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Methods and devices for monitoring the integrity of a fluid connection

A surveillance device monitors the integrity of a fluid connection between first and second fluid containing systems based on at least one time-dependent measurement signal from a pressure sensor in the first fluid containing system. The first fluid containing system comprises a first pulse generator, and the second fluid containing system comprises a second pulse generator. The pressure sensor is arranged to detect first pulses originating from the first pulse generator and second pulses originating from the second pulse generator. The integrity of the fluid connection is determined based on the presence of second pulses in the measurement signal. The second pulses may be detected by analysing the measurement signal in the time domain and/or by using timing information indicative of the timing of the second pulses in said at least one measurement signal. The analysis may be based on a parameter value that represents a distribution of signal values within a time window of the measurement signal. The parameter value may be calculated as a statistical dispersion measure of the signal values, or may result from a matching of the signal values within the time window to a predicted temporal signal profile of a second pulse. The fluid connection may be established between a human blood system and an extracorporeal blood flow circuit.

Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling water consumption

InactiveUS20050067049A1Monitor and control daily water consumption flowProtection malfunctionDetection of fluid at leakage pointMeasurement of fluid loss/gain rateInformation processingWater based
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling water consumption in a water-based system are disclosed using one or more sensors for generating signals indicative of the operation thereof. One or more interface modules are provided as breaker circuits for receiving the generated signals, and a fluid control device is operable for limiting the water consumption. A motherboard receives the interface modules and provides communication therebetween for information processing. Signals from the various sensors are supplied to a controller, which provides signals to status indicators, and also operates to provide alarm signals via network interfaces to remote locations and to operate an alarm. In an alternate embodiment, a water monitoring system is designed to shut off the water supply to the water device and to shut off either the electrical supply or the gas supply to the heating unit of the water device in response to sensing a malfunction through one or more of a number of different sensed parameters. These parameters include a water leak detector located beneath the water device, a water level float sensor, a temperature sensor to sense excess temperature, and a pressure sensor located in line.

Air conditioner and method for detecting refrigrant leakage

An air conditioner and method of detecting a refrigerant leakage in the air conditioner in which the entire refrigerant pipe of the air conditioner is sectioned based on expansion valves into a plurality of sections, the sections are checked one by one to quickly detect a refrigerant leakage from the sections and an exact position of a broken or loosened area of the refrigerant pipe causing such a refrigerant leakage is found. In the method of detecting a refrigerant leakage in the air conditioner, comprising a compressor, an expansion valve, an outdoor heat exchanger, and an indoor heat exchanger connected to one another by a refrigerant pipe, the refrigerant pipe is sectioned into a high pressure section extending from the outlet port of the compressor to the inlet port of the expansion valve, and a low pressure section extending from the outlet port of the expansion valve to the inlet port of the compressor. A pressure sensor is provided on the refrigerant pipe within the low pressure section. A control unit detects a refrigerant leakage in the low pressure section by comparing a variation in refrigerant pressure sensed by the pressure sensor with a preset variation in the refrigerant pressure in accordance with a normal operation without the refrigerant pipe having a refrigerant leakage, during a refrigerant leakage detection mode.

Apparatus for flow detection, measurement and control and method for use of same

A flow sensor having an inlet and an outlet comprising: a plate moving in response to fluid flow therethrough, being displaced further as flow increases; a sensor for determining moving plate's position and creating an electronic signal related thereto; a biasing means for biasing the plate towards the sensor's inlet end. The sensor may include a sealing means for preventing flow therethrough until a specified differential pressure is reached allowing the device to be used as a bypass mechanism. The sealing means may also constitute a check valve means to prevent flow in an undesired direction. The check means comprises: a bullet rod adapted to be received within an orifice defined in a moving plate, such that the bullet rod prevents flow through the orifice until the moving plate is displaced past a terminal end of the bullet rod; and a plate means sealingly and slidingly received within a cylinder, which is closed for a portion of its length and open for another portion of its length, such that flow is prevented until the plate is displaced past the closed portion of the cylinder. The method using the sensor in multipurpose piping systems includes use of the apparatus in a system incorporating at least one fire sprinkler, the piping system also preferably providing at least one other use in the structure. The other use in the structure may be supplying domestic needs, or supplying heating/cooling water for a heating/air conditioning system.
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