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An oil water separator (OWS) is a piece of equipment used to separate oil and water mixtures into their separate components.There are many different types of oil-water separator. Each has different oil separation capability and are used in different industries. Oil water separators are designed and selected after consideration of oil separation performance parameters and life cycle cost ...

Oil return control device, air conditioning system and oil return control method of air conditioning system

ActiveCN108180680ASolve the problem of excessive exhaust oil discharge rateReduced exhaust oil discharge rateMechanical apparatusFluid circulation arrangementOil separationAir conditioning
The invention discloses an oil return control device, an air conditioning system and an oil return control method of the air conditioning system. The oil return control device comprises an oil separation mechanism and an oil return control assembly, wherein the oil separation mechanism is arranged at an exhaust port of a lower row of exhaust cylinders in a compressor comprising two or more parallel cylinders, and is used for separating and obtaining lubricating oil from exhaust gas of the lower row of exhaust cylinders, and the oil return control assembly is arranged between the oil separationmechanism and an oil pool at the bottom of the compressor, and is used for controlling the lubricating oil to return to the oil pool according to the pressure difference between exhaust ports of thetwo or more exhaust cylinders in the compressor. According to the scheme, the defects that in the prior art, a lower cylinder is prone to wear, short in service life, low in running reliability and the like can be overcome, so that the beneficial effects that the lower cylinder is not prone to wear, long in service life and high in running reliability are achieved.

Processing method for recycling electroplating concentrated control zone electroplating waste water resource

The invention relates to a processing method for recycling an electroplating concentrated control zone electroplating waste water resource, which comprises the following steps: firstly, preprocessing the inverted trough water in the electroplating production process, recycling valuable metals in the inverted trough water, and respectively filling the pretreated tail water in corresponding processing systems according to kinds; then, recycling copper, nickel and chromium resources in the corresponding processing system; afterwards, mixing other drain away water in a base station and the waste water with recycled copper, nickel and chromium resources, and then carrying out integrated structure breaking, neutralizing and coagulating sedimentation, and mixing the treated waste water and the pretreated water by treatment of oil separation, oil removal and coagulating sedimentation for biochemical treatment; and finally, discharging the effluent which reaches the standard. The method not only enables the electroplating waste water to reach the standard and can be discharged stably, but also recycles the valuable resources in the waste water in low cost, greatly reduces the secondary pollution and realizes the clean production of electroplating waste water control and the environmental requirements of the electroplating concentrated control zone.

Coal chemical industry high-concentration wastewater treatment method and apparatus

The invention provides a coal chemical industry high-concentration wastewater treatment method and an apparatus which can solve the problems of low flux and high membrane pollution when an MBR (membrane bioreactor) is used for coal chemical industry wastewater treatment in the prior art. The coal chemical industry high-concentration wastewater treatment apparatus comprises an oil separation device, a flocculation reaction device communicated with the oil separation device, an ultra-micro air flotation device communicated with the flocculation reaction device, an advanced oxidation device communicated with the ultra-micro air flotation device, a hydrolysis and acidification device communicated with the advanced oxidation device, a denitrification device communicated with the hydrolysis and acidification device, an anoxic device communicated with the denitrification device, and an aerobic MBR device which comprises a plurality of MBR membranes arranged in the aerobic MBR device and is communicated with the anoxic device. The coal chemical industry high-concentration wastewater treatment method and the device provided by the invention have the beneficial effects that the pretreatment is complete, the subsequent treatment difficulty is low, and the biochemical treatment effect is ensured so as to be favorable for reducing membrane pollution; in addition, the cleaning frequency of the membranes is low and the service life is long; and furthermore, the MBR outlet water is stable, suspended matters are avoided, and the deep treatment effect can be further ensured.

Micro-electrolysis-Fenton-EGSB-A/O-BCO-BAF-coagulation treatment pharmaceutical wastewater system

The invention provides a micro-electrolysis-Fenton-EGSB-A/O-BCO-BAF-coagulation treatment pharmaceutical wastewater system. The system composition comprises an oil separation pool, a regulation pool, a micro-electrolytic reaction pool, a Fenton catalytic oxidation tower, a horizontal flow type primary sedimentation pool, an integrated regulation pool, a hydrolysis acidification pool, a swell granule sludge bed, an anoxia/aero-biotic pool, a two-stage biological contact oxidation pool, and a secondary sedimentation pool, a biological aerated filter pool, a coagulating pool, an air floating tank and an end sedimentation tank; wherein 200t/d low concentration pharmaceutical and 50t/d domestic sewage are input to the integrated regulation pool and fully mixed with wastewater, after the dilution, the COD concentration is reduced, and the biodegradability of the wastewater is increased, after jointly going into the follow-up process system for processing, the wastewater reaches the standard and is discharged; the flat flow type primary sedimentation pool, the secondary sedimentation pool, the coagulating pool, the BAF pool and the end sedimentation and the sludge concentration are connected, and are connected with the plate-and-frame press filter machine; the sludge of each pool is collected to a sludge concentrated pool, after being concentrated then dehydrated by the plate-and-frame press filter machine, finally the sludge cakes are transported to the outside. The system is stable in efficiency, strong in shock resistance load ability.

Treatment and recycling method of industrial wastewater containing a plurality of heavy metal ions

The invention relates to a treatment and recycling method of industrial wastewater containing a plurality of heavy metal ions, and the method can be applied in wastewater treatment and wastewater cyclic utilization of a non-ferrous metal metallurgy manufacturing enterprise. The technology comprises the following steps: wastewater containing a plurality of heavy metal ions, oil separation and desanding, water quality and quantity homogeneous regulation, basic flocculation precipitation reaction, primary precipitation, air floatation and oil removing, sulfuration and flocculation precipitation reaction, secondary precipitation, and filtration. According to the invention, wastewater containing a plurality of heavy metal ions of nonferrous metals and As-containing noble metal ions can be processed, and processed water enters a reclaimed water treatment station to be processed for cyclic utilization. Thus, the pollution of nonferrous metal ions in industrial wastewater to production regions, downtown living environment and surrounding ecological environment is reduced, and recovery rate of nonferrous metal ions is raised. Recovered metal and noble metal have high economic value. Enterprise recycling economy and resource comprehensive utilization are promoted, and reducing discharge and maximum utilization of resources are achieved. Thus, the method provided by the invention has a wide application prospect in the non-ferrous metal metallurgy enterprises.

Motor-driven scroll type compressor

A motor-driven scroll type compressor has a motor that includes a rotary shaft and rotates the rotary shaft, a bearing for rotatably supporting front end of the rotary shaft, a fixed scroll member, a movable scroll member driven by rear end of the rotary shaft, compression chambers defined by the movable scroll member and the fixed scroll member and a housing. The rotation of the rotary shaft makes an orbital motion of the movable scroll member around the axis of the rotary shaft and accordingly the compression chambers are moved radially and inwardly thereby to compress the refrigerant gas. The compressor further has a suction chamber communicating with the compression chambers, a discharge chamber, an oil separation chamber separating lubricating oil from the refrigerant gas and communicating with the discharge chamber and a back pressure chamber provided in front of the movable scroll member in the housing and facing to the rear end of the rotary shaft. The back pressure chamber communicates with the oil separation chamber. The rotary shaft includes a first opening at a position adjacent to the front end of the rotary shaft and facing an inner surface of the bearing, a second opening at a position adjacent to the rear end of the rotary shaft and communicating with the back pressure chamber, a communication passage interconnecting the first opening and the second opening and a throttle formed by a clearance between the first opening and the inner surface of the bearing.

Range hood

The invention relates to a range hood which comprises a box body and a fume collecting hood mounted on the box body. The fume collecting hood is provided with a driving device which can drive the range hood to move away from an air inlet arranged on the box body when the range hood works and drives the range hood to move back to the box body and cover the air inlet arranged on the box body when the range hood does not work, and the driving device comprises a driving mechanism and a transmission mechanism through which the driving mechanism is connected with the fume collecting hood. The range hood is mounted above a kitchen range, the fume collecting hood can automatically adjust the opening and closing angle and can be powered on to absorb fume and clean the kitchen environment when the range hood works; and the fume collecting hood is powered off when the range hood does not work to prevent the range hood from being tainted of odor due to return air and lessen exhaust pollution to kitchen staff. The range hood of the invention enhances the working fume intake amount, simultaneously improves the oil separation effect, effectively avoids being tainted of odor due to the return air, improves the working environment of a kitchen, promotes the scientific and technological motion and has the advantages of smart design, excellent performance, convenience and practicability.

Integrated treatment method and device for crude oil electric desalting device oil-containing cutting water

The invention relates to a comprehensive process method and a process device of oiliness water draining of crude electric desalter, desalter waste water exhausted from a crude electric desalter is separated into hydrous waste oil and saliferous waste water by utilizing a high efficiency swirl oil-removal technology; the hydrous waste oil is sent to a waste oil dehydration device through pump pressurization after being demulsification-processed by an oil and water coalescer; qualified waste oil is sent to waste oil tank areas, a coking unit or is injected to a raw material oil tube line for recycling after dehydration. The oil content of the exhausted waste water of the electric desalter is reduced from thousands of ppm or even hundreds of thousands of ppm to less than 100 ppm by the device, meanwhile, the water content of the recycled waste oil is reduced to less than 1 percent, thereby waste water drainage standard is ensured and recycling on site of the waste oil is achieved. The device has the advantages that the oil removal effect of the waste water is good, the water content of recycled oil of the device is low, separating property is stable, applicability is good, operation range is wide, structure is compact and operation expense is low, etc. The invention can replace conventional oil removing and dehydration technologies of gravity settling and oil separation tank, etc., and can be applied to and promoted in the industries of petroleum and chemical engineering, etc.

Explosion proof type forced draft air conditioning device for driller room

The present invention relates to an explosion proof type forced draft air conditioning device for a driller room. The explosion proof type forced draft air conditioning device comprises main engine refrigerating systems, internal circulating air ducts, an exhaust air duct, a positive pressure detection and control system and a control system; the main engine refrigerating systems are double systems, each group of main engine refrigerating system comprising a compressor, an oil separator, a finned condenser, a liquid accumulator, a finned evaporator and a gas-liquid separator which are connected in series in turn; the internal circulating air ducts comprise an air treatment air duct, an air return air duct and an air delivery air duct; the exhaust air duct comprises an exhaust duct, a pressure relief air valve and a switching air valve; the positive pressure detection and control system comprises a differential pressure gauge and a communicating tube; a temperature and humidity sensor is arranged at an air outlet of the air delivery air duct; and the compressor, an axial flow fan, a forced draught blower, the pressure relief air valve, the switching air valve, the differential pressure gauge, the temperature and humidity sensor and power-driven air valves are all connected with the control system. The explosion proof type forced draft air conditioning device is applicable to high-temperature environments, and multiple air ducts are adopted to ensure positive pressure of the room, thereby ensuring comfort and raising adjusting precision.

Gas oil separation structure of internal combustion engine crankcase ventilation system

InactiveCN101270683ASeparation is sufficient and effectiveFully effective separabilityMachines/enginesCrankcase ventillationCombustionCylinder head
The invention relates to gas-oil dissociation structure of a ventilating system of an internal-combustion engine crankcase, comprising a cylinder head, a camshaft cover and a camshaft. One end of the camshaft extends and outstretches the cylinder head that is covered by an end cap. The end cap and the cylinder head are fixed to form an impact dissociation chamber with the cylinder head and the camshaft. The bottom of the end cap is provided with an impact slot. The upper and the lower sides of the end cap are provided with a gas vent and an oil-returning opening. The gas vent upwards goes through an air channel and enters a PCV valve. The oil-returning opening downwards goes through an oil-returning pipe and is connected with the engine oil chamber of the crankcase. The structure of the camshaft is hollow with a rotary dissociation chamber formed in middle. The end of the rotary dissociation chamber facing one end of the end cap is an air outlet and the other end of the rotary dissociation chamber is an air inlet. A plurality of pores are distributed among the middle part of the camshaft that are communicated with the rotary dissociation chamber and a valve chamber. The gas-oil dissociation structure leads the inter-combustion engine to higher efficiency of gas-oil dissociation. On the premise that the pressure of the crankcase is ensured to be in line with state rules, the consumption of lubricant is lower.
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