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During working hours the temperature in all indoor workplaces must be reasonable. There’s no law for minimum or maximum working temperatures, eg when it’s too cold or too hot to work. However, guidance suggests a minimum of 16ºC or 13ºC if employees are doing physical work.

Method and apparatus for location and temperature specific drug action such as thrombolysis

A method is provided of localizing a drug action where the drug is present throughout a vascular system. The localization occurs to within a volume of blood in a blood vessel, the vascular system having an initial temperature substantially within a first temperature range. A temperature-specific enzyme is delivered throughout a vascular system including a volume of blood in a blood vessel, the temperature-specific enzyme having a working temperature within a prespecified temperature range that does not substantially overlap the first temperature range. A heat transfer element is delivered to a blood vessel in fluid communication with the volume of blood. The temperature of the heat transfer element is adjusted such that the volume of blood in the blood vessel is heated or cooled to the prespecified temperature range. In this way, the action of the temperature-specific enzyme is substantially limited to the volume of blood heated or cooled. In an alternative embodiment, the temperature-specific enzyme is localized to the volume of blood in the blood vessel, and the heat transfer element is disposed in fluid communication with the volume of blood in the blood vessel. The enzyme localization may occur by way of direct injection or by way of injection through a lumen of a catheter. The injection lumen of the catheter may be disposed at least partially adjacent or in combination with the heat transfer element and its associated inlet and outlet lumens.

Control system for heat management of electric vehicle

The invention provides a control system for heat management of an electric vehicle. The control system is characterized in that the system comprises a refrigerant circulating system, a coolant circulating system and a battery pack temperature control system, wherein the refrigerant circulating system is communicated with the battery pack temperature control system via a water cooler, and the coolant circulating system is communicated with the battery pack temperature control system via a three-way water valve, so the three systems form an intercommunicating and circulating control system to control the temperature in the carriage and the working temperature of the electrical devices of the battery pack. The control system has the following positive effects: effective heat management can be carried out on each part of the electric vehicle; the problem of heating difficulty of the electric vehicle is solved by adopting the residual heat of the electrical devices in an economical and energy-saving manner; preheating and cooling of the power battery of the electric vehicle are well controlled; and the working temperature of the battery and electrical devices of the electric vehicle can be controlled, thus realizing complete heat system management of the electric vehicle.

Temperature rise analytical method for predicting temperature of permanent magnet in permanent magnet synchronous motor

InactiveCN101769797AAccurate predictionAvoid difficulties such as air gap temperature measurementThermometerDynamo-electric machine testingModel selectionPermanent magnet synchronous motor
The invention relates to a temperature rise analytical method for predicting temperature of a permanent magnet in a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), belonging to the application electrical engineering design field; the method is characterized in that: distributed heat source of a motor is analyzed by a filed-circuit compact coupling method, comprising eddy current loss in the permanent magnet, iron loss in an iron core and copper loss in armature; on the consideration of precision requirements, the coupling analysis of a magnetic field and a temperature filed can be realized by single-way coupling mode. A thermal model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is built based on a mixing method of a novel equivalent heat network and a finite element, heat parameters are rationally selected by adopting a combining mode of experimental measurement and empirical formula, the heat transferring coefficient and cooling condition of the motor are described completely, a stator and a rotor can be systematically combined by adopting air gap joints in the heat network, the stator and rotor unified temperature rise model is formed, the difficulty of measuring air gap temperature is avoided, material parameters are adopted at the practical working temperature, so as to lead the analysis to be rational; the accurate and optical method for predicting the temperature of the permanent magnet is realized by special correction processing in experimental links; in addition, the design method is used to give suggestions for model selection of the permanent magnet material in the motor.

High-accuracy hole forming device for aircraft wall panel and a method of high-accuracy hole forming device

The invention provides a high-accuracy hole forming device for an aircraft wall panel and a method of the high-accuracy hole forming device. A main shaft module is used for feeding an electric main shaft along a hole forming axis; a feeding module is used for guaranteeing movement of the main shaft module and a pressure pin normal leveling module in the hole forming axis and providing pressure for a pressure pin to be abutted against the wall panel; the pressure pin normal leveling module is used for guaranteeing the stability of the wall panel in the hole forming process; the feeding module is matched with a grating scale module for work to realize accurate control over the hole forming feeding displacement; a visual alignment module and a control system form a closed loop feedback loop; positional deviation error of a projection point of a hole forming main shaft on the wall panel surface and an actual hole forming point can be measured and fed back in real time; and correction is performed through the closed loop system to guarantee that the positional accuracy of a formed hole is within a tolerance requirement range. According to the high-accuracy hole forming device, the positional accuracy, the surface roughness and the dimensional accuracy of the hole can meet the design requirements well; and meanwhile, slanting holes and oblique holes are not formed in the hole forming process, the temperature of a hole forming region is kept at a normal working temperature and the chip removal is normal.

Optical module and adjusting method of working temperature of laser thereof

The invention discloses an optical module and an adjusting method of a working temperature of a laser thereof. The method comprises determining a current environment temperature according to an obtained temperature value after a micro controller unit (MCU) in the optical module obtains the temperature value detected by a temperature sensor; determining a working temperature set value corresponding to the current environment temperature and a BIAS current set value; controlling a driving circuit to output corresponding BIAS current according to the determined working temperature set value; and controlling a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) control circuit to adjust the working temperature of the laser to be a corresponding temperature according to the determined working temperature set value. Due to the facts that the working temperature of the laser is allowed to be changed correspondingly along with the environment temperature within a certain range and BIAS current adjustment is simultaneously adopted to serve as a compensation means to enable optical power and extinction ratio to be constant, the difference between the working temperature of the laser and the environment temperature is reduced, heating or refrigeration current provided for a TEC is reduced, and the goal of reducing power consumption is achieved.

Water-cooled heat management system of electric automobile battery pack

The invention discloses a water-cooled heat management system of an electric automobile battery pack. A power battery is fixed between an upper fixing baffle and a lower fixing baffle; a cooling separator is arranged tightly against the power battery; a cooling channel is disposed in the cooling separator, two ends of the cooling channel are communicated with a liquid inlet pipe and a liquid outlet pipe; the liquid inlet pipe is connected with a water pump through a liquid inlet connector; the liquid outlet pipe conveys heat transfer working media cooled by the cooling channel to a heat exchanger and a heating insulation water tank through a liquid outlet connector; the cooling separator is provided with a temperature sensor; and a BMS reads temperature data of the temperature sensor and controls the heat transfer working media conveyed to the inner portion of the cooling separator. The water-cooled heat management system solves the control of temperature of the battery pack when the battery is charged or discharged. The water-cooled system which is safe and reliable, has good operational performance, is convenient for maintenance and replacement and is capable of effectively regulating and controlling the working temperature of the battery is provided.

Semi-liquid metal electrode energy storage battery

The invention relates to a semi-liquid metal electrode energy storage battery, belonging to the field of an energy storage battery, and aiming at solving the problems that the all-liquid metal battery is narrow in battery material selection range and high in running temperature, and has potential safety problem. The semi-liquid metal electrode energy storage battery comprises a shell, a positive pole, electrolyte, a negative pole and a collector, wherein the positive pole is alloy made from one or more of Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi and Te; the negative pole is alloy made from one or more of Li, Na, Mg and Ca; and the electrolyte is a mixture of inorganic salt mixture and ceramic powder. When the semi-liquid metal electrode energy storage battery runs, the positive pole is in a semi-liquid state structure with alloy solid phase distributed in liquid phase, and the electrolyte is melted into semi-liquid state paste, so that the short circuit of the positive pole and the negative pole can be effectively prevented, the energy storage cost is lowered, the working temperature of the battery is reduced, the corrosion speed of the shell is slowed down, the service life of the battery is prolonged, the safety and the reliability of running can be improved, and the semi-liquid metal electrode energy storage battery is suitable for storing energy for new energy power generation grid-connection, frequency modulation and peak-load regulation of an electrical power system as well as smart power grid construction.
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