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Portable cleaning apparatus and method for single pass plate and frame heat exchangers

A portable apparatus and method for chemically cleaning a single pass plate and frame heat exchanger allows the cleaning solution to be uniformly distributed across the plate pack. This portable system of one pump of preferably 10-horsepower, capable of 300 gallons per minute flow through a discharge port; at least two distribution/collection tubes with apertures of predetermined diameter and predetermined placement; one reversing manifold; two bag filters; and one circulation tank with a capacity at least on the order of 150 to 200 gallons; attaches to a single pass plate and frame heat exchanger. The single pass plate and frame heat exchanger is configured with at least two removable flanges that, once removed, allow for the installation of the distribution/collection tubes. The apertures in the distribution/collection tubes are placed facing downwards depending upon the direction of the operational fluid to enhance a vacuuming effect for particle and debris removal during cleaning. The distribution/collection tubes are skewed off-center of the flanges, with an ability to be rotated in at least four different directions off-center, and generally located towards the bottom of the single pass plate and frame heat exchanger to facilitate particulate removal and uniform distribution of cleaning solution.

Cleaning device and automatic cleaning method for condensers of air conditioners

The invention relates to a cleaning device for condensers of air conditioners. The cleaning device comprises a power device and a cleaning device body. The power device comprises a motor and a transmission assembly, the motor can be arranged on an edge plate on a side of each air conditioner, the transmission assembly is connected with an output shaft of the motor, the cleaning device body comprises a brush which is used for cleaning fins on the condensers of the air conditioners, and the brush can be vertically guided to reciprocate along the fins under the control of the transmission assembly. The transmission assembly comprises a transmission lead screw and a lead screw nut, the transmission lead screw is connected with the output shaft by a shaft sleeve, the lead screw nut is meshed and connected with the transmission lead screw, a horizontal strut is connected onto the lead screw nut, two ends of the strut can respectively extend to two ends of each fin, the brush is arranged on the strut, and bristles of the brush can face a side of each condenser and are in contact with the fins. The invention further provides an automatic cleaning method for the condensers of the air conditioners. The cleaning device and the automatic cleaning method have the advantages that the condensers of the air conditioners can be cleaned by the aid of condensate water generated by defrosting, and the cleaning device is simple and compact in structure, convenient to use, low in cost and high in cleaning efficiency.

Machine and method for cleaning evaporation tank

The invention discloses a machine and a method for cleaning an evaporation tank. A frame of the machine is equipped with a central positioning shaft; two longitudinal tracks on the frame are equipped with sliding frames; transverse tracks on the sliding frames are equipped with water gun driving machines; the sliding frames and the water gun driving machines are all equipped with drive units; and the water gun driving machines are further equipped with clamping wheels for driving a water gun to move up and down. The method for cleaning the evaporation tank comprises the following steps: inserting the positioning shaft into a positioning seat hole at the center of an upper end plate of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger of the evaporation tank, and adjusting the distance from two ends of the longitudinal tracks to the inner wall of the evaporation tank to be smaller than 2.5cm; then starting a water pump of the water gun and the cleaning machine for the evaporation tank for spray-washing heat exchange tubes in a section of the shell-and-tube heat exchanger one by one, stopping the machine and moving the frame after the heat exchange tubes in the section are completely cleaned; and cleaning heat exchange tubes in next section one by one in the same way until tubes are completely cleaned. Compared with the prior art, the machine and the method provided by the invention have the advantages of high use safety and low labor intensity.
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