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Oil pressure is an important factor in the longevity of most internal combustion engines. With a forced lubrication system (invented by Frederick Lanchester), oil is picked up by a positive displacement oil pump and forced through oil galleries (passageways) into bearings, such as the main bearings, big end bearings and camshaft bearings or balance shaft bearings. Other components such as cam lobes and cylinder walls are lubricated by oil jets.

Method for synchronous measurements on dynamic and static elastic parameters of rocks

The invention provides a method and a device for synchronous measurements on dynamic and static elastic parameters of rocks by using a rock triaxial anti-compression testing device. The method comprises: sealing a test rock sample in a triaxial autoclave filled with hydraulic oil, applying an oil pressure by an axial pressure control system, applying a confining pressure by a confining pressure control system, and applying a pore pressure by a pore pressure control system; acquiring propagation speeds of longitudinal waves and transverse waves in the test rock sample by a computer acquisition and control system, and calculating the dynamic Young modulus and the dynamic Poisson ratio according to the propagation speeds; and acquiring deformation parameters of the test rock sample during a loading process by the computer acquisition and control system, and calculating the static Young modulus and the static Poisson ratio according to the deformation parameters. The method and the device can ensure validity and accuracy of hydrocarbon reservoir rock mechanical parameter measurements in thousands of meters deep underground and under the conditions of complex confining pressure, high temperature, high pore pressure and polyphase fluid.

Control method utilizing motor to start engine for double-clutch type hybrid electric vehicle

InactiveCN102490718AIncrease or decrease torqueReduce torqueHybrid vehiclesMotor speedHydraulic cylinder
The invention enables a novel single-motor and double-clutch type hybrid electric vehicle to be a study object and provides a control method of the process of utilizing a motor to start an engine during vehicle running. First a structure and a working mode of the hybrid electric vehicle are analyzed, a system dynamics model is established, a working range of the hybrid electric vehicle is divided, corresponding torque management strategies are formulated; then in the practical application process, whether the conditions for utilizing the motor to start the engine are achieved is judged by calculating demand torque, value of state of charge (SOC) of a battery, a rotating speed of the motor; and when the conditions for utilizing the motor to start the engine are achieved, model switch is performed, a moment-limiting clutch jointing instruction is sent out, and the processing of utilizing the motor to start the engine is achieved by controlling oil pressure of a moment-limiting clutch hydraulic cylinder and utilizing the formulated torque coordination-control strategies to perform coordination control of motor torque, engine torque and transmission torque of a moment-limiting clutch. By utilizing the advantage that the motor responds fast and timely increasing or reducing the motor torque according to the control strategies, the control method provides the demand torque for starting the engine during the vehicle running or compensates the insufficiency of the engine torque, reduces impact degree in the switching process and improves ride comfort of the hybrid electric vehicle.

Clamping holder with rigidity changeable flexible surface

InactiveCN1799784AWith variable stiffnessWith flexible surfaceProgramme-controlled manipulatorPower flowManipulator
The invention relates to a method for producing robot, mechanical arm or mechanical clamp, belonging to the electromagnetic flowing deformation application technique. It comprises a flexible film and a support element, wherein, the support element is formed by hydraulic pistons in array and a multi-path magnetic flowing deformation valve; the hydraulic piston comprises a cylinder body and a piston with straight movement in said cylinder; the surface of flexible film is connected with piston end; the valve of multi-path magnetic flowing deformation has two or more connectors while each connector is through to the cylinder to form a sealed chamber to contain the magnetic flowing deformation liquid; two magnetic electrodes made from soft magnetic material are arranged inside the valve while their distance is at least 0.5mm; the magnetic deformation liquid can be replaced by electric flowing deformation liquid while the magnetic flowing deformation valve can be replaced by electric flowing deformation valve. Said invention can non-stepped adjust the rigidity of every position of flexible film via adjusting the voltage of multi-path flowing deformation valve or the magnetic field of multi-path flowing deformation valve, to apply the clamped matters in different rigidities and shapes.

High-speed dynamic simulation test method for electric mainshaft bearing

The invention relates to a high-speed dynamic simulation test method used for an electric mainshaft bearing. The electric mainshaft bearing comprises a frame, a main body pedestal, an axial loading cylinder, a test head assembly, a main body gland, a radial loading cylinder, a shaft coupling, a protecting hood, an electric mainshaft, a lubricating oil pipe, an axial loading oil pipe, a vibration sensor, a radial loading oil pipe and a temperature sensor and also a final assembly of all the parts. A hydraulic loading system is started to provide pressure oil to the axial loading cylinder and the radial loading cylinder, the electric mainshaft drives a test mainshaft to rotate, the radial loading cylinder exerts radial force on a first test accompanying bearing and a second test accompanying bearing through a radial loading sleeve, and the radial loading cylinder exerts axial force on a first test bearing and a second test bearing through an axial loading sleeve. The entire test is controlled by a computer to display parameters of the rotating speed, the axial load and the radial load, the oil pressure, the cooling water temperature, the bearing temperature, the bearing vibration, the power current of the electric mainshaft and the test time, and the parameters are saved in a computer database and analyzed.

Apparatus and method for measuring supporting force of large diameter ferroconcrete piles

An apparatus measures a supporting force of ferroconcrete piles by means of a bi-directional front end oil pressure loading apparatus using a high pressure loading system capable of measuring a supporting force, a sinking amount and an axis load distribution on the ferroconcrete piles. The apparatus comprises: a steel plate having a predetermined thickness and diameter and including upper and lower discs having penetration holes through which concrete passes; a fixing member for separating the discs from each other by a predetermined distance; a high oil pressure cylinder for producing an oil pressure force; an oil cylinder inflation displacement measuring sensor for measuring a displacement; an upper displacement measuring rod coupled to the upper disc for measuring a displacement of the upper disc; a lower displacement measuring rod coupled to the upper disc for measuring a displacement of the lower disc; an axis load transition measuring instrument including a tremie induction tube coupled to the upper disc for guiding concrete to the penetration holes; iron elements coupled to the upper disc; a load sensor for measuring ground abrasion; and a sensor line for transferring a signal and current to the load sensor. A corresponding method is disclosed.

Automobile stability parameter test bench and test method using same

The invention relates to an automobile stability parameter test bench and a test method using the same, which are used for integrally testing automobile mass parameters, centroid position parameters and anti-tipping angle parameters. The automobile stability parameter test bench of the invention comprises a measuring platform, four platform balances, platform supporting columns, a foundation, three hydraulic cylinders, an inclination angle measuring device, hydraulic sensors, a pump station and a computer, wherein the four platform balances are installed on the measuring platform and are supported by a weighting sensor; the supporting points of the platform supporting columns are distributed in rectangular peaks; the foundation is used for bearing the supporting columns and the platform; the three hydraulic cylinders are arranged between the platform and the foundation and can enable the platform to incline longitudinally or laterally; the inclination angle measuring device is fixed on the platform; the hydraulic sensors are installed in the positions of the upper cavity and the lower cavity of the two hydraulic cylinders which enable the platform to incline longitudinally; the pump station is connected with the hydraulic cylinders; and the computer is used for acquiring and calculating the data of the weighing sensor, the oil pressure of the hydraulic cylinders and the inclination angle data of the platform. Compared with the existing test equipment, the invention can finish tests of automobile total mass, axle loads, wheel loads, centroid positions, anti-tipping angles and the like, so that the test workload and the test cost of the parameter tests are greatly reduced.

Four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment

ActiveCN103639274ARealize punching workAdapt to punching needsMetal-working feeding devicesPositioning devicesPunchingProgrammable logic controller
The invention relates to four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment and belongs to the field of automatic processing of mechanical equipment. The four-column oil-pressure square pipe punching equipment comprises a machine frame, a feeding/discharging device, a punching device, a punching working platform, a hydraulic power device and a programmable logic controller (PLC) electric cabinet, wherein the hydraulic power device provides power; the PLC electric cabinet controls the procedure processing process; the machine frame is arranged at the lower part of the equipment; the feeding/discharging device is placed on the machine frame; the punching working platform is fixedly connected to the machine frame and is mounted below the feeding/discharging device; the punching device is arranged above the punching working platform. The equipment finishes feeding, positioning, stepping punching and discharging through the PLC electric cabinet and realizes the punching operation on a square pipe. The equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and simple structure, can reduce the labor intensity, can adjust the hole position and quantity according to requirements, and can adapt various punching requirements of the square holes.

Digital electric-hydraulic synchronous control system

InactiveCN101571155AThrottle control responds quicklyIntelligentFluid-pressure actuator componentsHydraulic pumpFuel tank
The invention discloses a digital electric-hydraulic synchronous control system, which comprises a hydraulic actuating mechanism, a digital synchronous control mechanism for performing synchronous control on the hydraulic actuating mechanism, an electric-hydraulic power source for providing power oil for the hydraulic actuating mechanism and the digital synchronous control mechanism, and an electric-hydraulic control system for controlling the power source and the synchronous control mechanism. The hydraulic actuating mechanism is a hydrocylinder; the electric-hydraulic power source comprises an oil storage tank, a double-acting hydraulic oil pump and a driving motor; the electric-hydraulic control system comprises a detector for detecting the oil pressure of the hydraulic oil pump and the rotating speed of the motor respectively and a variable frequency speed regulator and a controller for controlling the motor; and the digital synchronous control mechanism comprises a digital synchronization valve, a digital synchronization controller and a displacement transducer for detecting the displacement of an output shaft of the hydrocylinder. The digital electric-hydraulic synchronous control system has the advantages of simple structure, simple and convenient use and operation, good use effect, energy conservation and no oil leakage, and can achieve the aims of stepless speed regulation and high-precision synchronization according to operating characteristic requirements of different types of controlled objects.
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