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Method of and system for enabling the access of consumer product related information and the purchase of consumer products at points of consumer presence on the world wide web (WWW) at which consumer product information request (CPIR) enabling servlet tags are embedded within html-encoded documents

Method of and system for delivering consumer product related information to consumers over the Internet. The system and method involves creating an UPN-encoded Consumer Product Information (CPIR) enabling Applet for each consumer product registered within a manufacturer-managed UPN / URL database management system. Each CPIR-enabling Applet is encapsulated within an executable file and then stored in the UPN / URL database management system. Each CPIR-enabling Applet is searchable and downloadable by, for example, (1) retailers purchasing products from an electronic-commerce enabled product catalog, (2) advertisers desiring to link consumer product information to Web-based product advertisements, or (3) anyone having a legitimate purpose of disseminating such information within the stream of electronic commerce. After downloading and extraction from its encapsulating file, the CPIR-enabling Applet is embedded within an HTML-encoded document associated with, for example, an EC-enabled store, on-line auction site, product advertisement, Internet search engine or directory, and the like. Upon encountering such an Applet-encoded HTML document on the WWW, the consumer need only perform a single mouse-clicking operation to automatically execute the underlying CPIR-enabling Applet (on either the client or server side of the network), causing a UPN-directed search to be performed against the manufacturer-defined UPN / URL Database, and the results thereof displayed in an independent Java GUI, without disturbing the consumer's point of presence on the WWW. Preferably, the CPIR-enabling Applets are realized using Java(TM) technology, although it is understood that alternative technologies can be used to practice the system and methods of the present invention.

Wristband/cinch with label assembly business form and method

A business form particularly adapted for use in a medical or hospital environment includes in a first embodiment a wristband assembly that is readily separable from a carrier comprised of a layer of face stock and a laminate, with the wristband including a printable face stock region die cut into the face stock and a strap portion, a laminating portion, and a cinch die cut into the laminate layer. The laminating portion includes two halves which fold together about a fold line to enclose the face stock, with the strap portion extending from one of said halves. The cinch may be located in one of two locations, either in an extension from the other side of the face stock or intermediate the face stock and the strap portion. In either case the cinch comprises a slot through which the strap portion is inserted and then adhered to itself after its length has been adjusted by the medical professional. If an extension is provided, it may be folded over to adhere to the strap portion and clamp it in place there as well as being adhered at its end back onto itself, as described. An extender is also described which includes a clamshell joinder and a tail portion. The clamshell portion may be applied to the strap portion anywhere along its length to extend the effective length of the strap portion. Any of the wristband constructions may be provided on a page sized sheet along with a plurality of self adhering labels, in any of a number of configurations, to suit any particular application, as desired by a user.

Method of and system for enabling access to consumer product related information and the purchase of consumer products at points of consumer presence on the world wide web (WWW) at which consumer product information request (CPIR) enabling servlet tags are embedded within HTML-encorded documents

An Internet-based electronic commerce (EC) enabled shopping system comprising: an Internet information server connected to the infrastructure of the Internet and supporting the hypertext transmission protocol (http); a Web-enabled client subsystem connected to the infrastructure of the Internet; and an EC-enabled WWW site comprising a plurality of interlinked HTML-encoded documents arranged and rendered to provide an electronic store environment for a consumer when served to the Web-enabled client subsystem, wherein the electronic store environment presenting a plurality of products for purchase and sale by an EC-enabled payment method supported over the Internet, wherein a Consumer Product Information Request (CPIR) enabling Server-side component tag, associated with each the product, is embedded within at least one of the HTML-encoded documents displayed on the Web-enabled client subsystem, and each the CPIR-enabling Server-side component tag being associated with a CPIR-enabling Server-side component encoded with a Universal Product Number (UPN) assigned to one the product, and whereby, when the consumer selects one the CPIR-enabling Server-side component tag, the associated CPIR-enabling Server-side component is automatically executed, enabling a search to be conducted against a product information database hosted on an Internet database server connected to the Internet, and the results from the search displayed in a graphical user interface (GUI) served to and displayed on the Web-enabled client subsystem.
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