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Condensed water is water vapor that has condensed (think of dew on you car window in the morning). This stuff is distilled water a couple of hydrogens and an oxygen. Natural gas at 10 psig and 90F holds 1,100 lbm of H2O per MMCF of gas.

Solar energy and coal-burning unit combined thermal power generation system

The invention relates to a generating system, in particular to the heat generating system consisting of a solar heat collector and a coal-fired unit. The heat generating system adopts solar energy to take the place of the partial coal-fired heat energy of a coal-fired unit boiler. A condenser, an extraction pump, a low pressure heater, a deaerator, a water-feeding pump, a high pressure heater and the heat collector, a coal burning boiler and a steam turbine that are connected in parallel are connected in series. The steam turbine drives the generator and discharges gas into the condenser. Condensed water flows into a heater from the condenser to be heated up and pressurized, is deoxidized by the deaerator, then goes through the solar heat collector to be heated to be saturated vapor and goes into the coal burning boiler or directly goes into the coal burning boiler to become the steam with high temperature and high pressure. And then the steam goes into the steam turbine for applying work to drive the generator to generate electricity. The extracted steam of the steam turbine goes into each heater to finish thermodynamic cycle. The thermal efficiency of solar thermal power generation is improved, investment in the trough solar electrical energy generation of single paraboloid is reduced and the coal consumption of the coal-fired unit is decreased.

Air conditioner control method and device

The invention discloses an air conditioner control method and device, and belongs to the technical field of air conditioners. The control method comprises the steps of responding to a self-cleaning instruction, input by a user, for instructing that a self-cleaning mode is started, and acquiring a humidity parameter of an indoor heat exchanger; and comparing the humidity parameter and a preset humidity threshold value to obtain a comparison result for instructing whether a spraying device is started or not; responding to a comparison result for starting the spraying device, and carrying out control to start up the spraying device and switching to the self-cleaning mode for operation. With the air conditioner control method, because the humidity parameter of the frosted indoor heat exchangercan be acquired, and whether the requirement on humidity of the frosting phase of air conditioner self-cleaning is met or not is judged according to the humidity parameter, the spraying device can bestarted under the condition that the requirement on humidity is not met, the requirement for more water in the frosting phase of air conditioner self-conditioning is met with the condensed water at the position the spraying device sprays to, and the cleaning efficiency and the dust removal effect of air conditioner self-cleaning can be guaranteed.

Fresh air conditioner

The invention relates to the field of heating ventilation air conditioners, in particular to an improved air treatment method and a fresh air conditioner device. The invention improves the problems of traditional fresh air treatment and air conditioners and particularly emphasizes that a plate-type air-air heat exchanger and indirect water evaporative cooling are used for recycling energy of sensible heat and latent heat in air exhaust in the fresh air treatment process of damp and hot regions in summer and condensed water is directly evaporated on an evaporator to improve the working condition of a compressor. Under the condition of quantificationally supplying outdoor fresh air, the energy efficiency ratio of the fresh air conditioner is increased, the thermal pollution, damp pollution and noise pollution of the fresh air conditioner to environments are reduced, the indoor air quality is improved, and meanwhile, the fresh air conditioner provides the manufacture, installation and using convenience for a local region all-air central air conditioner. The fresh air conditioner provided by the invention and a design and manufacture method of the fresh air conditioner are applicable throughout the year in various regions, particularly in the damp and hot regions; and the fresh air system provides controlled, comfortable and healthy air environments for indoor activity space of people and air conditioner environments for technology for processing, storage and the like.

Flue gas total-heat recovery device of gas boiler

The invention relates to a flue gas total-heat recovery device of a gas boiler, belonging to the thermotechnical field. In the invention, the temperature of the flue gas exhausted by the gas boiler can be reduced to lower than 40 DEG C by a gas-water heat exchanger and a mixing cooler, then the cooled flue gas is directly supplied for an air-source heat pump water heater for generating the hot water, and the sensible heat and the latent heat in the flue gas can be totally recovered. Most CO2 and NOx in the flue gas can be absorbed by condensed water in the cooling process, thereby reducing the emission of harmful gas. The device comprises the gas-water heat exchanger, the mixing cooler and the heat pump water heater and is characterized in that the flue gas at 150-200 DEG C is cooled to lower than 90 DEG C by the gas-water heat exchanger and then can be cooled to lower than 40 DEG C in the mixing cooler, and the cooled flue gas can serve as heat source to directly enter an evaporator of the air-source heat pump water heater for heat exchange. The invention solves the problems of frosting and low efficiency of the air-source heat pump water heater due to low temperature in winter in the North while recovering the residual heat of the flue gas of the gas boiler at the same time; meanwhile, the emission of the harmful gas in the flue gas of the gas boiler can be reduced, thereby realizing energy saving and emission reduction.

Method and device for controlling heat exchange temperature, collecting condensed water and cleaning air conditioner

The invention relates to a method and a device for controlling heat exchange temperature, collecting condensed water and cleaning an air conditioner. A heat exchanger in the air conditioner is utilized for condensing water vapor in the air conditioner into liquid-state water; dirt attached to the surface of the heat exchanger is cleared away; the surface temperature, used for condensation, of the heat exchanger is determined according to the current environment temperature and the current environment humidity, and is used as the expected temperature; the temperature of the heat exchanger is regulated and is maintained at the expected temperature through regulating the rotating speed of a compressor and the rotating speed of a fan in the air conditioner. Through analyzing the influence of the environment temperature and the environment humidity on the dew point, the optimum temperature of the heat exchanger in the current environment is determined, and sufficient condensed water is obtained for clearing dust and dirt on the surface of the heat exchanger. When the practical temperature of the heat exchanger is not consistent with the optimum temperature, the rise or the reduction of the surface temperature of the heat exchanger is realized through regulating the rotating speed of the compressor and the rotating speed of the fan, the surface temperature of the heat exchanger is maintained at the determined optimum temperature, and the water vapor in the air conditioner is condensed into liquid-state water.

Method and device for reclaiming and utilizing billet residual heat

The invention discloses a method for recycling billet residual heat and a device thereof; water is treated by softening; superheated water is obtained through a steel making cooling system, then the superheated water and discharged billet exchange heat to obtain water vapour; the method comprises the following specific steps: A. superheated water obtained by softening tap water or cooling water is stored in a water storage tank; B. the superheated water in the water storage tank referred in the step A is conveyed to steel tubes of a heat exchange device by a high-pressure water pump through a pipeline; billet is pushed into the heat exchange device surrounded by the steel tubes; heat energy of the billet is dispersed out in order that water in the heat exchange device becomes high-temperature and high-pressure water vapour; C. the high-temperature and high-pressure water vapour passes through a superheater and impels a steam turbine to drive a dynamo to generate power; D. the water vapour after being utilized by the steam turbine is condensed into condensed water; the condensed water enters a water treating system by the pipeline, is treated by the water treating system and conveyed to a cooling water softening system of the step A by the pipeline; through the method, the device recycles cooling water, can dramatically recycle the billet residual heat in high efficiency and is stable and reliable.

Clothes dryer self-cleaning filtering device and condensation clothes dryer

The invention provides a clothes dryer self-cleaning filtering device, comprising a condenser, a filter screen, an air duct, a water storage box, a water storage tank, and a drainage pump. An upper drain pipe is arranged between the water storage box and the drainage pump. The water storage tank is internally provided with a water level sensor. The device also comprises a spray thrower arranged in the air duct and between the filter screen and the condenser, a lower drain pipe used to connect the water storage box and the spray thrower, a first sensor in the air duct used to sense line chip accumulation on the filter screen, and a controller used to receive signals transmitted by the first sensor and the water level sensor, and respectively send out instructions to control on-off of the drainage pump and the spray thrower. The clothes dryer self-cleaning filtering device is simple in structure, condensed water can be fully used, and the filter screen and the condenser do not need manual cleaning. The invention also provides a clothes dryer using the self-cleaning filtering device. Through adding the spray thrower in the air duct, line chips can be removed in time, the air duct is kept unblocked, clothes drying time is reduced, energy consumption is saved, and manual labor is not needed.
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