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Transportation system for on-line transactions

What is disclosed in this application is: an Internet payment system. An Internet payment system comprising a user device with a processor, Internet connection apparatus and an Internet browser. The Internet payment system also includes a participating merchant server supporting web pages on which product or service offerings are displayed in response to queries from the user device using the connections apparatus and browser. The merchant server interacting with the user device browser permits a user to select at least one offering and to indicate a method of payment, at least one method of payment being a transfer link. The Internet payment system also comprises a participating financial institution server maintained by a financial institution at which the user has a financial account. The server permits the user to gain direct access to his financial account. In addition, the Internet payment system includes a main transportation server to which both the user device and merchant server are connected in response to the user selecting the transfer link as the method of payment. The merchant server transmits information to the main transport server regarding payment required for the selected offering and the main transport server provides a selection of financial institutions from which the user can select an institute at which he has an account for payment for the offering. The main transport server transmits user inputs directly to the financial institution server to authorize payment to the merchant for the offering without storing the inputs.

Method for manufacturing a phase change memory device with pillar bottom electrode

A method for manufacturing a mushroom-cell type phase change memory is based upon manufacturing a pillar of bottom electrode material upon a substrate including an array of conductive contacts in electrical communication with access circuitry. A layer of electrode material is deposited making reliable electrical contact with the array of conductive contacts. Electrode material is etched to form a pattern of electrode pillars on corresponding conductive contacts. Next, a dielectric material is deposited over the pattern and planarized to provide an electrode surface exposing top surfaces of the electrode pillars. Next, a layer of programmable resistive material, such as a chalcogenide or other phase change material, is deposited, followed by deposition of a layer of a top electrode material. A device including bottom electrode pillars with larger bottom surfaces than top surfaces is described.

Media spooler system and methodology providing efficient transmission of media content from wireless devices

A media spooler system is described that provides a methodology for efficient transmission of media content from client devices, such transmission of digital images from wireless digital cameras. The media spooler or gateway addresses wireless transmission problems by acting as a protocol gateway between a thin-client device and a target host or server (supported by a server infrastructure). More particularly, the media spooler of the present invention acts as a protocol gateway between thin-client devices (e.g., “mobile visual communicator” in the form of a wireless digital camera) and server infrastructure (e.g., server-based computer systems or “Web servers” of a photographic service provider). This task entails accepting multiple, simultaneous connections from various client devices (e.g., wireless digital cameras), extracting information from those devices (e.g., digital photographs or other media content), and then uploading that information to the target server infrastructure. In basic operation, the media spooler queries each client device for the information (e.g., media, such as pictures) the client device thinks should uploaded, and then the media spooler queries the server infrastructure for the subset of pictures that have not been already uploaded. This improved coordination or synchronization of information between a device and target host allows for efficient recovery of dropped cellular data calls by essentially allowing the media spooler to “pick up where it left off.”
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