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Puncturing System For Collecting Body Fluid Sample

The invention relates to a microsampler puncturing system for collecting a body fluid from a body part, comprising a sample collection unit having a piercing element, and a puncturing instrument having a drive, by which a sample collection unit is movable on a movement path for piercing the piercing element into the skin of the body part and withdraw it again by means of a piercing and retraction movement, a setting device for setting the puncturing depth of the piercing wound to be generated, and a control device for controlling the piercing and retraction movement having the following sequentially executed movement phases: a forward phase (V), in which the piercing element is pierced up to a defined puncturing depth (dm), a retraction phase (R1), in which the piercing element is partially retracted by a retraction distance (Δd) and is decelerated toward the end of the retraction phase (R1), so that it remains projecting into the skin at a defined residual puncturing depth (dr), and a collecting phase (S), in which the piercing element projects into the skin and a body fluid sample is absorbed by the sample collection unit. The setting device is adapted for the defined puncturing depth is settable independently of the chronological mean <dr> of the defined residual puncturing depth (dr), with reference to the collecting phase.

Fluid sample distriution system for test device

Diagnostic products having multiple test strips within a unitary diagnostic test device, or test icon, are described herein. In the preferred embodiments of the diagnostic test device of this invention, a fluid sample distribution system is provided wherein a sample collection and distribution port is provided in the housing for receipt of a biologic fluid sample and the channeling of such sample onto a sample receiving web. The sample receiving web, which is located within the test device, is in fluid communication with an array of test strips, and is configured to deliver an aliquot of biologic fluid sample to the test site of each such test strip at essentially the same rate. In the preferred embodiments of this invention, the sample receiving web comprises at least one base segment and at least one branched segment. Each of the base and branched segments can be formed or cut from a common sheet of material or from separate sheet material and thereafter placed in contiguous relationship one another. The relative placement of the sample receiving web within the test device is coincident with a portion of each test strip and designed to effect the balanced distribution and delivery of an aliquot of the biologic fluid sample to the test site of each of the test strips within the test device.
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