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Medical charged particle irradiation apparatus

A medical charged particle irradiation apparatus capable of irradiation from upward and horizontal directions and performing a preparing / ascertaining work without any separate device such as a moving capsule or the like comprising a patient's bed, on which a patient lies, a transport equipment for injecting and transporting charged particle beams toward the patient's bed, an irradiation field forming device for forming an irradiation field for the beams transported by the transport equipment, and a gantry provided to be rotatable about an axis of rotation, and wherein the irradiation field forming device is eccentrically arranged such that an axis of irradiation passes a position different from the axis of rotation, and the patient's bed is arranged on an opposite side of the transport equipment to a plane, which contains the axis of rotation and is substantially perpendicular to the axis of irradiation.

Heart valve holder and method for resisting suture looping

An improved holder and method for implanting a tissue-type prosthetic mitral heart valve that prevents suture looping and may also constrict the commissure posts of the valve. An upstanding or shaft member axially positioned on the holder causes the lengths of attachment sutures to extend axially beyond the commissure post tips to create a tent and prevent looping of any of an array of pre-implanted sutures around the tips during deployment of the valve. The shaft member may be axially movable such that it can be initially retracted and then actuated just prior to valve deployment. The shaft member may have notches on its distal tip for capturing the attachment sutures, which are crossed over along the valve axis to ensure engagement by the notches. The attachment sutures may be strands or filaments, or may be wider bands of flexible biocompatible material. If bands are used, they desirably cover the commissure post tips to further help prevent suture looping thereover. The flexible lengths of material extend directly between commissures of the valve, or may extending radially inward from each commissure to a central upstanding member.

Methods and apparatus for accessing and treating body lumens

Access to blood vessels and other body lumens is provided from spaced-apart access penetrations. A penetrating device is introduced through a first access penetration to a target site within the body lumen and then used to penetrate outwardly from the body lumen to an external surface on an organ or the patient's skin. A guidewire may then be deployed through the penetrating device, and the penetrating device removed to leave the guidewire in place. Catheters and other interventional and diagnostic devices may then be introduced to the target site from either or both of the first and second access penetrations over the same guidewire.

Package for semiconductor power device and method for assembling the same

A package for a semiconductor power device which comprises: a conductive bottom plate as a heat sink; an insulating substrate mounted on the bottom plate; a copper film formed on the insulating substrate to expose a peripheral region of the insulating substrate; semiconductor chips disposed on the copper film; a container arranged on the bottom plate, surrounding the insulating substrate; an external terminal supported through the container and connected electrically with the semiconductor chips; and a silicone gel filled within the container, wherein a solidified insulating material is disposed on an outer edge region of the copper film and the peripheral region of the insulating substrate. Thus, reducing an electric field across the interface and making it difficult to cause a creeping discharge. A notch is formed in the bottom plate, and the notch is filled with a high heat conductive resin. The notch is located outwardly apart from a region where the semiconductor chips are mounted. Thus, a creeping breakdown is prevented without sacrificing a heat radiation effect of the bottom plate. Using a waterproof and flexible film to seal an inlet for filling the silicone gel into the case, a heat stress caused by an expansion and a shrinkage of the silicone gel in response to a variation of temperatures is reduced, and it prevents the silicone gel from being wet. A thermoplastic insulating resin is employed instead of the silicone gel.

Shift register, liquid crystal display device having the shift register and method of driving scan lines using the same

In a bi-directional shift register and a liquid crystal display device having the bi-directional shift register, the shift register further includes a dummy stage for resetting a last stage. The dummy stage is reset by a control signal of the last stage or by the output signal of the dummy stage. Therefore, power consumption and layout area may be reduced. The shift register includes a plurality of stages and two dummy stages, and two selection signals for selecting shift direction is applied to each of the stages.

Apparatus of Plural Charged-Particle Beams

ActiveUS20170025243A1High resolution and high throughputHigh throughputElectric discharge tubesTransducing UnitHigh resolution
A multi-beam apparatus for observing a sample with high resolution and high throughput is proposed. In the apparatus, a source-conversion unit forms plural and parallel images of one single electron source by deflecting plural beamlets of a parallel primary-electron beam therefrom, and one objective lens focuses the plural deflected beamlets onto a sample surface and forms plural probe spots thereon. A movable condenser lens is used to collimate the primary-electron beam and vary the currents of the plural probe spots, a pre-beamlet-forming means weakens the Coulomb effect of the primary-electron beam, and the source-conversion unit minimizes the sizes of the plural probe spots by minimizing and compensating the off-axis aberrations of the objective lens and condenser lens.

Rotating needle driver and apparatuses and methods related thereto

Featured is a medical instrument driver, a robotic apparatus embodying such a medical instrument driver and methods related thereto for inserting a medical instrument into tissue of a mammal (e.g., human). Such medical instruments include medical needles, biopsy needles, trocars, cutters and introducers. Such a medical instrument driver according to the present invention is configured and arranged so that medical instrument is rotated as it is being moved longitudinally for insertion into the tissue such that the medical instrument is spiraling as it pierces and traverses the tissue to the target area.

Biometric information obtaining apparatus and biometric information verification apparatus

The object is to obtain undistorted images in high speed using a small amount of memory capacity, to realize high-quality characteristic information verification. The apparatus, which obtains information needed for user verification from partial images that are successively captured by a sweep-type fingerprint sensor from a fingertip, includes image obtaining means which captures successive partial images of biometric information; characteristic extracting means which obtains, from the captured partial images, characteristics and positions of the characteristics; detecting means which detects relative position information of partial images based on characteristics contained in a region in which the partial images overlap; and correcting means which calculates the amount of distortion of the characteristics based on the detected relative position information and on the positions of the characteristics in each partial image, and which corrects the positions of the characteristics in each individual partial image based on the calculated distortion amount.
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