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Gas separation can refer to any of a number of techniques used to separate gases, either to give multiple products or to purify a single product.

Super-hydrophilic and underwater-super-oleophobic oil-water separation mesh membrane, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a super-hydrophilic and underwater-super-oleophobic oil-water separation mesh membrane, and a preparation method and an application thereof. According to the method, fabric mesh with a specification of 100-300 meshes is subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, and is air-dried under normal temperature; a hydrophilic polymer water-sensitive agent and a cross-linking agent are dissolved in water according to a ratio of 1:9-9:1; the mixture is well mixed by magnetic stirring, such that a solution with a concentration of 1-99% is prepared; nano-sol is prepared with a sol-gel method; the solution and the nano-sol are prepared into a mixed solution with a concentration of 1-99%, and the solution is well dispersed through ultrasonic dispersion; the mesh is soaked in the mixed solution and is vertically lifted, or the mesh is directly sprayed by using a high-pressure spraying gun; and the mesh is bake-dried, such that the super-hydrophilic and underwater-super-oleophobic oil-water separation mesh membrane is obtained. Contact angles of the super-hydrophilic and underwater-super-oleophobic oil-water separation mesh membrane with water and oil in air are both 0 DEG, and the membrane is super-hydrophilic. Under water, the contact angle of the membrane with oil drops is larger than 150 DEG, and the membrane has an oil drop low adhesion characteristic. The mesh membrane provided by the invention can be used in oil-water mixture separation and oil-containing sewage processing.

Preparation method and application of anti-pollution hydrophilic separating membrane

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The invention discloses a preparation method and an application of an anti-pollution hydrophilic separating membrane. The preparation method is characterized in that a pyrocatechol derivative is used as an accelerant and a curing agent between a separating membrane material and a hydrophilic material, when blending casting film liquid of the separating membrane is prepared, the pyrocatechol derivative is added to blending liquid of the separating membrane material and the hydrophilic material, and the pyrocatechol derivative is subjected to polymerization cross-linking in a phase conversion process of the membrane preparation, so that the effect of fixing the hydrophilic material is achieved. The preparation method of the anti-pollution hydrophilic separating membrane has strong universality and is suitable for the blending of multiple hydrophilic materials and multiple membrane materials. The preparation method is simple, easy to operate, mild in conditions, economic, high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly, easy for industrialization and suitable for the preparation of multi-functional hydrophilic micro-filtration membranes, ultra-filtration membranes, nano-filtration membranes, reverse-osmosis membranes, positive-osmosis membranes, pressure-delay osmosis membranes, pervaporation membranes and the like which are used for liquid and gas separation and membrane reactors.
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