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Assembled integral building and construction method thereof

The invention discloses an assembled integral building and a construction method thereof. The assembled integral building comprises a reinforced concrete wall and floor slabs, wherein the reinforced concrete wall is formed by hoisting and assembling prefabricated composite insulating wallboards integrally at a construction site; a board body of each prefabricated composite insulating wallboard comprises a structure layer, an insulating layer and a protective layer from the inside to the outside in turn; a reinforcement cage is arranged in the structural layer; steel meshes are arranged in the concrete of the protective layer; the structural layer, the insulating layer and the protective layer are anchored together by inserting connecting members in a dotted distribution; the left and right edges of the protective layer and the insulating layer protrude out of the structural layer; a lower edge of the protective layer extends downward to form a bulged opening; the top parts of the protective layer and the insulating layer upward protrude out of the structural layer; and an upper edge of the protective layer is provided with a notch which corresponds to the bulged opening of the prefabricated composite insulating wallboard adjacent to an upper layer. The building overcomes the defects of erecting shuttering on site, binding steel bars and concreting in a traditional construction method, speeds up the construction, and lowers the construction cost; and the construction quality of the building structure can be sufficiently guaranteed.

Technique for producing Jinhuaqianliang tea (flower coil tea)

The technology for producing golden flower Qianliang tea (Hua-juan tea) is characterized in that the technology comprises the process steps as follow: plucking criteria-water removing in high temperature-rolling and shaping-pile-fermentation-dry and adding incense-stems picking and sieving-matching and pile-classificaition and weighting-steam softening-moisture detection-adpressing and sizing-premilary test and baking-cultivating golden flower-aerationagitation. The technology is an improved deep processing technology. The processes of the pile-fermentation and the cultivating golden flower ensure that the appearance of the products is ooiu colour, the interior is brown, and even distributed beneficial organism (namely, golden flower)-eurotium cristatum is clearly saw, the shangse is bright red, the taste is pure and aromatic, and the flower is aromatic, and has the health care functions of promoting sleeping, invigorating stomach and promoting digestion, relaxing bowel, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva, antidiabetics, lowering blood pressure, curing bloated, cuing laxness, etc. The technology fully actives microelements such as vitamins contained in tea, mineral composition, 18 amino acid, protein, glucide, folic acid, catchol which are beneficial to human health and easily absorbed, and the cultivation of golden flower has substantial transformation on tea polyphenols, caffeine, and theophylline that are transferred into elements that are beneficial to human health, all ages, expand market, have high cultural value, provide collection opportunity for black tea lovers.

Multi-field coupling efficient automatic salting device of preserved egg and salted egg and control method

The invention discloses a multi-field coupling efficient automatic salting device of preserved eggs and salted eggs, comprising a tank body and a tank cover, wherein the tank body is a horizontal box body, the top of the tank body is provided with a safe overflow vent, and the bottom is connected with a self-circulation solenoid valve via a pipeline; each valve is connected with a singlechip controller; the top of the tank body is connected with a pressurized solenoid valve and a pressure-relief solenoid valve by an air tube; the pressurized solenoid valve is connected with an air compressor by the air tube; a heating pipe, a temperature sensor, an ultrasonic vibrator and a solution concentration sensor are arranged in an interlayer between the bottom of the tank body and a clapboard; the top of the tank body is provided with liquid level sensors, and each sensor is connected with the singlechip controller; and the on/off switches of the heating pipe and the ultrasonic vibrator are controlled by the singlechip controller. The invention also discloses a control method of a salting device, comprising five steps: starting the device; setting control parameters; controlling operation; and finishing control. The invention simultaneously utilizes four physical measures to improve salting efficiency.

Precast concrete wallboard and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a precast concrete wallboard and a preparation method thereof. A wall body has a structural layer and a protection layer from inside to outside, wherein the structural layer is internally provided with a reinforcement cage, and a reinforcement fabric is arranged in the concrete of the protection layer; the protection layer is connected with the structural layer through a transverse connecting reinforcement connected to the reinforcement fabric; the left edge and the right edge of the protection layer protrude out of the structural layer; the lower edge of the protection layer downwards extends out of a protruded port; and the top of the protection layer upwards protrudes out of the structural layer; the upper edge of the protection layer has a dent corresponding to the protruded port of the adjacent precast concrete wallboard on the upper layer; and the two ends of a transverse bar of the reinforcement cage protrudes out of the left side surface and the right side surface of the structural layer of the wall body and form two rows of transverse steel ties bending inwards. The wallboard has the advantages that the construction process is simplified, the construction speed is accelerated, and the construction cost is reduced. Meanwhile, products precast by a factory have uniform specification and quality, and thus, the construction quality of a building structure can be guaranteed sufficiently. The precast concrete wallboard can be widely applied to construction of concrete steel buildings in building industry.

Method for producing crimpy type high-grade green tea

The invention discloses a method for producing crimpy type high-grade green tea, which comprises the following sequence of operations: tedding fresh leaves, removing water in rollers, rolling to deblock, performing secondary water-removing, performing third water-removing, tedding to cool, shaping and rubbing, performing secondary tedding to cool and fragrance-extracting, wherein the secondary water-removing means that deblocked tea leaves are put in a 40 type well-known tea water remover for 20-25 seconds at the temperature of 130-140 DEG C; and the third water-removing means that the tea leaves after the secondary water-removing are returned back to a roller and are subjected to another time of water-removing for 15-22 seconds. The method for producing the crimpy type high-grade green tea has the advantages that the problem of long-time baking in a baking machine and many factors causing quality change can be completely solved, the occurrence of damage to tea leaves during warming up or stewing caused by slow manual stir-frying, and uneven stir-frying or not-required temperature at some time is prevented, so that the quality of the tea leaves is unified and is obviously improved; the labor force is reduced, and the yield is enhanced; the production rate is effectively increased, the tea leave dust is reduced, and the color and the luster are stable; and the method is convenient to operate and has little cost for machinery.

Separation process for refractory iron ores

The invention provides a separation process for refractory iron ores. The separation process comprises the following steps of: magnetizing and baking dry powdered raw ores with the particle size being less than 1mm at flash speed under a high-temperature reduction atmosphere condition at the temperature of 520 to 560 DEG C to obtain baked materials with available ores being Fe3O4, separating the baked materials to obtain concentrate. By the process, a baking process is executed under a stable and controllable condition by controlling the particle size of the raw ores, reducing the baking temperature and selecting proper baking time; the raw ores (such as ferrous carbonate) are fully decomposed, and reducing reaction is stable; furthermore, overburning is avoided, and a phenomenon that a part of magnetite is reduced into Fourier bodies is avoided; the quality of a baked product is uniform; loss of available ores is low; the reaction energy consumption is low; the reaction condition is mild; a process is stable and easy to control and the separation process can be used for separation of the refractory iron ores, such as poor (magnetic) iron cores, siderite, limonite and oolitic hematite; gamma-Fe2O3 fine ores with high grade which is generally not lower than 60 percent) can be obtained; and the full iron recycling rate is not lower than 75 percent.

Ball grinder available for solid state reaction of powder

InactiveCN101823013AImprove mechanical energyMeeting the Energy Requirements of Solid-State Chemical ReactionsGrain treatmentsChemical reactionHigh energy
The invention relates to a ball grinder available for the solid state reaction of powder, which mainly comprises a ball grinding cylinder, an electromotor, a driving device, a grinding ball and a material inlet and outlet, wherein the horizontal type ball grinding cylinder is fixedly supported on a bracket; a jar is internally provided with the girding ball; the center of the ball grinding cylinder is provided with a rotatable main shaft; the main shaft is driven by the electromotor through the driving device to rotate; the main shaft is provided with a blade, wherein the rotating speed of the blade is 300-2000 r/min; the mechanical energy is transmitted to the grinding ball through the beating of the blade, so that the grinding ball can irregularly move with high speed; the bottom of theball grinding cylinder is in the shape of gradient with 0-30 degrees from the two ends to the center; the jar body of the ball grinding cylinder is provided with a cooling sleeve and an inlet and an outlet of cooling medium; and the jar body of the ball grinding cylinder is provided with an air exhausting opening and an air inlet. The ball grinder can lead the grinding ball to generate higher mechanical energy to provide high energy for inducing the solid state reaction among materials, thereby smashing, grinding and dispersing the materials and directly reacting to generate nanometer composite oxide.

Medical standard terminology ontology management system and method, device and storage medium

The invention discloses a medical standard term ontology management system and method, a device and a storage medium, belonging to the technical field of life and health. The system comprises a disease terminology library, a terminology inquiry module, a terminology customization module and a foundation platform construction module, wherein the disease terminology library displays the collected data in a tree structure, and simultaneously displays the details of the terminology, synonyms and parent-child node information; the term query module is used for creating term index, constructing termquery system, and realizing term fast positioning. The terminology customization module is used for establishing the terminology system belonging to different departments by relying on the disease terminology database and combining the practical application of different departments' business systems. The basic platform construction module is used for managing different organizations in the medical union to manage users of different organizations. The system has a uniform classification definition, can meet the needs of the development of medical and health field and industry in our country, and can be maintained and updated in a timely manner.

Window of infrared surveillance camera

Disclosed therein is a window of an infrared surveillance camera, which can prevent that the window gets damp even though there is a difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the surveillance camera due to a long time operation of the surveillance camera. The window includes: an illumination window mounted on a light path in front of an IR LED arranged around a camera module; a first lens window formed separately from the illumination window and mounted on an image introducing path in front of a lens of the camera module; an intercepting member having an assembly face where the illumination window and the first lens window are airtightly and closely combined with each other, the intercepting member being mounted between the illumination window and the first lens window for preventing that infrared rays are introduced from a light irradiation zone, where the IR LED is mounted, to a photograph zone, where the camera module is mounted; a combining ring assembled in front of the intercepting member for simultaneously restricting the illumination window and the first lens window; and a second lens window assembled to the combining ring and spaced apart from the first lens window through the combining ring so that a sealed air layer is formed between the second lens window and the first lens window.

Automatic riveting device for windscreen wiper framework and application method of automatic riveting device

InactiveCN104014710AUniform qualityQuality standardizationWindscreen wiperManipulator
The invention discloses an automatic riveting device for a windscreen wiper framework and an application method of the automatic riveting device. The automatic riveting device is characterized by comprising a riveting machine, a first pushing device, a second pushing device, a rivet supply device, a feeding sliding rail device, a feeding mechanical arm device, a horizontal sliding rail swing device, a carrying device, a material detection device and a control unit; the control unit is used for controlling the time sequence motion of all the devices and the riveting machine, riveting machining of the windscreen wiper framework is automatically finished, the automatic riveting device is high in automation degree, accurate in machining and good in safety performance, batch machining of the windscreen wiper framework can be achieved, machining efficiency is effectively improved, and production cost is greatly reduced. The quality of machined windscreen wiper frameworks is uniform, the defect that riveting quality generating in the manual machining process is not uniform can be overcome, riveting of the windscreen wiper framework is more standardized, the overall quality of products is effectively guaranteed, and market competitiveness is improved.

Wrapping head

The invention discloses a wrapping head of a wrapping machine, particularly relating to a wrapping head of a generator bar wrapping machine. The wrapping head is characterized by comprising a fixing disc with an opening, and an internal ring arranged on the side surface at one end of the fixing disc, wherein the internal ring is internally provided with a roller that can clamp a bar in a rolling way; the internal ring is externally provided with a wrapping ring that can rotate around the internal ring; the rotating speed and the rotating direction of the wrapping ring can be adjusted; openings are arranged at the positions at the internal ring and the wrapping ring, corresponding to the fixing disc; one side surface of the wrapping ring is provided with a chuck and a tensioning wheel, wherein the wrapping disc can be assembled on the chuck; and the tensioning wheel can adjust the tensioning force of a wrapping belt. The wrapping head can ensure that the wrapping belt has constant tension and is not stretched or broken during the wrapping process; the tensioning force can be freely adjusted within 1kg to 15kg, thus meeting the requirements of different strip belt materials; the superposing degree can be controlled by the superposing positions of 1/2, 1/3 and the ends, thus ensuring the wrapping belt to have uniform quality.
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