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Integrated equipment for omnibearing treatment of kitchen garbage and production method of products

The invention discloses integrated equipment for omnibearing treatment of kitchen garbage and a production method of products. The equipment comprises a central intelligent automatic control system, an air treatment system, a straw biochemical system, an advanced oxidization artificial forced inactivation system, a combined screening and impurity removal system, a compound biochemical system, an automatic drying system, a combined conveying system, a waste plastic reversion engineering system, a sludge treatment system, a sewage treatment system, an oil treatment system and a hot smoke combined treatment system. Produced finished products comprise high-nutrition microbial protein feed, mineral state III diesel, biodiesel, emulsification diesel, low-sulfur clean fire coal, hybrid charge adsorbents and industrial recycle water. A recycling rate of the kitchen garbage reaches above 95%; basically no waste water is discharged, no sludge is transferred, no room temperature discharge exists, no peculiar smell or smoke is discharged and no residue is transferred during production; and the environment-friendly, safe and reliable highly-integrated production equipment and the production method are provided for the treatment of the kitchen garbage.

Dedusting system of whole factory building

The invention discloses a dedusting system of a whole factory building, which comprises an air funnel, an air handling unit, a top air-return opening, an air supply pipeline and an air-return pipeline, wherein the air handling unit is arranged outside a workshop, the air funnel is arranged at the lower part of the inner side of the workshop, one end of the air supply pipeline is connected with the air funnel, and the other end of the air supply pipeline is connected with the air handling unit through the air supply pipeline; the top air-return opening is arranged at the top inside the workshop, one end of the air-return pipeline is connected with the top air-return opening and the other end of the air-return pipeline is connected with the air handling unit. The air supply direction of the air funnel is adjusted to change the air distribution of returned air, welding fume with higher temperature drifts upwards under the action of hot buoyancy, the fume further drifts upwards by the push of air sent out from the air funnel and does not move transversely, thereby the welding fume can be avoided from passing through the respiratory zone of the human body; and the fume and harmful gases are sucked into the air handling unit through the air-return pipeline under the suction action of the air-return opening at the top of the workshop and can not be directly removed outdoors, thereby the secondary pollution can not be caused.

Intelligent fresh and return air volume adjusting type air purifier

The invention relates to an intelligent fresh and return air volume adjusting type air purifier. The intelligent fresh and return air volume adjusting type air purifier comprises a box, a fresh and return air heat exchanger, an exhaust fan, an air feeder, a controller, a primary filter and an efficient filter. The box is provided with an outdoor exhaust port, an outdoor fresh air port, an indoor air feeding port and an indoor exhaust port. The outdoor fresh air port communicates with the indoor air feeding port through an air inlet channel. The indoor exhaust port communicates with the outdoor exhaust port through an exhaust pipeline. The air inlet channel and an exhaust channel are arranged in a crossed isolation manner, and the fresh and return air heat exchanger is arranged at the intersection position of the air inlet channel and the exhaust channel. According to the signals of indoor and outdoor PM2.5 concentration, indoor CO2 concentration, the air feeding temperature, the fresh air temperature, the indoor and outdoor pressure difference and the like, a controller is used for intelligent comparison and selection, and optimized running of five work conditions of all fresh air, all return air, the minimum fresh air ratio, the minimum return air ratio and fresh and return air mixed adjustment is achieved. The indoor air exchange requirement and the air quality are guaranteed, meanwhile, the dust filtering and containing amount of all levels of filters is reduced, air treatment energy consumption is reduced, and the air feeding comfort degree is guaranteed.

Temperature control dehumidification system and temperature control dehumidification method for fresh air of radiation air conditioner

ActiveCN104329759ASolve the disadvantages of inability to dehumidify and easy condensationSimple structureMechanical apparatusSpace heating and ventilation safety systemsEvaporationEngineering
The invention discloses a temperature control dehumidification system and a temperature control dehumidification method for the fresh air of a radiation air conditioner. The system comprises an air duct system, a radiation water circulation system and a cooling system, wherein the air duct system comprises a fresh return air treatment air duct and an exhaust air heat recovery air duct, which are independent; a pre-cooler/pre-heater and a temperature control heat exchanger are integrated corrugated finned type internally-threaded coiled pipes, and are connected with a radiation water inlet/outlet pipeline to form the radiation water circulation system; one stage of evaporator is used for direct evaporation, and two stages of condensers are connected in parallel to form a double-stage condensation cooling compression system. The system can be combined with the radiation air conditioner to independently control temperature and humidity, and besides a conditioning treatment function of a conventional dehumidification system, the system also has an exhaust air heat recovery function; a household compression cooling air conditioner is combined with the dehumidification system to realize cooling in summer, heating in winter and humidification in transition seasons; the running energy consumption is greatly lowered, and the shortcomings of dehumidification incapability and high condensation rate of the radiation air conditioner are overcome.

Fresh air conditioner

The invention relates to the field of heating ventilation air conditioners, in particular to an improved air treatment method and a fresh air conditioner device. The invention improves the problems of traditional fresh air treatment and air conditioners and particularly emphasizes that a plate-type air-air heat exchanger and indirect water evaporative cooling are used for recycling energy of sensible heat and latent heat in air exhaust in the fresh air treatment process of damp and hot regions in summer and condensed water is directly evaporated on an evaporator to improve the working condition of a compressor. Under the condition of quantificationally supplying outdoor fresh air, the energy efficiency ratio of the fresh air conditioner is increased, the thermal pollution, damp pollution and noise pollution of the fresh air conditioner to environments are reduced, the indoor air quality is improved, and meanwhile, the fresh air conditioner provides the manufacture, installation and using convenience for a local region all-air central air conditioner. The fresh air conditioner provided by the invention and a design and manufacture method of the fresh air conditioner are applicable throughout the year in various regions, particularly in the damp and hot regions; and the fresh air system provides controlled, comfortable and healthy air environments for indoor activity space of people and air conditioner environments for technology for processing, storage and the like.
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