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Integrated silicon chip for testing acceleration, pressure and temperature, and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to an integrated silicon chip for testing acceleration, pressure and temperature, and the manufacturing method thereof. The invention is characterized in manufacturing the pressure sensor, temperature sensor and accelerometers of thermoelectric pile on to one chip by the same micro processing technology. The acceleration is detected by adopting thermal convection type accelerometers, using polysilicon resistor as heater, using a thermoelectric pile composed of two pairs of metals (such as aluminium and tungsten-titanium) and P type or N type polysilicon to detect the temperature difference in the sealed cavity caused by acceleration. The high accurate absolute pressure sensor is manufactured by using silicon nitride film with low stress as the core structure layer of the pressure sensor chip, and forming force sensitive resistor track by polysilicon film, forming vacuum reference cavity by TEOS bolt in LPCVD furnace. At the same time, the temperature sensor is composed by using polysilicon thermistor to detect temperature change. The integrated chip achieves the advantages of microminiaturization, low cost, high precision, high reliability and high stability.

Scale measuring device for pitching dynamic derivative experiment

The invention provides a scale measuring device for a pitching dynamic derivative experiment. An electric motor is arranged in a motor support rod; a motor output shaft is connected with a transmission shaft via a speed reducer and a shaft coupling; the transmission shaft is rotationally connected with a scale support rod; the rear end of the scale support rod is fixedly connected with the front end of the motor support rod; the front end of the transmission shaft is provided with an eccentric wheel which is provided with a lug; the lug is inserted into a sliding chute of a slide block; upper and lower cross springs of a cross spring scale have a crisscross structure respectively, and the front and rear ends thereof are fixedly connected with a scale frame via a front seat; and central positions of the upper and lower cross springs are provided with supporting cylinders. The scale measuring device for the pitching dynamic derivative experiment is a novel pitching dynamic derivative scale device. A pitching direct derivative of an aerial craft and a rolling crossover derivative induced by yaw oscillation can be measured under a big attack angle by designing a special vibrating mechanism, the cross spring scale and a pitching five-component scale structure. The scale measuring device for the pitching dynamic derivative experiment can meet the requirement of a wind tunnel trial.

MEMS pressure sensor and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses an MEMS pressure sensor and a manufacturing method thereof. The MEMS pressure sensor comprises an MEMS pressure sensing chip, wherein the MEMS pressure sensing chip is arranged at a Wheatstone bridge formed on the crystallographic orientation of a monocrystalline silicon film (110) by four polycrystalline silicon resistors, the monocrystalline silicon film comprises a lower silicon wafer, an upper silicon wafer and a purification layer, a cavity body is arranged on the lower silicon wafer, the lower silicon wafer and the upper silicon wafer are bonded together by hot melt silicon-silicon, the surface of the upper silicon wafer is provided with a passivation layer, the polycrystalline silicon resistors are arranged on the upper silicon wafer by a diffusion process, and a conducting wire of a metal film and a press welding block are etched on the upper silicon wafer. The pressure sensor adopting a silicon-silicon bonding structure can be made in a very small size, the number of chips on each silicon wafer can be increased by 50% or more, the silicon-silicon bonding strength is higher, and the air tightness is better. The cost of the sensor is greatly lowered, and the performance is more stable and reliable. The sensor belongs to a pressure sensor with low cost and high performance and has very extensive application.
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