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Sewage treatment unit with good practicality

The invention discloses a sewage treatment unit with good practicality. The sewage treatment unit comprises a settling box, a purifying box and a disinfection box, wherein the top end of one side of the settling box is provided with a chemical reagent tank; the top of the settling box is provided with a stirring motor; a sludge discharge outlet is formed in the bottom end of the settling box; the interior of the purifying box is provided with, from top to bottom, a magnet adsorption screen, a biomembrane filter screen and an active carbon filter screen; the sidewall of the disinfection box is provided with an ozone generator; and gas-distributing pipes are arranged in the disinfection box. The sewage treatment unit provided by the invention can effectively eliminate heavy metals, microbes, organic harmful substances, particulate matters and other impurities in water, is capable of removing pigments and peculiar smell in water, and has improved sewage treatment effect; and since the ozone generator is mounted on the sidewall of the disinfection box, ozone generated by the ozone generator can be used for sterilization and disinfection of purified clear water after purification of sewage, so sewage is allowed to reach discharge standard.

Pyrolysis Systems, Methods, and Resultants Derived Therefrom

ActiveUS20080286557A1Fit closelyWithout undesired degradation of communication system performanceLayered productsUsing liquid separation agentActivated carbon filtrationSilicon dioxide
A system and process for gasification of a carbonaceous feedstock uses pyrolysis to produce a gas product, which may include methane, ethane, and other desirable hydrocarbon gases, and a solids product, which includes activated carbon or carbon. The gas product may then be filtered using at least a portion of the activated carbon from the solids product as a filtering medium. In an embodiment, at least some of the noxious chemicals are sequestered or removed from the gas product in one or more filtering steps using the activated carbon as a filtering medium. In a further embodiment, the filtering steps are performed in stages using activated carbon at different temperatures. A high-temperature pyrolysis system that produces activated carbon may be combined with another high-temperature pyrolysis system that does not produce activated carbon to provide filtering of noxious compounds using activated carbon from the first high-temperature pyrolysis system. A high-temperature pyrolysis system may be combined with one or more low-temperature feedstock conversion processes such that waste heat from the high-temperature pyrolysis system is used to operate the low-temperature process. A novel non-wetting carbon having pores fused with silica can be produced from using the system and process.

Technology for recovering water resources and salt from coking wastewater in coal chemical industry

A technology for recovering water resources and salt from coking wastewater in the coal chemical industry comprises the following steps: the wastewater is subjected to defluorination chemical treatment and subjected to sodium carbonate softening and precipitating treatment simultaneously, an advanced oxidation process is used for TOC (total organic carbon) degradation, a multi-medium and activated carbon filter is used for filtering separation, ultrafiltration is performed, nanofiltration membrane separation is performed, calcium and magnesium ions are separated, the calcium and magnesium ions in water produced through nanofiltration are lower than 2 mg / L, CaF2 crystallization scaling is hard to form, and nanofiltration passing liquid and nanofiltration strong brine are obtained; the nanofiltration passing liquid and the nanofiltration strong brine are treated respectively. Fluoride ions, hardness and organic carbon in the wastewater are removed, separation of multivalent salt and monovalent salt as well as concentration and evaporative crystallization of the salt is realized, more than 98% of the water resources is recovered, more than 95% of the salt resources are recovered, secondary hazardous waste is not produced, the system operation cost is reduced, and the problem about resource recovery and the environmental problem are solved finally.

Advanced treatment system and method for high-concentration percolate in comprehensive garbage disposal plant

InactiveCN102503046AEasy to handleRequirements to meet emission concentration limitsMultistage water/sewage treatmentActivated carbon filtrationReverse osmosis
The invention discloses an advanced treatment system and method for high-concentration percolate in a comprehensive garbage disposal plant, belonging to the field of industrial waste water treatment. The system is formed by connecting a regulating tank, a coagulative precipitation tank, an upflow anaerobic sludge bed reaction tank, a primary anoxic and aerobic membrane bioreactor, advanced oxidation treatment equipment, a secondary anoxic and aerobic membrane bioreactor, nanofiltration membrane treatment equipment, an ozone contact tank and an active carbon filtering tower in sequence. According to the system, garbage percolate can be treated comprehensively, different pollutants in garbage percolate are treated in a classified way by combining physical, chemical and biological treatment,advanced treatment of garbage percolate is realized, and classified treatment for removing pollutants such as organic matters, heavy metals, ammonia, nitrogen and the like is performed, so that treated effluent strictly reaches the requirement of water pollution discharge degree limit in the Household Garbage Landfill Pollution Control Standard, the system runs stably for a long time, and treatment cost is lower than that of a secondary disc pipe reverse osmosis membrane process.

Dyeing and printing waste clearing, synthetic wastewater advanced treatment circulation production and recycle technique

The invention discloses a deep treatment technique used for the printing and dyeing sewage recovery. The technique consists of a BAF pond, an air-bearing system, an ozone contact oxidation tower, a filter, an active carbon filter, an ozone generator and a medicine adding system. The technique is the improvement of the traditional BAF technique, removes the resolvable organism in the sewage through the biological degradation, outtakes the water into the air-bearing system and combines the flocculation medicine adding technique, so as to eliminate the non-solvent organism and colloidal substance in the sewage. The outtaken water enters into the ozone contact oxidation tower and gets mixed with ozone, so that the organism which is difficult to undergo the biological degradation in the printing and dyeing sewage is removed with the help of the strong oxidizing property of the ozone. The water flowing out of the ozone contact oxidation tower enters into the pond at the middle, and 30 percent of the water returns to a gas dissolving can under the action of a pressurizing pump, gets mixed with the pressurized air and then enters into the air-bearing system through utilizing the remaining pressure. The gas-water solution is dispersed into the small and equable drips through a dissolved gas releaser, and the drips drive the suspending substances and the colloidal substance to float up to the water surface so as to achieve the removal. The water coming out of the middle pond enters into the filter to remove the small suspending substances and enters into the ozone/active carbon filtering system so that the reaction of the ozone basic chain is caused under the action of the active carbon, thereby speeding up the decomposition of the ozone into OH and other free radicals, degrades a small amount of organism, eliminates the color and finally ensures that the outtaken water reaches the recovery standard of the printing and dyeing sewage.
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Salt-containing high concentrated organic wastewater treatment device and method

The invention discloses a salt-containing high concentrated organic wastewater treatment device and method in technical field of wastewater treatment. The high concentrated organic wastewater treatment device comprises a separation precipitation tank, an inner cavity of the separation sedimentation tank is provided with a precipitation auxiliary component, the left and right inner walls of an evaporation tank component are symmetrically provided with heating radiant tubes, the other end of a condenser pipe penetrates through the right side at the bottom of the condensing tank and is connectedwith a central part of the top of a neutralization filtration tank, the top of the inner chamber of the neutralization filtration tank is provided with a mixing box, and the inner chamber of the neutralization filtration tank is provided with an activated carbon filter net obliquely; the treatment device has a good treatment effect and high purification quality; the wastewater is placed in the separation precipitation tank for precipitation, the precipitated wastewater enters the evaporation tank component and is heated at a high temperature by the heating radiant tubes to complete the sewageand salt separation, the water vapor passes through the condensing tank, the condenser pipe and the ice bag cooperate with each other, so that the steam is cooled to form water and then enters the mixing box, then the rotating rod is driven by the stirring motor to perform neutralization stirring, and finally the wastewater is filtered.

Vehicle tail gas purifying device

The invention discloses a vehicle tail gas purifying device. The vehicle tail gas purifying device comprises a main body; a temperature difference generator, an asbestos filter cylinder and an activated carbon filter screen are mounted in an inner cavity of the main body in sequence from left to right in a tail gas feeding direction; a relative fixed base is arranged between the temperature difference generator and the asbestos filter cylinder; an electrostatic dust removing anode plate and an electrostatic dust removing cathode plate are respectively mounted on the relative fixed base; a turbulent fan is fixedly mounted on the inner wall of the temperature difference generator through a fixed frame; heat collecting plates are respectively arranged on the inner walls of two opposite sides of the temperature difference generator; an equipment box is fixedly welded in the middle position of the outer side of the top of the main body; a transformer and a protection switch are fixedly mounted in an inner cavity of the equipment box; and the temperature difference generator is connected with an accumulator through an intelligent charger. The vehicle tail gas purifying device is skillful in concept, uses vehicle tail gas afterheat for generating electricity, fully uses resources, can purify and decompose vehicle tail gas, and reduces environmental pollution by the vehicle tail gas.
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