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Microorganism control of point-of-use potable water sources

The present invention provides for the electrochemical generation of ozone for use in "point-of-use" applications. The electrochemical ozone generators or systems of the present invention may be used to provide disinfected water, ozone-containing water, and/or ozone gas. Disinfected water may be produced by introducing ozone gas into a potable or purified water source for the purpose of disinfecting or controlling the microorganisms in the water source. Ozonated water or ozone gas may be produced and provided for various anti-microbial and cleansing applications of the consumer, such as washing food, clothing, dishes, countertops, toys, sinks, bathroom surfaces, and the like. Furthermore, the ozone generator may be used to deliver a stream of ozone-containing water for the purpose of commercial or residential point-of-use washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing medical instruments and medical equipment. For example, the ozone-containing water may be used directly or used as a concentrated sterilant for the washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing of medical instruments or equipment. Ozone gas may also be used in many of the foregoing examples, as well as in the deodorization of air or various other applications. The invention allows the electrochemical ozone generator to operate in a nearly or entirely passive manner with simplicity of design.

Water, fertilizer and gas integrated trickle irrigation system and method

The invention relates to a water, fertilizer and gas integrated trickle irrigation system and method. The trickle irrigation system comprises a water supply pump, wherein the water supply pump is connected with a mixing tank which is provided with a float ball water level gauge; a pH sensor, an EC (Electric Conductivity) sensor and a DO (Dissolved Oxygen) sensor are arranged in the mixing tank; a water outlet pipe of the mixing tank is connected with a pipeline pump through a two-way solenoid valve; an outlet of the pipeline pump is connected with a three-way solenoid valve; one outlet of the three-way solenoid valve is connected with a mesh filter; another outlet of the three-way solenoid valve is connected with branch pipes of a plurality of Venturi fertilizer injectors; an outlet of each branch pipe is connected with the mixing tank; a liquid inlet of each Venturi fertilizer injector is connected with a tank body; the lowest part of the mixing tank is connected with a submicron bubble generating device through a two-way solenoid valve I; the pH sensor and the EC sensor are connected with an EC/pH controller; the DO sensor is connected with a DO controller; the EC/pH controller and the DO controller are connected with a programmable controller; and each two-way solenoid valves, each three-way solenoid valve, the float ball water level gauge, the water supply pump, the pipeline pump and the submicron bubble generating device are respectively and electrically connected with the programmable controller. The trickle irrigation system and the trickle irrigation method can be widely used in various water, fertilizer and gas integrated trickle irrigation processes.
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