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Method for saving power in a user terminal after synchronization loss in broadband wireless access communication system

Disclosed is a method for reducing power consumption of a user terminal when synchronization between a user terminal and a base station is disrupted in a broadband wireless access communication system. The method comprises the steps of: calculating first error rate (E) based on first channel state information included in a signal transmitted from the base station; comparing the first error rate (E) with a first threshold value; determining that the synchronization is disrupted and maintaining a transmission-off mode for a predetermined period of time if the first error rate (E) is greater than the first threshold value; maintaining a reception-on mode during a period of time set for a reception mode after the transmission-off mode is performed; receiving from the base station second channel state information during the reception-on mode; calculating a second error rate (E1) based on the second channel state information; comparing the second error rate (E1) with a second threshold value; and determining that the synchronization has been reestablished and maintaining the transmission mode in a transmission-on mode if the second error rate (E1) is less than the second threshold value.
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