and the electronic component are the core functional carriers of the invention and are divided into eight functional units such as an analogue-digital (AD) conversion module, a digital-analogue (DA) conversion unit, a timer unit, a counter unit, a universal input-output (IO) unit and an auxiliary circuit unit. The FPGA program comprises an AD conversion module, a DA conversion module, a timer module, a counter module and a universal IO module and is programmed and developed by Verilog hardware description language (HDL). The multifunctional data acquisition module has steady performance, high reliability, high bus signal driving capability, far transmission distance, simple structure, powerful function, high cost performance, is convenient to use, and can perform long-term and continuous mass data transmission.

Multi-functional grid-connected inverter and grid-connected inverter control method

The invention belongs to the field of electrical engineering, distributed power generation and power quality control, and aims to provide a multi-functional grid-connected inverter and a grid-connected inverter control method. The grid-connected inverter comprises a direct-current bus bar with a capacitor and three sets of single-phase full-bridge inverter circuits sharing the direct-current bus bar, the direct-current output ends of a distributed power supply or a grid-connected energy-storing generating set are connected to both ends of the capacitor of the direct-current bus bar, the output of each set of single-phase full-bridge inverter circuit is connected to a filter, and the output ends of each filter are connected with a distribution network of the 380V voltage class through a single-phase step-up isolation transformer. According to the invention, the grid-connected inverter equipment is effectively utilized to carry out effective control on the power quality of points of interconnection, so that the grid-connected inverter is multi-purpose and multi-functional, the cost performance of the grid-connected inverter is enhanced, the investment, operation and maintenance cost of a system can be reduced, and the reliability of the system can be enhanced. The principle of the provided control scheme is clear, and the control scheme is highly operable and reliable in operation.

Dynamic and static mechanics integrated test platform

The invention discloses a dynamic and static mechanics comprehensive test bench, which relates to mechanics experimental equipment. Nowadays the mechanics test bench in the market has the disadvantages of single function, inconvenient operation, big size of the equipment and high price. A pure beam bending device, a composite beam bending device, a cylinder crankling device, a dynamic beam device, an equal strengthen beam device, a stretching and compressing device and a sinker rod are arranged on a main bench frame; the pure beam bending device, the composite beam bending device, the equal strengthen beam device, the cylinder crankling device and the stretching and compressing device respectively adopt a hand operated helical wheel to load, a sensor to measure the power, and transfer a load through a combined type lever power transmission system; the dynamic beam device uses a motor with an eccentric wheel to vibrate hardly; an interface board which is connected with the lead wire of a strain meter is arranged on the bench surface. The invention has the functions of combining and arranging various experiments of the basic mechanics and skill training of various basic experiments. The invention has the advantages that the comprehensive function is powerful, the cost performance ratio is high, the structure is compact, and the operation is convenient.

Efficient rust-removing device for iron rod for hardware machining

The invention relates to an iron rod rust removing device, in particular to an efficient rust-removing device for an iron rod for hardware machining. In order to solve technical problems in the prior art, the efficient rust-removing device being small in size, high in cost performance, free of professional requirements and manpower, convenient, rapid, efficient, safe and reliable, and having the advantage that the damage of the operating environment to the health of operating personnel is relatively small is provided. The efficient rust-removing device comprises an L-shaped bracket, a motor, a first bearing seat, a supporting rod, a water tank, a first one-way valve, a first rotating shaft, a first belt wheel, a second bearing seat, a lead screw, a clamping device and the like, wherein the motor and several other components are arranged at the inner top of the L-shaped bracket from left to right. Friction blocks perform reciprocating motion up and down and matched with the rotating iron rod for rust removing, so that the efficient rust-removing device provided by the invention achieves the effects of being small in size, high in cost performance, simple to operate, free of professional requirements and manpower, convenient, rapid and efficient.

High-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel-iron-chromium-based high-temperature alloy and preparation method for same

ActiveCN102994809ADoes not affect structural stabilityLow costHigh pressureSuperalloy
The invention belongs to the field of metal structural materials, and particularly discloses a high-strength and corrosion-resistant nickel-iron-chromium-based high-temperature alloy and a preparation method for the same. The alloy material is mainly characterized by having the following ingredient range (wt%): 20-30% of Fe, 19-25% of Cr, 0.5-2.5% of Al, 1.0-2.5% of Ti, not greater than 2% of Nb, not greater than 2% of Mo, not greater than 2% of W, not greater than 1% of Ta, not greater than 0.5% of Si, not greater than 1.0% of Mn, not greater than 0.5% of Cu, not greater than 0.05% of C, not greater than 0.01% of B, not greater than 0.03% of Zr and the balance of Ni. The alloy disclosed by the invention is strong in anti-steam-corrosion and anti-fume-corrosion capacities; an ordered-reinforcing phase with dispersed distribution and gamma' phase (Ni3(Al, Ti)) are formed to enhance the high-temperature strength of the alloy; and the content of Fe is increased to the greatest extent on the basis of no influence on the structural stability, the anti-corrosion capacity and the high-temperature strength of the alloy, so as to improve the heat machinability of the alloy and reduce cost. Compared with the prior art, the alloy is low in material cost, excellent in high-temperature strength, heat machinability and corrosion resistance; and in particular, in the case that the alloy is used in the conditions of high temperature, supercritical steam and corrosive fume, the cost performance of the alloy is superior to the cost performances of the existing alloys. The alloy disclosed by the invention can be machined into tube materials, plate materials, bar materials and wire materials.

Gatherer device of wireless ad-hoc network meter reading system, and operation method

A gatherer device of wireless ad-hoc network meter reading system comprises a processor unit, a 485 bus interface unit, a wireless transmitting-receiving unit, and a power supply managing unit; wherein the processor unit is responsible for operation and control of the whole device, the 485 bus interface unit is used for connecting one or multiple electric meters, the wireless transmitting-receiving unit is responsible for interacting data and commands with a concentrator of the wireless ad-hoc network meter reading system, and the power supply managing unit supplies power for the whole device. An operation method of the gatherer device comprises that a command is received by the wireless transmitting-receiving unit and transmitted to the processor unit for processing, that the processor unit sends a request frame to an electric meter, that the processor unit receives a response frame from the electric meter and analyzes the response frame to acquire information of electricity consumption, and that finally the information of electricity consumption is returned to the concentrator through the wireless transmitting-receiving unit. The device and the method in the invention solve problems that the prior micropower wireless communication meter reading manners have much channel interferences, and are relatively low in security, relatively short in communication distances and not well in penetrating capabilities. Furthermore, the device has the advantages of low cost, high cost performance, good instantaneity, safety and reliability, and use and maintenance conveniences.

Phased-array antenna applied to ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system and application method thereof

The invention discloses a phased-array antenna applied to an ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system. The phased-array antenna applied to the ETC system comprises a transmitting antenna array, a receiving antenna array, a phased-array transmitting assembly, a phased-array receiving assembly, a waveform control interface, a communication control module, a ground sensing interface, a vehicle speed computing module, a vehicle tracking module, a power supply communication adaptor and a safety certificate module, wherein the transmitting antenna array is composed of antenna subarrays; the receiving antenna array is composed of antenna subarrays; and the communication control module is used for collecting a ground sensing coil signal, estimating the position and speed of a vehicle in real time, working out a waveform control command, and respectively controlling phase positions and amplitudes of each path of radio-frequency signals of the phased-array transmitting assembly and the phased-array receiving assembly so as to form a radio-frequency beam for tracking the vehicle in space. The invention also discloses an application method. According to the invention, dynamic and long-distance continued communication is realized, vehicle-following interference is eliminated, the transaction success rate is improved, the traffic speed is improved, the use efficiency of the ETC system and cost performance for construction are improved, and the construction cost is reduced.
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