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Sewage treatment unit with good practicality

The invention discloses a sewage treatment unit with good practicality. The sewage treatment unit comprises a settling box, a purifying box and a disinfection box, wherein the top end of one side of the settling box is provided with a chemical reagent tank; the top of the settling box is provided with a stirring motor; a sludge discharge outlet is formed in the bottom end of the settling box; the interior of the purifying box is provided with, from top to bottom, a magnet adsorption screen, a biomembrane filter screen and an active carbon filter screen; the sidewall of the disinfection box is provided with an ozone generator; and gas-distributing pipes are arranged in the disinfection box. The sewage treatment unit provided by the invention can effectively eliminate heavy metals, microbes, organic harmful substances, particulate matters and other impurities in water, is capable of removing pigments and peculiar smell in water, and has improved sewage treatment effect; and since the ozone generator is mounted on the sidewall of the disinfection box, ozone generated by the ozone generator can be used for sterilization and disinfection of purified clear water after purification of sewage, so sewage is allowed to reach discharge standard.

Microorganism control of point-of-use potable water sources

The present invention provides for the electrochemical generation of ozone for use in "point-of-use" applications. The electrochemical ozone generators or systems of the present invention may be used to provide disinfected water, ozone-containing water, and/or ozone gas. Disinfected water may be produced by introducing ozone gas into a potable or purified water source for the purpose of disinfecting or controlling the microorganisms in the water source. Ozonated water or ozone gas may be produced and provided for various anti-microbial and cleansing applications of the consumer, such as washing food, clothing, dishes, countertops, toys, sinks, bathroom surfaces, and the like. Furthermore, the ozone generator may be used to deliver a stream of ozone-containing water for the purpose of commercial or residential point-of-use washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing medical instruments and medical equipment. For example, the ozone-containing water may be used directly or used as a concentrated sterilant for the washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing of medical instruments or equipment. Ozone gas may also be used in many of the foregoing examples, as well as in the deodorization of air or various other applications. The invention allows the electrochemical ozone generator to operate in a nearly or entirely passive manner with simplicity of design.

Novel multi-technology synergetic catalysis advanced micro-bubble ozone oxidation tower

The invention belongs to a multi-technology synergetic catalysis advanced micro-bubble ozone oxidation tower mainly aiming at the treatment of refractory industrial wastewater. Influent (1) and O3 generated by an ozone generator (24) are injected into a water distribution cabin through a dissolved gas pump (5) and enter a micro-bubble release contact area (7) through a pore plate to release dissolved gas; Liquid which contains slag flows upwards and enters a floating slag separation area (8), liquid which contains no slag flows downwards and enters a gas-liquid separator (9), one part of effluent (10) is drained from a drain hole (11), and one part of the effluent (10) is refluxed to a dissolved gas pump intake pipe (12); an ultrasonic vibrator (13) and an ultraviolet light source (14) provide an ultrasonic and ultraviolet synergetic catalysis action; floating slag overflows to a collecting groove (15) and is drained through a drain hole (16); and a coagulant, powder activated carbon and hydrogen peroxide are added by adding systems (2, 3, 4) to provide a coagulation action and the synergetic catalysis action of PAC (powdered activated carbon) and H2O2. Tail gas is refluxed to the ozone generator through a drain hole (17), a one-way valve (18), gas suction tanks (19 and 20) and a dryer (23). The oxidation tower is compact in structure and has high treatment efficiency.

Recycled flue gas desulfurization and denitration method

The invention relates to a recycled flue gas desulfurization and denitration method, which sequentially comprises the following steps of: introducing flue gas of SO2 and NOx into a desulfurizing tower, and absorbing the SO2 with a desulfurizing agent (barren liquor) in the desulfurizing tower; desorbing the desulfurizing agent (rich liquor) which absorbs the SO2 through a multi-effect evaporator,releasing the SO2 gas, and concentrating the SO2 gas into liquid SO2 through condensation drying; making the desulfurized flue gas enter a denitration tower, injecting gaseous ozone from an ozone generator, oxidizing the NO in the flue gas, absorbing the oxidized NO by using a denitrifier to form nitrate; crystallizing and separating out the nitrate in the solution after the nitrate reaches certain concentration, and filtering and drying to obtain the nitrate product. The method turns the wastes into wealth, and the SO2 and NOx in the flue gas are recycled by higher-additional value liquid SO2 and nitrate products, so that the recycling and value maximization in the desulfurization and denitration process is realized. Due to the adoption of the technical scheme, the high desulfurization and denitration rate can be achieved, the desulfurization rate is over 96 percent, the denitration rate is more than 90 percent, and the purity of the nitrate product is over 96 percent. The method hasthe advantages of simple desulfurization and denitration process, low investment, and low operation cost for desulfurization and denitration, and solves the problems that the conventional desulfurization and denitration process has high cost, generates a side product of a mixture of sulfuric acid (sulfate) and nitric acid (nitrate), and has low additional value.

Efficient domestic sewage treatment device

The invention discloses a high-efficiency domestic sewage treatment device, which comprises a base, a purification box and a storage box. Rollers are installed at four corners of the bottom of the base, and a vibrating vibration device arranged obliquely is arranged on the upper part of the inner cavity of the purification box. Grille, the side wall of the purification box close to the lower end of the vibration grid is provided with a sewage outlet, the side wall of the purification box close to the higher end of the vibration grid is provided with an excitation motor, and the inner cavity of the purification box The lower part is provided with a quartz sand filter material layer, a PP cotton layer, an activated carbon adsorption layer and a biological filter membrane layer in sequence from top to bottom. An ozone generator is installed on the side wall of the storage box, and the ozone generator passes through the gas pipeline. Connected to the storage box. The present invention can effectively remove various impurities in the sewage through the multi-layer treatment of the sewage, has good sewage treatment effect, more thorough purification, simple structure, multiple functions, convenient use and strong practicability.

Ozone-bacteria filter system for advanced treatment of hardly-degradable organic wastewater

The invention provides an ozone-bacteria filter system for advanced treatment of hardly-degradable organic wastewater, relating to a device for advanced treatment of the wastewater. The ozone-bacteria filter system comprises an ozone contact reactor (2), an ozone generator (20), a bacteria filter (7), a blast blower (19) and a backwash water pump (15), wherein the ozone contact reactor (2) which is provided with a water distribution layer (3), a packing layer (4) and a water storage layer (5) is connected with an ozone tail gas breaking device (22); the bacteria filter (7) comprises an upper water distribution device (8), an active carbon layer (9), an iron and manganese removal filter material layer (10), and a lower water distribution device (12) and a gas distribution device (13) which are arranged in a bearing layer (11); and the bacteria filter (7) is sequentially connected with a backwash valve (14), a backwash water pump (15), a clean water valve (17) thereof and a clean water tank (16), and is connected with the blast blower (19) by a gas inlet valve (18). The ozone-bacteria filter system has the advantages that the ozone absorption efficiency is more than 90 percent, and residual ozone can be prevented from causing secondary pollution. The ozone-bacteria filter system can be widely used for the deep and recycling treatment of various hardly-degradable organic wastewater.

Dyeing and printing waste clearing, synthetic wastewater advanced treatment circulation production and recycle technique

The invention discloses a deep treatment technique used for the printing and dyeing sewage recovery. The technique consists of a BAF pond, an air-bearing system, an ozone contact oxidation tower, a filter, an active carbon filter, an ozone generator and a medicine adding system. The technique is the improvement of the traditional BAF technique, removes the resolvable organism in the sewage through the biological degradation, outtakes the water into the air-bearing system and combines the flocculation medicine adding technique, so as to eliminate the non-solvent organism and colloidal substance in the sewage. The outtaken water enters into the ozone contact oxidation tower and gets mixed with ozone, so that the organism which is difficult to undergo the biological degradation in the printing and dyeing sewage is removed with the help of the strong oxidizing property of the ozone. The water flowing out of the ozone contact oxidation tower enters into the pond at the middle, and 30 percent of the water returns to a gas dissolving can under the action of a pressurizing pump, gets mixed with the pressurized air and then enters into the air-bearing system through utilizing the remaining pressure. The gas-water solution is dispersed into the small and equable drips through a dissolved gas releaser, and the drips drive the suspending substances and the colloidal substance to float up to the water surface so as to achieve the removal. The water coming out of the middle pond enters into the filter to remove the small suspending substances and enters into the ozone/active carbon filtering system so that the reaction of the ozone basic chain is caused under the action of the active carbon, thereby speeding up the decomposition of the ozone into OH and other free radicals, degrades a small amount of organism, eliminates the color and finally ensures that the outtaken water reaches the recovery standard of the printing and dyeing sewage.
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Technological process and apparatus for advanced oxidation degradation of nitrobenzene wastewater

The invention belongs to the technical field of nitrobenzene class wastewater treatment and in particular relates to a process method for advanced oxidation and degradation of nitrobenzene class wastewater. The invention solves the problem that the prior method for degrading nitrobenzene class wastewater has long time consumption and high cost. The method comprises that: wastewater and ozone undergo full haptoreaction in gas-liquid mass transfer equipment; after the haptoreaction, the wastewater enters a coupling reactor consisting of an ultrasonic wave field and an electrolysis field; and nitrobenzene class substances in the wastewater are degraded under the synergistic action of ultrasonic wave and micro-electrolysis. The device comprises the gas-liquid mass transfer equipment; a gas inlet of the gas-liquid mass transfer equipment is connected with an ozone generator; a liquid inlet of the gas-liquid mass transfer equipment is connected with a nitrobenzene class wastewater pool; a liquid outlet of the gas-liquid mass transfer equipment is connected with the wastewater coupling reactor; and the bottom of the wastewater coupling reactor is provided with an ultrasonic wave generator. The process method has the following advantages: the process method has simple process flow and convenient operation, farthest reduces treatment cost and can be applied to various organic industrial wastewater such as phenol-containing wastewater, detonator wastewater, dye wastewater, wastewater in a petrochemical enterprise, detergent wastewater and the like.
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