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Delivery of respiratory therapy

An air delivery system for providing a supply of air from a source of air at positive pressure to an interfacing structure located at the entrance to the airways of a patient includes a manifold adapted to connect with the supply of positive air pressure and at least one tube connected to the manifold and adapted to deliver the supply of air to the interfacing structure. Each tube is structured to allow movement between an open phase in which the tube allows the passage of air and a collapsed phase in which the tube is collapsed. Each tube is structured such that weight of a typical patient's head against bedding apparel is sufficient to collapse the tube from the open phase to the collapsed phase.

Composite proppant, composite filtration media and methods for making and using same

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Composite particles made of a resin and filler material are provided for use in subterranean formations. The filler is finely divided mineral and optional fiber. The particles are proppants useful to prop open subterranean formation fractures. The particles are also useful for water filtration. Methods of making the composite particles are also disclosed.

Offset remote center manipulator for robotic surgery

Medical, surgical, and / or robotic devices and systems often including offset remote center parallelogram manipulator linkage assemblies which constrains a position of a surgical instrument during minimally invasive robotic surgery are disclosed. The improved remote center manipulator linkage assembly advantageously enhances the range of instrument motion while at the same time reduces the overall complexity, size, and physical weight of the robotic surgical system.

Cooling fan

The present invention discloses a cooling fan having electrical power drawing from the computer, its power line ends have the plugs of the USB, 1394 and PS2 to connect to arbitrary outlets of mobile computer, computer host, or the hub of the USB, 1394 and PS2. The cooling fan includes a basis, a front shell, a rear shell, a fan set, a speed tuner, a power signal line and a connecting plug. The cooling fan also has a recess on the bottom of front side of the basis to support individual card reader, HUB, hard disk or radio device, and additionally has a signal line and plug for connecting to the computer.

Integrated keypad system

A data entry system includes a predefined number of keys for at least inputting arbitrary characters through the keys. The data entry system uses a number of symbols having at least the letters of the alphabet of at least one language and where the symbols are assigned to the keys such that at least two of the letters are assigned to at least one of the keys. A symbol assigned to a key is inputted by providing a predefined type of interaction such as one type of pressing action on the key and providing a speech information corresponding to the symbol. The speech information is detected and analyzed based on at least one of, a user's voice and a user's lips movements. The data entry system uses a database of words of a language such that in order to enter a word of the database a user provides a combined information corresponding to the word, where the combined information includes a first and second type of information. The first type of information includes entering precisely at least one of the letters of the word by providing a corresponding pressing action on a key corresponding to the at least one letter and speaking the at least one letter. The second type of information includes providing the key presses corresponding to at least some of the other characters of the word, and based on the combined information, the system predicts the word.
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