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Transplanting method of big camphor trees

A transplanting method of big camphor trees comprises selection of the big camphor trees, transplanting, transplanting transportation of trees, planting and planting management. Particularly, the angle of a planting sunny side cannot be deviated by over 10 degrees, root irrigation is performed by using ABT rooting powder, microorganism fertilizer, bactericide liquid chemical and the like which are used in backfill soil according to a fixed proportion, and 1-naphthylacetic acid alcohol water solution of 100-200ppm is used for irrigation after planting of the big camphor trees. The special technical processing of camphor transplanting is that 1-naphthylacetic acid auxin of 0.01-0.03% is added to used mud, the theory of a big wiping head and a big soil ball is adopted, 1-naphthylacetic acid rooting powder is added to the root portions during transplanting, leaves are picked instantly after planting, a blade surface agent is sprayed to new leaves, and originality is provided in the overwintering and antifreezing aspects. By means of the transplanting method, transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age below 20 years is over 99%, and transplanting survival rate of the camphor trees with the tree age over 20 years is over 95%. The transplanting method of the big camphor trees can be suitable for transplanting of big trees and old trees under the conditions of other different altitudes, longitudes and latitudes, climate and the like.
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Big seedling transplanting method for inshore saline-alkali land

InactiveCN102057854ASolve the problem of low transplant survival ratePromote growthPlantingForestryAlkali soilTree trunk
The invention relates to a big seedling transplanting method for an inshore saline-alkali land. The method is characterized in that: the optimal time for transplanting big trees in inshore regions is spring. The method comprises the following steps of: selecting a region with soil salt content of over 0.3 percent, and paving a filter layer; installing blind pipes; backfilling original soil doped with 1/4 to 1/3 cow dung or straws; irrigating with great water to remove salt and reduce alkali, wherein the water quantity is 120 cubes per mu; cutting and trimming roots in a mode of 'cutting the main root and keeping capillary roots' in one year earlier; lifting and transporting; planting in a depth which is 10 to 15 centimeters higher than the original trunk planting earth surface line position; and performing daily management. The method has the advantages of effectively reducing underground water level, providing favorable conditions for reducing slat and improving alkali, providing an appropriate environment for the growth of plants, remarkably promoting the growth of roots of big seedlings, enhancing the growth vigor, achieving the seedling survival rate of over 90 percent and effectively solving the problem of low survival rate of the transplanted big seedlings in the saline-alkali regions.

Rubber tapping machine

ActiveCN104429813ASolve labor intensitySolve the problem of insufficient fineness of manual tappingForestryAutomatic controlControl system
The invention discloses a rubber tapping machine. The rubber tapping machine comprises a tree binding fixing frame and two annular planetary gear outer shells installed at the upper end and the lower end of the tree binding fixing frame respectively. A vector movement knife rest assembly is arranged between the two annular planetary gear outer shells. A gear shaft is arranged on the vector movement knife rest assembly, a motor and a rubber tapping knife rest with a gear rack are arranged in the vector movement knife rest assembly, a rubber tapping knife assembly is arranged in the rubber tapping knife rest, a lead screw is connected to the top end of the rubber tapping assembly, and the rubber tapping knife assembly can vertically move in the rubber tapping knife rest by rotating the lead screw. By means of the rubber tapping machine, manual operation is not needed, and starting, stopping, forward rotating and backward rotating of the motor and starting, stopping, the spraying time and the spraying amount of a catalyst spraying assembly can be controlled by an automatic control system according to a set program. In addition, the automatic control system can be in communication with the exterior through an input-output module, receive a command of an upper computer, update internal program setting and transmit various working states of the rubber tapping machine outwards at any time.

Method for conducting afforestation on saline-alkali soil

ActiveCN103392456ANew comprehensive measures for effective soil reduction and soil improvementLow cost of improvementClimate change adaptationAfforestationRevegetationPlant roots
The invention discloses a method for conducting afforestation on saline-alkali soil. The method includes the steps of firstly, digging deep planting pits in the saline-alkali soil; secondly, paving two layers of isolating curtains at the bottom of each planting pit and the inner wall of each planting pit respectively; thirdly, arranging filtering layers between each isolation layer and the bottom of each planting pit and between each isolating layer and the inner wall of each planting pit; fourthly, preparing mixed matrix, filling the matrix into the pits and tamping down the matrix; fifthly, planting seedlings; sixthly, conducting maintenance management. According to the method for conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil, the difficult problems of lowering the salt content, improving the soil and conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil are solved. Through the measures of discharging salt and blocking salt, the salt content in the distribution range of the plant root systems is lowered, the plant root systems are promoted to absorb nutrient and water and discharge salt in a unidirectional mode, and a soil environment which is beneficial to plant growth is created. According to the method for conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil, the survival rate and the preserving rate of the seedlings are improved, and the method is low in cost compared with a traditional method for improving the saline-alkali soil by merely paving the salt isolating layers, replacing soil and conducting afforestation, is suitable for the saline-alkali soil afforestation and the plant cover recovery project, and can also be used in the manual construction and the machine and human coordinated construction.

Automatic rubber cutting robot

The invention provides an automatic rubber cutting robot, and belongs to the field of agricultural machinery. The automatic rubber cutting robot is characterized by comprising a clamping mechanism, a cutting depth adjusting mechanism, a power device and a cutting trajectory control mechanism, wherein the clamping mechanism consists of rotating blocks and supporting rods; the cutting depth adjusting mechanism consists of a rotating disk with scales, a movable positioning wheel and a knife rest; power is provided by stepping motors; and the cutting trajectory control mechanism comprises an upper annular track, a lower annular track, bogie driving mechanisms and a screw and nut mechanism. The automatic rubber cutting robot is tightly clamped to a rubber tree through the clamping mechanism, a cutting trajectory is a helix through the cutting trajectory control mechanism, then line-change cutting of the automatic rubber cutting robot is realized through screws and nuts, finally appropriate cutting depth is adjusted through the cutting depth adjusting mechanism, and automatic rubber cutting is realized. The automatic rubber cutting robot can automatically adjust the rubber cutting depth, can automatically change lines, is adapted to different tree diameters, and has the characteristics of being simple in structure, convenient to control, low in cost, reliable and practical.
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