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Connecting head of an electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette (100) and a connecting head (3) for an electronic cigarette are provided. The electronic cigarette (100) includes an inhalation rod (2), a battery rod (1), and a connecting head (3). The connecting head (3) of the electronic cigarette (100) makes the inhalation rod (2) and the battery rod (3) connected into an integral and formed a central airway in an internal thereof. The connecting head (3) includes an exposed step (31), a first connecting end (31) and a second connecting end (33) disposed at the two sides of the exposed step (31) respectively along a radial direction. The first connecting end (31) is used to connect with the battery rod (2) of the electronic cigarette (100), and the second connecting end (33) connects with the inhalation rod (2). A surface of the exposed step (31) disposes at least one air inlet (311). When assembling the electronic cigarette (100), the air inlet (311) is exposed on the surface of the electronic cigarette (100). When the air pressure inside the inhalation rod (2) is less than the outside air pressure, air is supplied into the internal of the inhalation rod (2) by the air inlet (311). The sensitivity of the air inlet (311) on the connecting head for sensing the ventilation volume is very high, then easy to control the ventilation volume, and then can effectively guarantee the stability of the electronic cigarette taste.
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