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A suturing needle is usually held by a surgeon using a needle driver, which resemble scissors. A suture needle is used to apply sutures.

Blunt intercostal suture needle

InactiveUS20060259048A1Wire cutting can be preventedSuture equipmentsSurgical needlesSuturing needleBlunt needle
When closing the sternum in cardiothoracic surgery, elderly people with a fragile sternum can experience bleeding from the suture sites because of loose knots. The knots are loose because of the danger of cutting into the sternum from the tension caused by the suture wire. In extreme cases, the sternum can be fractured. If the closure is attempted intercostally, there are internal thoracic arteries that run longitudinally underneath the sternum and they may be hurt if a sharp needle is used. Intercostal fixation on its own is inadequate, and additional wires that directly insert into the manubrium are required. Of the sternal closure wires currently available, there is discordance in the numbers provided and actually used, resulting in leftovers that need unnecessary sterilization and reuse. To solve the above problems, an intercostal specific blunt needle has been devised, and packaged together with a sharp needle that will directly insert into the sternum. The set may contain one of each needle or a required combination of both, and come in a pre-sterilized pack. The needle is blunt at the cutting edge, and has a hook, or a side hole. The opposite end has a handle attached. The needle is configured so the wire can be hooked on, or threaded through the hook and hole respectively, and the operative procedure involves lifting up the wires.

Endoluminal gastric ring and method

InactiveUS20060253142A1Create constrictionSuture equipmentsSurgical needlesStomaSuturing needle
A ring or rings adapted for endoluminal placement within the stomach, other hollow organ or vessel, and a method for deploying the rings is described. The rings create a small pouch with a reinforced stoma in the stomach for the treatment and control of obesity. An endoluminal suturing device for deploying a circumferential line of interrupted mattress suture bites is inserted into the patient's stomach via the patient's mouth. The distal gastric ring is preloaded on the distal end of the suturing device and is incorporated with suture loops from the double-armed sutures contained within the device. The suturing device can have an expandable area at its distal end that can expand its diameter to between approximately 10 mm and 150 mm. The circumference of this expanded area has a suction opening that is used to draw in tissue when a vacuum is applied to the device. Flexible cannulas containing long flexible suture needles are positioned radially around the circumference of the suction opening. The long needles are are adapted to be advanced through the drawn in tissue incorporating their attached suture material. The expandable area of the device is collapsed, and the device is withdrawn from the patient. With the distal ring anchoring the sutures beneath the incorporated tissue folds, a column of sutures exits the device's suction port as the device is withdrawn. A second, proximal ring is then incorporated with the sutures and may then be endoscopically lowered into the patient's stomach and positioned proximal to the distal ring. The sutures are endoscopically secured and cut, thereby fixing the two rings together with tissue incorporated between them.

Suture needle, suture needle/suture assembly and suture passer device

A blade suture needle is adapted for use in a suture needle assembly, and with a suture passer device, for passing a suture needle assembly through tissue. The suture needle includes an elongated resilient sheet body member bounded by opposite principal surfaces. The body member includes at least one central aperture extending between the principal surfaces, having dimensions to permit of a capturing flange to pass therethrough. The suture needle may be part of a needle assembly further including an elongated suture passing through an aperture in the needle. A suture passer device includes an elongated pusher guide with pair of opposed jaw members disposed at its distal end, which may be opened or closed in response to a user action at its proximal end. The guide allows passage of an elongated pusher element through a pusher channel therein. One of the jaw members includes a suture assembly channel aligned with the pusher channel. The other jaw member has an aperture passing therethrough, which is aligned with the suture assembly channel when the jaw members are closed. This other jaw member includes an elongated resilient flange fixedly or retractably attached to the jaw member at the periphery of the aperture, and extending across the aperture to an opposite point on the periphery of the aperture.
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