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Intelligent valve control methods and systems

A method for determining a burst pipe that requires immediate feeding-valve closing using acoustic and / or vibration sensors coupled to the pipe lor detecting signals, a microprocessor for analyzing signals from said sensors in real-time, a memory coupled to said microprocessor for storing data, including digital signatures acoustic and / or vibration signatures, as well as an actuator electrically coupled to said microprocessor and mechanically coupled to said feeding-valve. When the sensor signals match stored leak-signatures or when a persistent sensor signal produces no match, the system of the present invention initiates a valve closing. To improve detection, signals from other sensors, i.e. water sensors, smoke detectors, heat sensors or acoustic / vibration sensors mounted on other pipes are also used. Some of the said systems have IP addresses and can communicate over the Internet or wirelessly with others.

Preparation and characterization of formulations in a high throughput mode

The invention is an automated robotic system for the production and testing of formulations at a very high throughput. It is an integrated system of hardware and software capable of preparing and evaluating hundreds of emulsions per day. The system can formulate aqueous solutions (SL), oil in water emulsions (EW), suspo-emulsions (SE), micro capsule suspensions (CS), micro-emulsions (ME), and suspension concentrates (SC) at the 1 ml to 25 ml scale. The system can process emulsions rapidly in an automated way and enable very flexible formulation recipes to be introduced. The system allows chemists to generate experimental samples of varying recipe and method to be conducted in parallel with projected throughput of up to 1200 formulations processed and characterized per day. Materials and consumables can be distributed from storage storage systems to the work stations where dispensing of ingredients in various states can be performed, including solids, liquids, gels, pastes, suspensions and waxes. The emulsions formed can be characterized using methods including phase diagnosis, turbidity analysis, viscosity and particle sizing using automated test equipment. An integrated module can also perform Tank Mix Compatibility testing in high throughput mode. The modular system allows future processes and tests to be added, either to a station, or as a new station. The software capability includes tracking of processes from start to finish and the integration of analytical data with the as-designed and as-formulated experimental results.

Transiently dynamic flow cytometer analysis system

A flow cytometry apparatus and methods to process information incident to particles or cells entrained in a sheath fluid stream allowing assessment, differentiation, assignment, and separation of such particles or cells even at high rates of speed. A first signal processor individually or in combination with at least one additional signal processor for applying compensation transformation on data from a signal. Compensation transformation can involve complex operations on data from at least one signal to compensate for one or numerous operating parameters. Compensated parameters can be returned to the first signal processor for provide information upon which to define and differentiate particles from one another.
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