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Design method for distributed hydrological model by using grid as analog unit

The invention discloses a design method for a distributed hydrological model by using a grid as an analog unit, which is called as ESSI for short. The design method comprises the following steps of: obtainment of a distributed parameter: converting vector data into grid data; generalization of a watershed hydrological process: establishing a universal runoff generating type for the grid; design of a runoff generating process: respectively computing the water-quantity distributing condition of each part according to different prior-period soil water conditions; design of a flow collecting process: respectively designing a Muskingum-Cunge method, a delay algorithm and a riverway segmentation Muskingum method for the flow collecting process computation of the model under different conditions; and model development and integration. The invention not only can finish the watershed hydrological process simulation at an arid region and a humid region, but also can realize the short-term flood forecast and the long-term rainfall-runoff process simulation and prediction of a watershed by using modularization and integration ideas as means, thereby providing scientific reference bases for deeply learning about the physical mechanism of water circulation by people, reducing the drought and water-logging disasters and reasonably developing and utilizing water resources.

Device for collecting water from air

The present invention is directed to a water making device that collects the moisture contained in the atmosphere and condenses it into high purity water. In one embodiment, moist air entering the water making/water cooling system flows across an air filter, then a precooler heat exchanger (where the air stream is cooled to or close to its dew point) and then a water extraction heat exchanger, where the air stream is cooled further and water is extracted. The water that leaves water extraction heat exchanger is collected in a water collection device and passes from there through a primary water filter into a water storage tank. The air stream then passes across a reheat heat exchanger and exhausted to the outside. A water circulation pump extracts water from the water storage tank and circulates the water stream through an evaporator of a vapor compression refrigeration system, where the water stream is chilled, then through the water extraction heat exchanger and precooler, where the incoming air stream is chilled by removing heat to the water stream. The water stream is then circulated through the reheat heat exchanger, where the water stream is again cooled by removing heat to the cool dry air exiting the water extraction heat exchanger. Finally, the cooled water stream is circulated through the water filter to a three way valve, that directs water flow either to a dispenser or back to the water storage tank.

Steel plate for stamping and quenching and thermoforming method of steel plate

The invention discloses a steel plate for stamping and quenching and a thermoforming method of the steel plate. The steel plate comprises the following chemical components in percentage by weight: 0.14-0.28% of C, less than 0.40% of Si, 0.4-2.0% of Mn, less than or equal to 0.010% of P, less than or equal to 0.004% of S, 0.016-0.040% of Al, 0.15-0.8% of Cr, 0.015-0.12% of Ti, 0.0001-0.005% of B, less than or equal to 0.005% of N, and the balance of Fe and inevitable impurities. The thermoforming method comprises the following steps: blanking by shearing the steel plate, and heating at Ac3 to (Ac3+80) DEG C to carry out austenization; after insulating for 5-10 minutes in the heating furnace, immediately transferring the steel plate to a metal mold the inside of which is cooled by introducing water, and stamping at the high temperature of 650-850 DEG C; cooling the formed workpiece in the closed mold, and cooling the mold by water circulation in the mold, wherein the cooling rate is greater than the critical cooling rate when austenite forms martensite, and the temperature of the workpiece leaving the hot stamping production line is below 150 DEG C; and carrying out air-cooling to room temperature. The steel plate has the advantages of simple component system and favorable hardenability; and the substrate tissues, which are ferrite and pearlite, are processed by hot stamping andquenching to obtain the all martensitic structure. The tensile strength of the steel plate can be higher than 1300 N/mm<2>.

Electric pressure cooker with rapid pressure relief function

The invention relates to an electric pressure cooker with a rapid pressure relief function. The electric pressure cooker comprises a cooker cover and a cooker body, wherein the cooker cover comprises a plastic surface cover and a stainless steel cover; the cooker body comprises an upper gasket seat and a plastic shell; the electric pressure cooker also comprises a water pump and a water tank, wherein the water pump is arranged inside the cooker body, and the water tank is arranged on the lateral surface of the cooker body; the cooker cover is provided with a water spraying structure which is used for shunting water to the upper surface of the stainless steel cover; the upper gasket seat is provided with a water collecting structure which is used for receiving water flowing from the upper surface of the stainless steel cover; the bottom surface of the water collecting structure is provided with a water drainage hole; the upper end of the water tank is provided with an opening; the opening of the water tank is positioned below the water drainage hole; the water inlet of the water pump and the water outlet of the water tank are communicated; and the water outlet of the water pump and the water spraying structure are communicated. According to the electric pressure cooker disclosed by the invention, the water pump, the water tank, the water spraying structure and the water collecting structure are matched to realize circular temperature reduction of water; and the electric pressure cooker has the advantages of convenience for operation, water resource saving, good safety and high speed of temperature reduction and pressure relief.

Temperature control dehumidification system and temperature control dehumidification method for fresh air of radiation air conditioner

ActiveCN104329759ASolve the disadvantages of inability to dehumidify and easy condensationSimple structureMechanical apparatusSpace heating and ventilation safety systemsEvaporationEngineering
The invention discloses a temperature control dehumidification system and a temperature control dehumidification method for the fresh air of a radiation air conditioner. The system comprises an air duct system, a radiation water circulation system and a cooling system, wherein the air duct system comprises a fresh return air treatment air duct and an exhaust air heat recovery air duct, which are independent; a pre-cooler/pre-heater and a temperature control heat exchanger are integrated corrugated finned type internally-threaded coiled pipes, and are connected with a radiation water inlet/outlet pipeline to form the radiation water circulation system; one stage of evaporator is used for direct evaporation, and two stages of condensers are connected in parallel to form a double-stage condensation cooling compression system. The system can be combined with the radiation air conditioner to independently control temperature and humidity, and besides a conditioning treatment function of a conventional dehumidification system, the system also has an exhaust air heat recovery function; a household compression cooling air conditioner is combined with the dehumidification system to realize cooling in summer, heating in winter and humidification in transition seasons; the running energy consumption is greatly lowered, and the shortcomings of dehumidification incapability and high condensation rate of the radiation air conditioner are overcome.

Ultrasonic cleaner

The invention discloses an ultrasonic cleaner and belongs to the field of mechanical equipment cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner solves the problems that cleaning fluid in an existing ultrasonic cleaner cannot remove impurities in time, and the cleaning fluid is wasted. The ultrasonic cleaner comprises a rack (1), an ultrasonic generator (2), a cleaning tank (3) and ultrasonic vibrators (4). A water circulation device is arranged on the outer side of the cleaning tank (3) and comprises an overflow tank (5) arranged on one side of the cleaning tank (3). The water circulation device further comprises the overflow tank, an oil contamination tank (7), a water storage tank (8), a water pump (9), a filter (10) and a water injection tank (11). The bottom of the water injection tank (11) is communicated with the cleaning tank (3). The bottom of the cleaning tank (3) is an inclined plane. The ultrasonic cleaner integrates the functions of heating, ultrasonic waves, circulating filtration, oil-water separation and article movement, the cleaning speed is high, and the cleaning effect is good; besides, the ultrasonic cleaner is multifunctional, low in energy consumption and capable of prolonging the replacement cycle of the cleaning fluid and reducing environmental pollution, thereby being wide in application range.

Large-sized concrete automatic temperature control and maintenance device and method

ActiveCN103526761AIncrease surface temperatureTemperature monitoring and automatic adjustmentFoundation engineeringTemperature controlSprayer
The invention discloses a large-sized concrete automatic temperature control and maintenance device and method, wherein the temperature control device comprises a water circulation system, a temperature measuring device and a temperature control system. The water circulation system comprises a hot water cabin, a cold water cabin, a heat-preservation water tube and a cooling water tube, the cold water cabin is arranged outside a concrete foundation, the cooling water tube is buried inside the concrete, the hot water cabin is arranged at the top of the concrete foundation, and a heater is arranged in the hot water cabin. The heat preservation water tube is buried in the upper portion of the concrete foundation in advance and is respectively communicated with the hot water cabin and the cold water cabin, and a sprayer is arranged on the heat preservation water tube. The temperature measuring device is buried inside the concrete foundation in advance and is connected with the temperature control system. The temperature control system is connected with the water circulation system, and the water circulation of the water circulation system is controlled according to the temperature measured by the temperature measuring system. According to the large-sized concrete automatic temperature control and maintenance device and method, the monitoring and automatic adjustment of the temperature, the flowing speed and pressure of the cooling water and heat-preservation water are achieved through the temperature control system, and the timing automatic spraying and maintenance function can also be achieved.

Intelligent mopping machine

ActiveCN104257330ARealize high intelligenceMeet the needs of automatic cleaning indoor sanitationMachine detailsFloor-scrubbing machinesDrive wheelControl system
The invention discloses an intelligent mopping machine. The intelligent mopping machine comprises a main machine and a recharging station for automatically recharging the main machine, a sweeping component, a driving wheel component, an obstacle avoiding device, a mopping component, a power system and a control system are arranged inside the main machine, the mopping component comprises a wiping unit and an internal water tank, and the recharging station is also provided with an external water tank which can automatically exchange water with the internal water tank. When the main machine returns to the recharging station for recharging, the control system opens the water exchange between the internal water tank and the external water tank. The intelligent mopping machine can achieve automatic recharging through the recharging station, achieve automatic water circulation through the internal water tank and the external water tank, achieve automatic and synchronous sweeping and mopping through the sweeping component and the mopping component, truly achieve intelligent control of the mopping machine in combination with the driving wheel component and the obstacle avoiding device arranged inside the main machine and meet the demand for automatic indoor cleaning by machines.

System for deep cooling and waste heat recovery of smoke gas in boiler

The invention relates to a system for deep cooling and waste heat recovery of smoke gas in a boiler with an independent operating system, which comprises a smoke gas deep cooler, an air heater and an independent water circulation system comprising the smoke gas deep cooler and the air heater. The smoke gas of which the dust is removed by an electrostatic dust remover is used for heating the cold water in the smoke gas deep cooler to recover the waste heat of the exhausted smoke, and the hot water at the outlet of the smoke gas deep cooler is transferred to the air heater for preheating the air, thereby increasing the temperature of the combustion-supporting air in the boiler; after the smoke gas passes through the smoke gas deep cooler, the smoke gas is directly introduced into a desulfurizing tower for desulfurization and recovery processing; and finally, the smoke gas is exhausted through a wet chimney. The system of the invention does not need to change the traditional thermodynamic system of the machine unit, and the long-period safe operation of the system can not be influenced in the process of recovering the waste heat of the smoke gas, thereby lowering the temperature of the exhausted smoke, saving the desulfurization water consumption, improving the machine unit efficiency and increasing the machine unit output.

Constant temperature wiggly corrosive wear testing device and test method thereof

InactiveCN101598660ATorsional Corrosion Wear RealizationRealize constant temperature torsion corrosion wear testWeather/light/corrosion resistanceInvestigating abrasion/wear resistanceWater bathsWear testing
The invention relates to a constant temperature wiggly corrosive wear testing device and a test method thereof. A medium cavity of a high ball discharge test piece is arranged on the periphery of a lower clamp of the testing device, and the cavity is filled with test medium; the wall of the cavity is of a sandwich layer structure, the lower part of the sandwich layer is provided with a water inlet, the upper part is provided with a water outlet, the water inlet is connected with a constant temperature water bath kettle by a miniature water pump, and the water outlet is directly connected with the constant temperature water bath kettle, thereby forming a constant temperature water circulation system; an auxiliary electrode and a reference electrode are immersed in test medium of the medium cavity; and the auxiliary electrode, the reference electrode and the upper end face of an upper test piece are respectively connected with the corresponding port of a microprocessor controlled electrochemical workstation by conducting lines so as to form an electrochemical corrosion test system. The testing device and the method thereof can conveniently wear materials in the constant temperature test medium by wiggly corrosion, thereby much more factually and accurately testing the wiggly corrosive wear property of the materials in the specific corrosion medium; and the testing device and the method thereof provide much more accurate and reliable test basis for corresponding design, so that the properties and the service lives of equipment and apparatus can be increased.

Hot-water draining consolidation processing device and hot-water draining consolidating processing method for soft soil foundation

The invention discloses a hot-water draining consolidation processing device and a hot-water draining consolidating processing method for soft soil foundation. The device provided by the invention comprises a pressure system, a horizontal water draining system and a vertical water draining system; the vertical water draining system comprises a plurality of heat conduction plastic water draining plates; each heat conduction plastic water draining plate comprises a plastic core plate and a filter membrane; heat conduction pipes are arranged at the periphery of the plastic core plate; all the heat conduction pipes are connected to form a circulating loop through a pipeline; and a water inlet and a water outlet of the circulating loop are respectively connected with a water circulation heater. The method provided by the invention mainly comprises the steps of: leveling up a site, laying a horizontal water draining sand cushion, excavating pipe slots to arrange a vacuum water draining filter pipe, connecting the vacuum water draining filter pipe with a vacuum pump, inserting the heat conduction plastic water draining plates, laying a seal membrane and a piece of geotextile, starting the water circulation heater and the vacuum pump, vacuumizing and performing preloading. The device and the method provided by the invention have the advantages that the construction period is effectively shortened, sedimentation after the construction is reduced, the process is simple, and the operation is convenient.

An air treatment device with natural cold and heat supply

An air treatment device with natural cold and heat supply includes a compressor, a four-way valve, a gas liquid separator, a condenser, a throttling means and an evaporator. The invention is characterized in that: a heating pipe valve and a heating pump valve are added on the pipeline where the four-way valve is disposed, valves are in parallel connection with both ends of the throttling means, wherein, a high position machine and a low position machine are provided for accommodating the corresponding components. According to the invention, refrigeration and heating functions of the original system is reserved, furthermore, a heating pipe natural circulation is introduced, thereby, energy waste problem in winter and transition seasons for water circulation heating pump system building can be resolved, meanwhile, the high position energy loss during complementing heat in winter is avoided. A refrigeration agent can be additionally provided in the invention to maintain the operation performance of the heating pipe circulation, thus further increasing the energy-saving performance and the reliability of the heating pump air conditioning system. The invention is applicable for the other situations to transfer heat from the high temperature fluid end to the low temperature fluid end, and has advantages of energy-saving and reliability.

Energy saving method for cooling water circulation system

The invention discloses an energy-saving method for a cooling water circulation system. The energy-saving method comprises the following steps of: 10, acquiring configuration parameters of equipment related to the water circulation system and testing actual operating parameters of the equipment; 20, analyzing whether the current water supply capacity is reasonable according to test data, and optimizing and transforming parts of the system which have abnormal local resistance, water power unbalance, poor heat exchange effect of a heat exchanger, invalid flow of the equipment and unreasonable water supply pump matching; 30, preliminarily determining a multiple water supply pump operating mode; and 40, comparing with the multiple water supply pump operating mode determined in the step 30, and selecting a matching mode with the lowest energy consumption. By the method, system optimization is carried out according to actual production conditions of the system, a correct and economic operating mode can be provided through a form or a man-machine interface under the specific working conditions by using programs made in advance or the calculation process and results, common equipment managers can operate the method easily to fulfill the aims of saving energy and reducing consumption, and the use safety of the equipment is improved.

Surface pre-treatment system combining four aluminum alloy working grooves into whole for full recovery of medicament and zero emission of wastewater

ActiveCN102021595AEnsure fluoride-free and ammonium-freeAvoid fluorideWater circulationSlag
The invention relates to a surface pre-treatment system combining four aluminum alloy working grooves into a whole for full recovery of medicament and zero emission of wastewater. The surface pre-heated system comprises a No.1 four-in-one sand surface groove, a No.2 matte tank, a No.3 water washing interception groove, a No.4 water washing interception groove, a No.5 water washing interception groove, a No.6 water washing material waiting groove, a No.7 oxidation groove and a No.8 water washing interception groove, as well as a matching slag pumping system, a medicament recovery system, a water circulation purification processing system and a reverse water replenishing neutralization system. As the four working grooves are combined into a whole, and the technical scheme is simultaneously equipped with the full recovery of the medicament and the zero emission of the wastewater, the pollution of fluorine and ammonium in the oxidation pre-treatment of an aluminum alloy anode can be effectively solved, the full recovery of the wastewater in the aluminum alloy surface pre-treatment can be realized, the pollution control of a company can be greatly reduced, and the production cost can be reduced.
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