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Virtual vehicle drifting method and device in virtual world and storage medium

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The invention discloses a virtual vehicle drifting method and device in a virtual world and a storage medium, and belongs to the field of computer programs. The method comprises the steps that when avirtual vehicle in the virtual world is in a normal driving state, a corresponding operation starting event of a target interaction control is received; the virtual vehicle is controlled to be in a drifting state in the virtual world according to the operation starting event; when a corresponding stopping event of the target interaction control is received, the virtual vehicle is controlled to bemaintained in the drifting state if the included angle is larger than a first threshold value. The method has the advantages that a user only needs to control the included angle of the vehicle head direction and the driving direction when the virtual vehicle is controlled to be maintained in the drifting state, the need to simultaneously press a direction button and a drifting control is not needed, the user only needs to press the direction button to control the vehicle direction, and therefore the human-computer interaction convenience in certain scenes where long-term operation through bothhands is not suitable is improved.

System and method for configuring television terminal through smart mobile terminal

The invention discloses a system and method for configuring a television terminal through a smart mobile terminal. Under the condition that the television terminal is not connected into a domestic internal wireless network and the smart mobile terminal is already connected into the domestic internal wireless network, the television terminal is set to be a wireless network hot spot, the smart mobile terminal is connected to the network hot spot generated by the television terminal, information of the domestic internal wireless network where the smart mobile terminal is currently connected and configuration information of other television terminals are acquired through communication between the smart mobile terminal and the television terminal, the wireless network hot spot of the television terminal is turned off after the television terminal acquires data transmitted through the smart mobile terminal, and the television terminal is directly connected to a domestic internal network hot spot. Through the method, the operation difficulty of the television terminal in the connecting process conducted through a remote control unit in an input mode before the television terminal is connected into the domestic internal wireless network can be reduced.

Method for preparing bone peptide extract and products thereby

The invention discloses a method for preparing bone peptide extract. The method comprises the following steps: (1) pig limb bones are smashed and added to water for hot-pressing extraction, and extract solution is concentrated so as to obtain concentrated solution on standby; (2) acid precipitation is carried out, which is to add dilute hydrochloric acid to the concentrated solution for acid precipitation; (3) alkali precipitation is carried out, which is to filter acid precipitation liquid and add lye to filtrate for alkali precipitation; (4) alcohol precipitation is carried out, which is to filter alkali precipitation liquid, add the dilute hydrochloric acid to the filtrate, reduce pressure, concentrate, cool, add ethanol in, keep stand for more than 12 hours at a temperature between 0 and 5 DEG C and obtain liquid medicine on standby; and (5) ultrafiltration is carried out, which is to ultrafilter the liquid medicine obtained in a step (4), collect ultrafiltrate and well mix the ultrafiltrate. The method has the advantages that the method extracts the pig limb bones and then carries out concentration, thereby providing convenience for production and reducing cost; the method respectively adopts acid precipitation, alkali precipitation and alcohol precipitation to remove acidic protein, basic protein and neutral protein, thereby speeding up ultrafiltration; the method adopts ultrafiltration to guarantee the thorough removal of impure protein and effectively control high molecular weight matter; and the method guarantees clinical safety.

Unmanned aerial vehicle landing smoothly pushed by reverse air pressure

The invention provides an unmanned aerial vehicle landing smoothly pushed by reverse air pressure, and relates to the technical field of unmanned aerial vehicles. The unmanned aerial vehicle landing smoothly pushed by the reverse air pressure comprises a frame body, wherein propellers are evenly and fixedly installed on the periphery of the frame body, a suspension device is fixedly connected to the inner part of the frame body, a supporting device is fixedly installed at the bottom of the frame body, an air collecting pipe is fixedly connected to the inner part of the frame body through a fixing ring, the air collecting pipe is internally and fixedly connected with a motor through a connecting seat, and the top of the motor is rotatably connected with fan blades. According to the unmannedaerial vehicle landing smoothly pushed by the reverse air pressure, the unmanned aerial vehicle can be enabled to be decelerated steadily and leveled automatically before being in contact with the ground, so that the operate difficulty of the unmanned aerial vehicle is reduced during landing, and the rollover of the unmanned aerial vehicle is avoided; and after taking off is carried out, the supporting device can contract, so that the resistance produced by the supporting device during the flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle is reduced, and the consumption of energy is reduced.

Machining method and device for gold and platinum jewelry and combined type jewelry structure

The invention discloses a machining method and device for a gold and platinum jewelry and a combined type jewelry structure. The machining method for the gold and platinum jewelry includes the following steps: (1) platinum materials are adopted, and a jewelry body is molded through a die or machined through cutting according to a model of the jewelry; (2) at least one groove is machined in the surface of the jewelry body; (3) gold materials are melted at a high temperature into the grooves of the jewelry body; (4) surface polishing is carried out, wherein the surface of the gold and the surface of the platinum are polished; (5) electrolysis and gold plating are carried out on the surface of the jewelry, wherein the surface of the gold is coated with oil firstly, and secondly electrolysis and gold plating are carried out after air drying is carried out; and (6) polishing processing is carried out. According to the machining method, a gold wire rod is heated at a high temperature through a heating gun to be directly melted into the grooves of the jewelry body; as local heating melting is carried out, the production efficiency for melting the gold wire rod and the jewelry body together can be improved, and the production cost can be saved; when heating is carried out, as borax water is contained in the grooves, the effect of removing impurities can be achieved, and the melting intensity can improved.

Intelligent vibrating method for high-strength concrete member

The invention discloses an intelligent vibrating method for a high-strength concrete member. Through a PLC system, the number and location distribution of vibrating rods of end tenons are set up and the rising, falling, starting and stopping of vibrating parts of side tenons are reasonably controlled to achieve precise positioning vibration of the end tenons and the side tenons while vibrating theconcrete member. The PLC control system can detect the vibration power of each vibrating rod at different vibrating positions in real time. If one vibrating rod works improperly, the vibrating rod isstopped, the position of the vibrating rod and the time of vibration are recorded, and after a frame is horizontally moved forward to a next vibrating position, the PLC system drives a cart to move to the upper portion of a non-vibrating position and activates a vibrating-compensation rod rightly above the portion for vibration compensation. The entire equipment is only needed to automatically move from one end of the concrete member to the other end along the direction of moving during the initial setting time, so that all parts of the concrete member are uniformly and densely vibrated, andsince each part is vibrated before initial setting, the overall vibrating quality is greatly improved.

Preparing method and use method of chlorinated organic compound polluted soil repairing agent

The invention discloses a preparing method and a use method of a chlorinated organic compound polluted soil repairing agent. The preparing method comprises: adding bentonite particles into deionized water, agitating, centrifuging at a low speed and removing particles of which the particle size is larger than 2 micrometers; adding the bentonite particles into a 0.1M FeCl3 solution according to an adding amount of 20-50g/L, agitating, mixing, centrifuging to remove supernatant, obtaining Fe3+ saturated bentonite particles, and washing; putting iron ion saturated bentonite particles into de-oxidized and deionized water, regulating the pH of a solution to 2 to 3.5, rapidly adding NaBH4 into particle paste under inert gas protection, rapidly covering a bottle cap, reacting for 1-3 minutes at a room temperature, and centrifuging at a high speed so as to obtain supported type ultrafine zero-valent iron; and 4), mixing alcohol of which the purity is higher than 95% with the supported type ultrafine zero-valent iron according to a ratio of 20-40:1, preparing the repairing agent, sealing and storing. Chlorinated organic compound polluted soil is synchronously treated by using an organic cosolvent and the zero-valent iron. The method can improve the soil repairing efficiency under the condition of saving cost and lowering actual operation difficulty.
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