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Production method for tea vinegar drink

The invention discloses a production method for a tea vinegar drink, and relates to the technical field of processing of drinks. The tea vinegar drink is mainly prepared from tea, momordica grosvenori, white sugar, mountain spring water and acetic acid bacterium. The production method comprises the following steps: after the momordica grosvenori is smashed, the tea, the momordica grosvenori, the white sugar, the mountain spring water and the acetic acid bacterium are respectively weighed, and the weighed raw materials are placed in a pot and boiled to obtain an extract liquid; an acetic acid bacterium strain accounting for 2-3 percent of the total weight of the raw materials is -inoculated, covered and fermented, the product temperature is controlled to be 16-28 DEG C, and the fermentation lasts 10-25 days; acid adjustment is performed on a fermented and obtained feed liquid, the total acid content of the feed liquid is controlled within a range of 0.3-1 g/100ml, and the soluble solid is controlled within a range of 3-5 percent; the tea vinegar drink is obtained via vacuum and sterile filling after the liquid is sterilized. The invention discloses the tea vinegar drink integrating multiple functions of nutrition and health care, vegetal syrup is used as an acetic acid bacteria culture medium for fermentation, the produced tea vinegar drink contains various spicy substances and nutrient ingredients of the tea, the momordica grosvenori and acetate acid, and is good in flavor and high in quality.

Five-leaf tea for reducing blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar

The invention relates to a sally quinquefolia tea for reducing blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose, and is characterized in that the sally quinquefolia tea is mainly prepared from the following compositions in weight proportions : 250 to 300 portions of tea leaves, 5 to 10 portions of ginseng leaves, 3 to 6 portions of apocynum venetum (leaves), 3 to 6 portions of mulberry leaves, 3 to 6 portions of eucommia leaves, 3 to 6 portions of ginkgo leaves and 5 to 10 portions of ganoderma. The sally quinquefolia tea for reducing blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose is prepared scientifically with proper preparation, wherein in the blood pressure reduction aspect, the headache, dizziness and giddiness can be prevented; in the blood lipid reduction aspect, the palpitation, fatigue and bad sleep can be prevented; and in the blood glucose reduction aspect, the thirsty, emaciation and more night urine are prevented so as to prevent serious complicating diseases to the brain, the heart and the kidney. The sally quinquefolia tea has the functions of medicine, so that the health care function is obvious, colour, aroma and flavor of the original tea leaf are maintained with mellow scent, pure and sweet taste. Therefore, the sally quinquefolia tea is the best health-care functional drink for reducing blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose and is suitable for people who need to prevent and treat angiocardiopathy.

Hua house famed health tea

The invention discloses health tea which is manufactured by mixing 0 to 80 weight parts of herbal tea, 0 to 50 weight parts of multicolor tea and 0 to 10 weight parts of medicinal and edible nourishing medicinal material, wherein the herbal tea is manufactured by adopting one or more from prunus persica, flos rosae rugosae, tulipa, rosa chinensis, chrysanthemum, aloe, apple flower, hibiscus sabdariffa, jasminum sambac, lemon slices, lavandula pedunculata, lilium, lemon grass, prunus mume, trollius chinensis bunge, superslim, sterculia lychnophora, fiveleaf gynostemma herbs, stevia rebaudiana, radix notoginseng, osmanthus fragrans, jade beauty, stellaria alsine grimm, dianthus caryophyllus, apocynum venetum, cordyceps, flos lonicerae, paeonia lactiflora and arctium lappal; the multicolor tea is manufacrured by adopting one or more from green tea, black tea, dark green tea and white tea; and the medicinal and edible nourishing medicinal material is manufactured by adopting one or more from panax quinquefolius, radix glycyrrhizae, dendrobium nobile, salvia miltiorrhiza, cornus officinalis, radix pseudostellariae and codonopsis pilosula. The health tea has the advantages that fragrance, sweetness and mellowness of scented tea are maintained, a health care function of the nourishing medicinal material is further fulfilled, and besides, tea soup is rich in taste and is sweet, refreshing and fragrant.

Compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and preparation method thereof

The invention provides compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and a preparation method thereof. The health care liquid is prepared by the following raw materials: folium ginkgo, gingko pollen, fructus lycii, tea leaves, bacillus natto, saccharomyces cerevisiae, lactobacilli, acetobacter xylinum, bifidobactirium, white granulated sugar, brown sugar, defatted soy flour, honey, oligosaccharide, sodium chloride, deionized water and the like. The compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid integrates disease treatment and health care functions of several single products, contains Chinese herbal medicine active ingredients with the functions of preventing and treating hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension, preventing tumors and cancers, enhancing memory, protecting livers, improving immunity, preventing and treating coronary heart diseases, and also contains probiotics groups and metabolic products of the probiotics groups which can regulate balance in the stomach and intestines, resist aging, prolong the life, facilitate digestion, expel toxin for beauty, and prevent and treat thrombi, constipation and diarrhea. The health care liquid integrates health care and treatment, is very wide in market prospect, and conforms to the existing medical viewpoint of people that the prevention, health care, treatment and recovery are combined.

Full-automatic tea processing method and equipment

The invention relates to full-automatic tea processing method and equipment. The tea processing production method comprises the steps of spreading fresh tea leaves, drying, breezing, initially kneading, deblocking , drying again, spreading for cooling, kneading again, rolling, spreading for cooling and dampening, fully drying, spreading for cooling and grading for packaging. The processing method is finished by adopting a device comprising a fresh tea leaf spreading device, a fresh tea leaf flowmeter, a roller type drying machine, a winnowing machine, a rated metering device, a kneading and twisting machine, a drier, a cooling conveyor, a frying machine, plate turning type spreading and dampening equipment, automatic bagging and packaging equipment and conveying equipment; all equipment is connected by the conveying equipment; the equipment is respectively provided with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and realizes interconnection by Ethernet; a central control room is provided with a supervisory computer; the supervisory computer acquires the condition parameters of all PLCs in real time by a network, visually displays the running conditions of all equipment in the field in a configuration interface way and can operate an executing mechanism or modify the process parameter by a configuration interface on the supervisory computer.

Loose tobacco compression type baking technics in the baking room

InactiveCN101116461ASolve the problem of poor bake through rateSolve the problem of thin and non-retractable sheetsPre-extraction tea treatmentEngineeringTemperature gradient
The present invention discloses a roasting technics with loose-tobacco curing bulk barn, wherein the main roasting stages include a yellowing stage, a fixation stage and a stem-drying stage. The present invention is characterized in that the technics is provide with stepped temperature rise to carry out the tobacco roasting, wherein the temperature is raised with a transition no less than 1 DEG C between different temperature grads, and steady-temperature roasting is provided for each roasting stage, wherein an automatic controlling system on roasting humidity and temperature of the tobacco is provided throughout the roasting process. The roasting technics with loose-tobacco curing bulk barn provided by the present invention solves the problem of the poor roasting penetrability of the tobacco, and the problems including the thin slice of the roasted tobacco, the failed stretching and folding of the tobacco, and the mal-roasted tobacco. The present invention has the advantages of amelioration of the whole set of roasting technics of tobacco, simplification of the roasting stages, thereby greatly decreasing the labor cost involved in the roasting stages. The roasting technics can be doubtless used for roasting the tobacco with the rod-hanging method and the tobacco-nipper method.

Technique for producing Jinhuaqianliang tea (flower coil tea)

The technology for producing golden flower Qianliang tea (Hua-juan tea) is characterized in that the technology comprises the process steps as follow: plucking criteria-water removing in high temperature-rolling and shaping-pile-fermentation-dry and adding incense-stems picking and sieving-matching and pile-classificaition and weighting-steam softening-moisture detection-adpressing and sizing-premilary test and baking-cultivating golden flower-aerationagitation. The technology is an improved deep processing technology. The processes of the pile-fermentation and the cultivating golden flower ensure that the appearance of the products is ooiu colour, the interior is brown, and even distributed beneficial organism (namely, golden flower)-eurotium cristatum is clearly saw, the shangse is bright red, the taste is pure and aromatic, and the flower is aromatic, and has the health care functions of promoting sleeping, invigorating stomach and promoting digestion, relaxing bowel, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva, antidiabetics, lowering blood pressure, curing bloated, cuing laxness, etc. The technology fully actives microelements such as vitamins contained in tea, mineral composition, 18 amino acid, protein, glucide, folic acid, catchol which are beneficial to human health and easily absorbed, and the cultivation of golden flower has substantial transformation on tea polyphenols, caffeine, and theophylline that are transferred into elements that are beneficial to human health, all ages, expand market, have high cultural value, provide collection opportunity for black tea lovers.

Flat black tea (Black Jinkui) and making process thereof

A making process for a flat black tea includes the following steps: shoots are picked at the beginning of the emergence of a bud and two leaves; the shoots are spread for 1 to 2 hours, the thickness of the spread shoots is 1cm to 2cm, and the shoots are turned for just one time every half an hour; the fresh shoots are put into a withering trough, spread by 1.5cm to 2.0cm and then withered by 36 DEG C to 40 DEG C of hot air for 4 to 6 hours; the withered shoots are first gently rolled for 2 minutes, pressurized for 1 to 2 minutes and loosened for 2 minutes; the shoots are then fermented, the temperature is 40 DEG C to 50 DEG C for spring tea and 35 DEG C to 40 DEG C for summer tea, and the fermentation time is 4 to 5 hours; after being deblocked, the shoots are put into a trough type electric heater and carded, the carding temperature is 130 DEG C to 150 DEG C, and the time is 10 to 15 minutes; after being carded, the shoots are pressed to become flat under 130 DEG C to 150 DEG C, and the time is 10 to 15 minutes; the shoots are then put into a flat tea-shaping dryer and shaped, the shaping temperature is 110 DEG C to 130 DEG C, and the time is 5 to 10 minutes; after shaping, the drying temperature is 90 DEG C to 100 DEG C, and the time is 4 to 5 minutes; finally, the shoots are put into an aroma-increasing machine to increase aroma, the aroma-increasing temperature is 90 DEG Cto 110 DEG C, and the aroma-increasing time is 5 to 10 minutes. The invention solves the problem on how to cleanly, mechanically and continuously produce black flat Houkui tea.
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