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Everted filter device

Everting filter devices and methods for using the devices, including using the devices as intra-vascular filters to filter thrombus, emboli, and plaque fragments from blood vessels. The filter devices include a filter body nominally tubular in shape and having a large proximal opening. The filter body can extend from a proximal first end region distally over the non-everted exterior surface of the filter, further extending distally to a distal-most region, then converging inwardly and extending proximally toward the filter second end region, forming a distal everted cavity. The degree of eversion of the filter can be controlled by varying the distance between the filter first end region near the proximal opening and the closed second end region. Bringing the filter first and second end regions closer together can bring filter material previously on the non-everted filter exterior to occupy the distal-most region. The everting process can also bring filter material previously in the distal-most position further into the distal everted cavity. The filter devices can be used to remove filtrate from body vessels, with the filtrate eventually occluding the distal-most region. The filter can then be further everted, bringing fresh, unoccluded filter material into place to provide additional filter capacity. Some everting filters have the capability of switching between occluding and filtering modes of operation, thereby allowing a treating physician to postpone the decision to use filtering or occluding devices until well after insertion of the device into the patient's body.

Equipment for insertion of objects into smoking articles

Apparatus incorporating a filter tow processing unit adapted to supply filter tow to a continuous rod forming unit includes an object insertion unit that positions objects within the filter tow to manufacture a filter rod containing objects positioned at predetermined intervals. The apparatus also includes an upper hopper that acts as a reservoir for a plurality of objects, and provides for supply of objects to a lower hopper. The lower hopper is shaped so that objects are stacked therein. The bottom of the lower hopper is shaped so as to cooperate with a portion of upper region of a rotating wheel. The peripheral face of the rotating wheel incorporates a plurality of spaced pockets, each pocket being of sufficient shape and size to accommodate one object. Objects within the lower hopper are aligned in a single line along a portion of the peripheral face in the upper region of the rotating wheel. Each object then is positioned at predetermined intervals within a continuous supply of filter material. Then, the filter material is formed into a continuous rod having individual objects positioned at predetermined spaced intervals within that rod. The continuous rod then is subdivided at predetermined intervals so as to form a plurality of filter rods (e.g., four-up filter rods containing four spaced objects).
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