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Information processing method, information processing device and information processing system

The embodiments of the invention disclose an information processing method, an information processing device and an information processing system. The information processing method includes the following steps that: a processing terminal detects that a user terminal enters an object region and determines a target position information of the user terminal through Bluetooth positioning detection; the processing terminal delivers a recommend information to the user terminal; the processing terminal obtains a service request transmitted to the processing terminal by the user terminal according to the recommend information; the processing terminal receives the service request and processes the service request according to the target position information of the user terminal. According to the embodiments of the invention, the processing terminal detects that the user terminal enters the object region and determines the target position information of the user terminal through Bluetooth positioning detection, precise localization is achieved in the object region, so that service processing is carried out via the determined target position information, thereby saving business cost, improving location precision and increasing operation efficiency.

Factoring financing method, system and device based on blockchain, and storage medium

The invention discloses a factoring financing method, system and device based on blockchain, and a storage medium, and the method comprises the steps that a core enterprise and a financing enterprisesign a trade contract and generate receivables, the enterprise credit, trade contract and receivables information are registered to the blockchain, and the financing enterprise initiates a factoring financing business application to a factoring company; the factoring company signs a factoring agreement with the financing enterprise after auditing is passed, the financing enterprise transfers the receivables to the factoring company and registers the factoring agreement and receivables transfer transaction information to the blockchain, the factoring company can directly issue financed capitalor transfer receivables to a bank, and the bank issues financed capital after bill auditing is errorless, and after the receivables expire, the financing enterprise repays money, and various types oftransaction information is registered to the blockchain in the process. According to the invention, online management of factoring and financing services is realized through the blockchain technology,the security and efficiency of factoring and financing are improved, and the problems of difficult financing and low financing efficiency of upstream and downstream enterprises of a supply chain aresolved.

Six-connecting-rod teaching device of six-axis robot

The invention provides a six-connecting-rod teaching device of a six-axis robot, and belongs to the technical field of robots. The problem that existing robot teaching operation is complex and long in consumed time is solved. The six-connecting-rod teaching device of the six-axis robot comprises a base, a first connecting rod, a second connecting rod, a third connecting rod, a fourth connecting rod, a fifth connecting rod, a sixth connecting rod and six encoders, the first connecting rod, the second connecting rod, the third connecting rod, the fourth connecting rod, the fifth connecting rod and the sixth connecting rod are sequentially connected end to end, and the six encoders are arranged on the connecting portion of an executing end and the sixth connecting rod, the connecting portion of the sixth connecting rod and the fifth connecting rod, the connecting portion of the fifth connecting rod and the fourth connecting rod, the connecting portion of the fourth connecting rod and the third connecting rod, the connecting portion of the third connecting rod and the second connecting rod and the connecting portion of the second connecting rod and the first connecting rod respectively. The device can carry out teaching by being separated from the robot, more labor is saved in operation, and the device is more convenient to operate.

Scanning and removing equipment for drug supervision codes

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The invention provides scanning and removing equipment of drug supervision codes, which is wide in application scope and comprises a conveyer belt tray, a conveyer belt and an electric cabinet, wherein the conveyer belt is positioned on the conveyer belt tray; the electric cabinet is fixedly connected with the side edge of the conveyer belt tray; a speed controller switch is positioned on the electric cabinet; a cabinet and a support are positioned below the conveyer belt tray; the scanning and removing equipment is characterized by further comprising guide rails, fixing blocks and the like, wherein the guide rails are positioned on the two sides of the conveyer belt tray and fixedly connected with the side edges of the conveyer belt tray by the fixing blocks; movable hooks are arranged on the guide rails; a scanning mechanism and a removing mechanism are positioned on the movable hooks; a touch display screen is fixedly connected with the conveyer belt tray by a touch display screen support; and an alarm lamp is arranged on the touch display screen. As the positions of a scanner, a removing box, a removing air cylinder, a reflector plate and an optocoupler can be changed flexibly, the equipment can be used for scanning and removing various drug supervision codes, the enterprise cost is lowered, and the problem of insufficient workshop area is solved.

Method for raising summer-time transplanting survival rate of osmanthus fragrans 'Rixianggui'

The present invention relates to a method for raising a summer-time transplanting survival rate of osmanthus fragrans 'Rixianggui'. The method comprises a first step of transplanting season selection: selecting August at summer, and the temperature being 29-36 DEG C; a second step of soil ball digging: the size of a soil ball being 1/3-1/2 of a natural crown breadth, vertically ditching around a crown by using the tree trunk as the center; a third step of transpiration retardant spraying: concentration of a transpiration retardant being prepared to be 40 mg/L, spraying the transpiration retardant onto leaves, the tree trunk and the soil ball, water not dropping off the leaves, the tree trunks and the soil ball, and the transpiration retardant being absorbed after8-10 minutes; a fourth step of hoisting and transporting; a fifth step of pruning and leave picking: pruning away insect-plague branches and removing 1/3 of the leaves; a sixth step of digging for plantation: a plant pit being sized as that a diameter thereof is 40 cm larger than that of the soil ball and the depth is 20 cm larger than that of the soil ball; spraying a 80 mg/L ABT NO.3 rooting powder around the soil ball of a root part for 4-5 times by using a sprayer before plantation, backfilling the soil, and tamping the soil layer by layer, thus to fully bury the soil ball under the ground; a seventh step of supporting; and an eighth step of watering: immediately watering the plant after plantation, and watering the plant for the second time three days after the plantation and for the third time six days after the plantation. The method provided by the present invention is simple to operate, the survival rate can reach 90%, and enterprise cost can be saved.

Treating and recycling method of sodium hypochlorite-containing waste liquid

The invention discloses a treating and recycling method of sodium hypochlorite-containing waste liquid. The method comprises the following steps: (1) simultaneously conveying the sodium hypochlorite-containing waste liquid and a hydrogen peroxide solution from the top into an absorption tower to obtain treating liquid; (2) conveying the treating liquid to a rear reactor at a primary brine workshop section, carrying out reaction with crude brine to generate calcium carbonate precipitates, and enabling the liquid to flow into a middle tank; (3) adding sodium sulfite into the middle tank, carrying out stirring and filtering, and collecting pre-treated brine; and (4) adding hydrochloric acid into the pre-treated brine, and adjusting the PH to 9 to 11 to obtain primary fine brine. According to the treating and recycling method, the hydrogen peroxide solution is used for treating the sodium hypochlorite-containing waste liquid produced by a device for preparing chloride by catalytic oxidization of hydrogen chloride, and the treating liquid is recycled as a raw material for a saline solution desalting workshop section for electrolysis, so that recycling of resources is realized, and the environment is protected. Effective treatment and recycling of the sodium hypochlorite-containing waste liquid are realized.

Online monitoring system and method for materials to import or export at custom

The present invention discloses a system for monitoring import / export commodities to go pass customs in a network and the method thereof. The system comprises a plurality of user terminal computers, a main computer, a custom main computer and a database. The user terminal computer provides an user interface with which user can input information to and receive information from the main computer. The main computer is used to check and approve the import / export commodities according to the basic information stored in the database, produce automatically report according to basic information of the import / export commodities have been checked and approved, and transmit the report to the custom main computer. Said main computer comprises a system setting module, an information service module, a report producing module, a report state module, a custom information synchro-module and a checking and approving module. The database is used to store the information such as various the set basic information, produced reports and custom receipts. The system for monitoring import / export commodities to go pass customs in a network and the method thereof of the invention can be connected to a custom main computer, obtain corresponding custom information, monitor import/export commodities, optimize enterprise inventory, save enterprise cost, reduce man-made errors and increase efficiency to go pass customs.

Method and device for detecting bearing outer rings

The invention discloses a method and a device for detecting bearing outer rings. The bearing outer rings are the bearing outer rings of rolling bearings. The detection method comprises the following steps of 1, acquiring bearing outer rings and sequentially placing each bearing outer rings on a guide rail; 2, positioning each bearing outer ring in the guide rail on a detection station; 3, detecting each bearing outer ring and transmitting a detection result to a controller processor to judge whether the bearing is a good product or a bad product; and 4, respectively taking out the bearing outer rings of the superior product and the inferior product. An assembling device comprises a rack, a conveying device and a control processor, wherein the conveying device and the control processor arearranged on the rack and used for orderly conveying the bearing outer rings; the conveying device comprises the guide rail obliquely arranged in a vertical plane, a detection station arranged on the guide rail, a limiting device and a detection device arranged on the detection station; and the detection device is electrically connected with the control processor. According to the detection methodand device for the bearing outer rings, the detection efficiency is effectively improved, the detection cost is reduced, and the competitiveness of enterprises is improved.

Knitted fabric sized edge pre-drying device of tentering setting machine

A knitted fabric sized edge pre-drying device of a tentering setting machine comprises a setting machine beam, a guide rail arranged on the beam, a cloth clip-pin plate connected with the guide rail, and a cloth guide pillar arranged below the cloth clip-pin plate. The edge of cloth is clamped between the cloth guide pillar and the cloth clip-pin plate. A bracket is arranged below the cloth guide pillar and is a sealed shell with the section in a trapezoid shape, triangular air return holes are uniformly formed in the upper surface of the bracket shell, a plurality of fans are arranged below the bracket, air return ports of the fans are communicated with the lower end face of the bracket shell, air outlets of the fans are connected with vertical second air pipes through first air pipes, electric heating pipe heating devices are arranged in the first air pipes or the second air pipes, the second air pipes are connected with a cover above the setting machine beam, and air outlet holes are formed in the positions, right facing the air return holes in the bracket, of the cover. The knitted fabric sized edge pre-drying device is simple in structure, suitable for being installed on any setting machine and capable of effectively reducing the number of drying room sections and reducing input cost.
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