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Spinal Rod Guide For A Vertebral Screw Spinal Rod Connector Assembly

A spinal rod guide and/or guide assembly is provided for mounting a spinal rod onto a spinal rod holder/connector of a vertebral bone screw. The spinal rod guide is configured to extend between an opening in a patient's body and the spinal rod holder of the vertebral bone screw assembly, to receive a spinal rod therein, and thereafter accurately guide the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder. The spinal rod guide is defined by a first elongated arc portion and a second elongated arc portion to define a guide tube for the introduction and placement of additional spinal rod components onto the spinal rod connector, particularly, but not necessarily, for securing the spinal rod into the spinal rod connector. The elongated arc portions are mountable or initially attached onto a top of a spinal rod holder of a spinal rod bone screw assembly. The elongated arc portions (tube) define first and second longitudinal slots extending from a top of the elongated arc portions to a bottom of the elongated arc portions. The two longitudinal slots are situated such as to be diametrically opposite one another. Each longitudinal slot aligns with a spinal rod slot of the spinal rod holder to thereby allow easy placement of the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder. Thereafter, the defined elongated tube provides direct communication and alignment with the top of the spinal rod holder in order to receive a spinal rod connector drive screw for securing the spinal rod into the spinal rod holder.

Non-lethal electrical discharge weapon having a slim profile

InactiveUS20060120009A1Easy to placeAssure effectivenessElectrical apparatusSmallarmsPower flowPush off
An electrical discharge weapon configured as a lightweight, slim profile gun-shaped weapon which is less than one inch thick along the cartridge receiving chamber so that it can be readily placed in a police officer's uniform pocket or in a slim-line holster for easy deployment. All of the major internal components, including battery and transformer, are positioned above or behind the trigger aperture so that even with the dart cartridge in the chamber, the weapon's center of gravity is through the hand so that it is balanced and easily aimed at the target. The invention employs a specially configured chamber to receive a unique cartridge with widely separated darts. As a result, the electrodes may be also widely separated so that current will not jump the electrode gap even when the impacted darts leave a substantial gap to a suspect's skin. Thus, the present invention is more likely to be effective against suspect's wearing thick outerwear. The spent cartridge may be expelled by a spring-activated release for quick ejection and rapid reload. A bottom rail permits connection of another non-lethal device such as a mace canister for use as a secondary weapon or the attachment of tactical lighting or laser aiming devices. A push-on/push-off trigger switch is combined with a mechanical safety device to assure weapon effectiveness and safety for the police officer. Quick disconnect battery clip allows for rapid battery replacement.

Custom-moldable universal thumb spica splint

A thumb spica splint for being custom-fitted to the thumb portion of the hand for immobilizing the thumb while permitting continued unrestricted use of the other fingers of the hand, and including an elongate, flexible inner cushion layer, an initially flexible intermediate layer overlying the inner cushion layer, the intermediate layer formed of a fabric impregnated or coated with a moisture-curable resin which hardens upon curing to form a rigid structure of the fabric which retains a shape into which it is molded during curing. A flexible protective outer layer overlies the intermediate layer and is attached to the inner cushion layer for enclosing the intermediate layer and forming the inner layer, intermediate layer and outer layer into a single, integrated splint structure. The splint is shaped to extend along and conform to the medial aspect of the lower arm and thumb to the distal joint thereof. An elongate thumb strap is fixedly attached by one end thereof to the splint structure adjacent the thumb for extending around the thumb and releasably attaching to a thumb strap attachment element fixedly attached to the splint structure for holding the splint structure in a supporting position around the thumb. Arm straps are fixedly attached by one end thereofto the splint structure adjacent the arm for extending around the arm and releasably attaching to an arm strap attachment element fixedly attached to the splint structure for holding the splint structure in a supporting position around the arm.
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