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Method for cooperative activation of fly ash and decomposition of gypsum for recovery of sulfur resource

The invention provides a method for cooperative activation of fly ash and decomposition of gypsum for recovery of a sulfur resource. According to the method, solid waste, i.e., fly ash, discharged by a coal-fired power plant or coal-fired boiler is used as a raw material, a certain proportion of desulfurized gypsum discharged by the coal-fired power plant or waste phosphogypsum produced in the phosphorus chemical industry is added and mixed with the fly ash, then the obtained mixture is subjected to ball milling, and activation and calcination at a temperature of 950 to 1450 DEG C are carried out for 5 to 180 min; calcium sulfate in the gypsum are almost totally decomposed after calcination, and produced gas contains sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide which can be used as feed gas for preparation of sulfuric acid; and calcination enables solid fly ash to be activated, leaching with a sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution is carried out at a temperature of 50 to 100 DEG C, and the leaching rate of alumina is greater than 80%. The method provided by the invention has the advantages that since all the raw materials are solid waste, the purpose of treating the waste by using the waste is achieved; elemental sulphur in the gypsum can be recovered; and the fly ash can be activated and activity of the fly ash can be improved, so a high alumina recovery rate at a low temperature can be realized. With the method, high-efficiency extraction of alumina in the fly ash is realized; the sulfur resource in the gypsum is recovered; shortage in industrial sulphur in the sulfuric acid industry in China is compensated; and the method has good economic benefits and wide industrial application prospects.

Mixed ionic liquid solution special for absorbing SO2 gas and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to mixed ionic liquid formula solution, which consists of an ionic liquid A, an ionic liquid B and a mixed solvent C, wherein the positive ion of the ionic liquid A is the N,N-dialkyl imidazole positive ion or the N,N,N,N-tetra alkyl quaternary amine positive ion, while the negative ion thereof is the monobasic carboxylic negative ion; the positive ion of the ionic liquid B is the protonated alkylamine positive ion, while the negative ion thereof is the monobasic or binary or ternary carboxylic negative ion; and the mixed solvent C is aqueous solution of water, polyethylene glycol, polyglycol ether, propylene carbonate or tetramethylene sulfone. The mixed ionic liquid formula solution of the invention is strong base-weak acid and weak base-weak acid mixed salt solution, has wide pH buffering capacity, and can greenly efficiently absorb the SO2 gas in a reversible cycle mode. The mixed ionic liquid formula solution of the invention is adopted as a SO2 absorbent so that the requirement for the equipment required by SO2 absorption is simple, the operation condition of absorbing and desorbing SO2 is mild, the desulfurization efficiency is high, and the problems of waste solution and wastewater discharge and the like do not exist. The invention also discloses a preparation method for the mixed ionic liquid formula solution.

Multi-stage cryogenic acid gas removal

A relatively simple and energy efficient multiple stage cryogenic process for the purification of a hydrogen-rich stream by the removal of acid gases, mainly CO2 and H2S, by method of autorefrigeration and delivering or producing those acid gases, mainly CO2, at pressure sufficiently high for disposal by containment, commonly known as sequestration. Autorefrigeration is comprised of (a) condensing acid gases from the syngas stream by cooling the syngas, (b) separating the liquefied acid gases from the syngas, and (c) evaporating the liquefied acid gases at a pressure lower than that of the syngas to provide cooling. The process is composed of multiple autorefrigeration stages to generate multiple acid gas product streams with a pressure as high as practical in each stream so as to lessen the power needed to pressurize the acid gas streams for sequestration. The final autorefrigeration stage utilizes an antifreeze liquid that allows the final stage to operate below the freezing point of CO2; thus allowing more acid gas removal. The antifreeze liquid is an alcohol or a mixture of alcohols with a freezing point lower than about minus 110 degrees F. and a boiling point higher than about 100 degrees F. The process includes hydrogen recovery and recycle as well as recovery of the energy contained in the sulfur bearing compounds. The process is especially well suited for CO2 removal/sequestration from a coal (or petroleum coke) gasification process.

Method for treating claus technical tail gas

The invention provides a method for treating claus technical tail gas. The method comprises the following steps of: continuously feeding the claus technical tail gas containing sulfur dioxide, oxygen and water into a reactor filled with a multihole carbon desulfurizing agent; generating catalytic oxidation reaction between the sulfur dioxide and the water in the tail gas on the surface of multihole carbon at the reaction temperature between 30 and 150 DEG C; and continuously introducing regenerative detergent into the reactor. By the method, adsorption, catalytic oxidation and desorption are synchronously carried out on low-concentration sulfur-containing waste gas in the claus technical tail gas which is difficult to treat; oxygen and water in the tail gas can be fully used; under the condition that oxygen is not required to be swelled and the water is not required to be compensated, standard discharging can be realized and sulfur resources can be recycled; an obtained by-product is dilute sulphuric acid which can be directly used in industrial production or used in the industrial production after being concentrated; the multihole carbon desulfurizing agent is low in cost and long in service life and can be recycled; the technical flow is simple, and the investment is low; and the running cost is competitive.
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