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In computer networking, the transport layer is a conceptual division of methods in the layered architecture of protocols in the network stack in the Internet protocol suite and the OSI model. The protocols of this layer provide host-to-host communication services for applications. It provides services such as connection-oriented communication, reliability, flow control, and multiplexing.

Adaptive information delivery system using FEC feedback

A method and apparatus for optimizing the data transfer rate over a transport layer (i.e., communication link) such as the Internet is provided. Initially the data is prepared for transmission by a transfer rate controller, then the data is encoded by a Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoder. After the data has been transferred over the transport layer, the quality of the data transfer link is assessed by an FEC decoder that determines if any errors occurred during data transfer and if errors are detected, the magnitude of the errors (i.e., FEC-correctable packets, FEC-uncorrectable packets). This information is used to generate a feedback message which is used by the transfer rate controller to adjust and optimize the data transfer rate for the link quality as determined at that point in time. By continually monitoring and assessing link quality and providing feedback to the transfer rate controller, the transfer rate can be continually adapted to the varying link quality. In addition to generating feedback used by the transfer rate controller to optimize data transfer rate, the FEC decoder can generate feedback that is used by the FEC encoder to optimize the FEC algorithm. If desired, feedback from the FEC decoders within the link layer demodulator and/or feedback from the receiver can be used to augment the feedback generated by the FEC decoder.
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