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Heavy metals are generally defined as metals with relatively high densities, atomic weights, or atomic numbers. The criteria used, and whether metalloids are included, vary depending on the author and context. In metallurgy, for example, a heavy metal may be defined on the basis of density, whereas in physics the distinguishing criterion might be atomic number, while a chemist would likely be more concerned with chemical behaviour. More specific definitions have been published, but none of these have been widely accepted. The definitions surveyed in this article encompass up to 96 out of the 118 known chemical elements; only mercury, lead and bismuth meet all of them. Despite this lack of agreement, the term (plural or singular) is widely used in science. A density of more than 5 g/cm³ is sometimes quoted as a commonly used criterion and is used in the body of this article.

Methods for removing heavy metals from water using chemical precipitation and field separation methods

A two-step chemical precipitation process involving hydroxide precipitation and sulfide precipitation combined with “field separation ” technology such as magnetic separation, dissolved air flotation, vortex separation, or expanded plastics flotation, effectively removes chelated and non-chelated heavy metal precipitates and other fine particles from water. In the first-step, the non-chelated heavy metals are precipitated as hydroxides and removed from the water by a conventional liquid/solids separator such as an inclined plate clarifier to remove a large percentage of the dissolved heavy metals. The cleaned water is then treated in a second precipitation step to remove the residual heavy metals to meet discharge limits. In the second precipitation step, any metal precipitant more effective than hydroxide for metal precipitation can be used. The invention improves metal removal, lowers cost because fewer chemicals are used, produces less sludge, and reduces the discharge of toxic metals and metal precipitants to the environment. Magnetic separation is preferred for the separation of particles precipitated in the second stage. Similar methods can be employed for separation of other particulates from water. Particulates can also be removed by causing them to adhere to particles of expanded plastic, forming a floc lighter than water, so that the floc can be removed by flotation.

Sewage treatment unit with good practicality

The invention discloses a sewage treatment unit with good practicality. The sewage treatment unit comprises a settling box, a purifying box and a disinfection box, wherein the top end of one side of the settling box is provided with a chemical reagent tank; the top of the settling box is provided with a stirring motor; a sludge discharge outlet is formed in the bottom end of the settling box; the interior of the purifying box is provided with, from top to bottom, a magnet adsorption screen, a biomembrane filter screen and an active carbon filter screen; the sidewall of the disinfection box is provided with an ozone generator; and gas-distributing pipes are arranged in the disinfection box. The sewage treatment unit provided by the invention can effectively eliminate heavy metals, microbes, organic harmful substances, particulate matters and other impurities in water, is capable of removing pigments and peculiar smell in water, and has improved sewage treatment effect; and since the ozone generator is mounted on the sidewall of the disinfection box, ozone generated by the ozone generator can be used for sterilization and disinfection of purified clear water after purification of sewage, so sewage is allowed to reach discharge standard.

Multiple-effect pollute-removing water purification agent and use method thereof

The invention relates to a multi-effect pollution removal purifying agent and a method for applying the same. The purifying agent is complexly formed by a strong oxidant, an effective adsorbent and an assistant medicament by a weight percentage of strong oxidant 10-80%, effective adsorbent 10-70% and assistant medicament 5-50%. The surface water treatment process of using multi-effect pollution removal purifying agent of the invention comparing with the common flocculants has the following advantages: effectively improving the turbidity removal ratio, increasing the flcos formation amount and alum blossom density for the difficult coagulated surface water, improving the deposition efficiency, oxidizing and removing the organic matters in the water, eliminating the chroma and odor caused by the pollution, increasing the effluent conventional indexes, obviously improving the indexes such as oxygen consumption and ammonia nitrogen, wherein the removal rate of oxygen consumption and ammonia nitrogen can reach 25-60%, the removal rate of small organic molecules, benzenes and phenols can reach more than 80%, playing an obvious roll for the algae inactivation of lake water and reservoir water which are serious eutrophic, improving the algae removal efficiency of the deposition and filtration technologies with an algae removal rate of 80-90%, improving the coagulation efficiency, reducing 20-30% of the common flocculant dosage, effectively adsorbing the codeposition heavy-metal ion. The adding equipment of the invention is easy and convenient to use with little investment and fast effect.

Multicomponent composite flocculating setting agent and use in arsenic contamination water treatment

The invention belongs to the technical field of river water body pollution control and in particular relates to a multiple-element compound flocculating settling agent and the application of the multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent in arsenic pollution water body treatment. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent is prepared by compounding malysite, aluminium salt, hypermanganate, polyacrylamide and aqueous solution. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent can be applied in the arsenic pollution water body treatment to remove arsenic in the arsenic pollutant water body. The concentration of the arsenic in the treated water can meet or is superior to the specified requirement of three types of water on the arsenic concentration in the national earth surface water environment quality standard (less than 0.05 mg/L). The invention also can be used for removing heavy metals such as copper, chromium, cadmium, lead and the like in water by sedimentation. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent can be used together with a multiple-element compounded metal oxide arsenic removal setting agent in static or flowing arsenic pollution water body treatment for removing the arsenic in the water body polluted by arsenic.

Soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer and preparation method of soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer

The invention provides a soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer and a preparation method of the soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer. The soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 30 to 35 parts of rice straw, 25 to 30 parts of animal excrement, 20 to 25 parts of biological charcoal, 10 to 15 parts of soybean meal, 5 to 10 parts of cassava residue, 5 to 10 parts of diatom ooze, 2 to 2.5 parts of plant ash, 2 to 2.5 parts of turfy soil, 2 to 3 parts of zeolite powder, 3 to 4 parts of a microorganism bacterium agent, 2 to 3 parts of sodium benzoate, 2 to 3 parts of ammonium monohydrogen phosphate, 1 to 2 parts of calcium chloride, 1 to 2 parts of amino acid, 1 to 2 parts of starch, 1 to 2 parts of molasses powder and 1 to 2 parts of humic acid. The soil improvement type straw compound organic fertilizer takes plant wastes as raw materials; the quality of soil can be easily improved and the production cost can also be reduced, so that the physicochemical properties of the soil are improved, and the structure of the soil is comprehensively improved, and furthermore, the soil quality has the effects of softness, air permeability, water retention and fertilizer conservation; the aim of producing an environment-friendly high-quality organic fertilizer through preferably selecting heavy metal capable of being passivated, the biological charcoal capable of improving the fertilizer efficiency of the organic fertilizer, and conversion products of organic wastes including the biological humic acid and the like as composting base materials, and optimizing a composting process.

Advanced treatment system and method for high-concentration percolate in comprehensive garbage disposal plant

InactiveCN102503046AEasy to handleRequirements to meet emission concentration limitsMultistage water/sewage treatmentActivated carbon filtrationReverse osmosis
The invention discloses an advanced treatment system and method for high-concentration percolate in a comprehensive garbage disposal plant, belonging to the field of industrial waste water treatment. The system is formed by connecting a regulating tank, a coagulative precipitation tank, an upflow anaerobic sludge bed reaction tank, a primary anoxic and aerobic membrane bioreactor, advanced oxidation treatment equipment, a secondary anoxic and aerobic membrane bioreactor, nanofiltration membrane treatment equipment, an ozone contact tank and an active carbon filtering tower in sequence. According to the system, garbage percolate can be treated comprehensively, different pollutants in garbage percolate are treated in a classified way by combining physical, chemical and biological treatment,advanced treatment of garbage percolate is realized, and classified treatment for removing pollutants such as organic matters, heavy metals, ammonia, nitrogen and the like is performed, so that treated effluent strictly reaches the requirement of water pollution discharge degree limit in the Household Garbage Landfill Pollution Control Standard, the system runs stably for a long time, and treatment cost is lower than that of a secondary disc pipe reverse osmosis membrane process.

Single-layer and multi-layer hollow carbon nanosphere and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discovers and proposes a characteristic that interior species of phenolic resin are nonuniform in distribution in a polymerization process, and discloses a method for preparing a hollow carbon sphere by utilizing the characteristic of phenolic resin. The method comprises: (1) putting phenol into water or a solvent, adjusting the pH, then adding aldehyde and stirring at a certain temperature for a period of time; (2) adding a corrosive agent in a reaction system, stirring at a certain temperature, and selectively removing a part with a relatively low polymerization degree inside a polymer by utilizing a solubility difference of interior species for different solvents, to obtain an intermediate product, that is, a hollow sphere of phenolic resin polymer; and (3) calcining the intermediate product that is obtained in step (2) in an inertia or reducing atmosphere, naturally cooling to room temperature, and thus completing preparation of the hollow carbon sphere. The method is simple and practicable, and the prepared hollow carbon sphere is uniform in shape and controllable in dimension. Moreover, by utilizing a characteristic that the phenolic resin can be in-situ polymerized on surfaces of different nanometer particles, on one hand, a multi-layer hollow structure can be prepared in a multi-cladding and layer-by-layer corrosion manner, and on the other hand, the different nanometer particles can also be packaged in a cavity in an in-situ mode, so as to prepare a nuclear shell or egg yolk-nuclear structure. The prepared hollow carbon sphere has a potential application value in aspects of silicon-carbon negative electrode material, Li-S battery, supercapacitor, heavy metal ion adsorption, and the like.
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